When is the Best Time to Play Slots?

Cafe Casino slots are some of the most popular games on our entire site. People just can’t get enough of the sights and sounds of those spinning reels, especially with all the fun themes available – exotic cars, a sultry night on the Nile River, and adventures galore all await our slot players. After your Cafe Casino login, there’s a slot game for almost every vibe, whether you want something relaxing and soothing, exciting, or even silly. But one question seems to nag at certain players:

When is the best time to play slots?

Should you play Cafe slots late at night? Early in the morning? Right after a big payout? Some folks are convinced that there’s a “best time” to score big Cafe Casino jackpots, and they’re always hunting for it. But the truth is, no matter how many forums you read or anecdotes people share, there is no best time to play slots that offer a better chance at Cafe Casino jackpots.

When is the best time to play slots?

The Myth of Slot Timing

While it is tempting to think that playing Cafe Casino slots is “building up a jackpot,” the reality is that slots have no memory of the spins that came before a particular round. Each time you play Cafe slots and press the Spin button, it’s a fresh round with a new random result. That is, Cafe Casino jackpots are not only won purely by luck. In fact, the lucky winners are as random as they get!

This hasn’t stopped people from forming beliefs, of course. Some people swear by a particular time, like 3:15 am, or 8:00 am on the dot. Or they might be superstitious about start times like midnight. Other players think bet amount matters, and will bet more when certain times come up, or when a certain number of non-winning spins have happened. And we’ve all seen a player who has a “favorite machine” in a casino, and who will go ballistic if you so much as touch it, let alone sit down and play it! There’s also plenty of players who think machines that have been stingy with jackpots are “ready to pay,” and who will not want to get up prematurely when a big win is on the way.

But of course, all of these beliefs are based on the misconception that there is a best time to play slots. The fact is, the results in a slot machine are determined entirely by something called a random number generator or RNG.

The Myth of Slot Timing

What is a slot machine RNG?

Have you ever wondered how the reels in Cafe Casino slots know where to stop? On a traditional slot machine in a physical casino, there were literal reels that were spun by the pull of a handle. This action caused the reels to spin mechanically. But how do the online slots available after your Cafe Casino login work? What makes them spin and what makes them stop?

Computer programs like Cafe Casino slot games need to rely on an RNG to feed them results that are truly random, and not preset. This prevents the results from being predictable. Our algorithms have to be able to generate fair spins that no one can calculate the result of on any given round of play, and so they have to begin with a random number.

But where do computers get a random number from?

Typically, the “seed” for the RNG is some outside data, so that the programmer of a given application like a Cafe Casino slots game has no way to influence it. This RNG seed could be the positions of your mouse, the keys you have pressed recently, or the time at which you click Spin. This could be captured down to a very small fraction of a second – far smaller than any of us could accurately manipulate. For example, the seed for a given round of play could be the time 6:25:57.912388. This seed could also then be put through additional calculations to further alter it, resulting in a number that no one could have anticipated – not the developers of the game, not Cafe Casino, and not our players. The final random number is then used to determine which symbols will appear when the reels on the slot game come to a stop.

The result is that, each time we press Spin, we get a truly random and fair result.

When is the Best Time to Play Online Slots?

When is the Best Time to Play Online Slots?

At the end of the day, there’s no way to figure out when Cafe Casino slots are going to pay out. Cafe Casino jackpots are simply based on luck. Any given spin at any time of day could be the one that hits that mind-blowing progressive and changes someone’s life with a six-figure bonus cash payday. Or it could just be a dud and we’ll move on to the next.

That’s the fun of slots – you never know what you’re going to get. None of us do.

So the real answer to the question of “when is the best time to play online slots?” is “whenever you like to!” The best time to play is when you enjoy it the most. We play Cafe slots for entertainment and the occasional big payout, so it really boils down to finding a time that is relaxing to play. This could be when you’re on a break, it could be when you’re commuting on the train to work, or it could be when you’re unwinding after work with a nice beverage.

The truth is – it’s all up to you. Our slots are always “ready to pay.”

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