No Tricks, Just Treats! Scary-Good Halloween Slots

We can’t believe that summer is over, and Halloween is sneaking up on us again! But we’re still ready to get in the spirit of the season and earn big treats (aka jackpots) on these ghoulish Cafe Casino Halloween Slots. Put on your favorite monster mask and get ready to ring the doorbell of these creepy casino games. There’s so many to choose from!

In October, our payment for getting scared out of our wits is candy and treats. But here at the Casino, we’re handing out something even better: real money! If you brave our creepy games, you may be rewarded with big wins. You might even find your treat bag overflowing with golden coins thanks to a scary-good score.

Don’t be scared! Step into our foggy haunted woods and play our favorite Halloween slots now.


Enter the creepy tumbledown graveyard of the Monster Manor slot game! Classic movie monsters like the mummy, werewolf, and vampire await you, while organ music and otherworldly sounds set the mood. It’s certainly a fright night in this Halloween slots game as you spin 5 reels and watch 50 paylines. Run into 3 free spins bat symbols (or are they vampires in disguise?) and you’ll be granted 10 free spins with a 3x multiplier. 

That’s a lot of candy!

Ready for a transformation? Those wild black cats also become expanding wild witches during free spins rounds, with pointy hats stretching to the top of the reel. Be nice, or you’ll be turned into something slimy on the spot!

What makes it perfect for Halloween?

If the movie monsters look too friendly, it’s the ghosts that seal the deal. Encounter 3 ghosts and you’ll be yanked into the underground potions lab as you trigger the bonus round. Pick ghosts, if you dare, to reveal potions. Match 3 to determine your multiplier, and you’ll be sent back above ground.


This is one of our most spellbinding spooky slots games. In Witches and Wizards, the mesmerizing look of golden inlays will definitely catch your eye. If you love arcane tomes of knowledge, you’ll love the style of this game. The dramatic violin music will also bring you into the mood of a mage hard at work in their tower study.

What makes it perfect for Halloween?

What we’re loving about this one is the Magical Experiment bonus round you get when 3 scatter symbols appear. There are four “spells” that can be cast as you watch your free spins play out. One randomly makes a symbol wild, another makes wilds expand and fill their reels, and there’s other mysterious effects to experience. 

If that’s not enough, there’s also a random progressive jackpot, which will have you tapping your magic wand on the spin button, too!


The little monsters of Goblin’s Gold get into everything! 

Watch the intro video to see the goblins celebrating with fireworks and more up in their tree village. When you play, these are the creatures that will literally walk across the reels and bust out big wooden mallets to smash symbols and reveal multipliers, or even hop into a TNT wild to blow up a few symbols and replace them with more wilds.

It’s madcap fun with these green goblins!

What makes it perfect for Halloween?

This slot is just so mischievous. The music bounces along and the goblins wreak havoc on the game board to help you score more real money loot and treasure. Pour yourself a mug of beer and get into the spirit of the holiday that actually commands you to go out and mess with people in your neighborhood like a little gremlin. April Fool’s Day has nothing on Halloween when it comes to letting your playful side out.


You know what they say about a monster with big feet: he brings you big jackpots!

(That’s totally what you were thinking, right?)

Halloween slots at Cafe Casino are packed with monsters, but this one plays hard to get. Unlike the other in your face baddies, Bigfoot is hiding somewhere out there in the woods. You’re going to have to spin the reels if you want to find him! Luckily, you’ve got a jazzy soundtrack to keep you company on your hunt.

What makes it perfect for Halloween?

It’s just like real life! If you find Bigfoot, you’re going to get paid. The same is true here. Get three scatter symbols in Big Money Bigfoot and you’ll trigger the free spins bonus round. The music will go nuts, and that huge green foot will come down after each spin to stomp out some wilds to help you get more real money. 

Also, for some reason, Bigfoot is wearing a pinstripe suit? This one is kooky, but the cash prizes are definitely there for anyone who can manage to have an encounter with the big lunk.


For some people, we can put everything we just said here aside. For them, Halloween isn’t about spooky creatures, magic, horror movies, or things that go bump in the night. It’s about one thing, and one thing only:

The freakin’ delicious CANDIES

Huge pillowcases full of it! Shopping bags packed to bursting! And if you’re too old to trick or treat, you can snag it from your kids or simply get that sweet, sweet discount chocolate from the store the day after October 31, when everyone gets green in the face just thinking of unwrapping one more candy bar.

What makes it perfect for Halloween?

Our list of Cafe Casino slots for Halloween would not be complete without a candy binge. Diets be darned – this game is sweet enough to make your teeth hurt! Watch the multiplier bar at the top, too. You actually get rewarded for spins that don’t cash. Each time you spin the reels and don’t win, it adds another segment to the bar. When you do win, it applies that big multiplier! Talk about sweet! 

It’s all the fun of a dessert spree with none of the calories. Fatten up your bank account instead!

Happy Halloween from Cafe Casino! Head over to now to play our spooktacular slots!