How to Use Casino Bitcoin to Win More

When you deposit Bitcoin online at Cafe Casino, you’re getting the benefit of the web’s quickest payment method. Unlike traditional payment methods like credit cards, Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals are lightning-fast, letting you play and cash out without delays of days and weeks. Not only that, but Cafe Casino Bitcoin bonuses add up fast. Essentially, we pay you to play. It’s a beautiful thing!

In this article, we’ll cover how to deposit with Bitcoin, how to earn Bitcoin bonuses, what games you can play with Bitcoin (all of them), how rollover (aka “play through”) works, and how Bitcoin can fuel your crypto investment portfolio. You may not have a crypto investment portfolio yet, but after a few nice wins at Cafe Casino, you would be on your way to big gains! It all starts with deposits.

How to Use Casino Bitcoin to Win More

Bitcoin: The Fastest Way to Deposit

When you deposit bitcoin online, you’re getting much faster transfers than you would with a credit card or any other traditional method. While these can take days (and then still get denied), a Bitcoin transfer can go through in just a few minutes.

To start, you need an exchange wallet. A list of reputable exchanges can be found here. This is where you can purchase Bitcoin using a currency of your choice.

Once you’ve got some Bitcoin, you need to move it to your digital wallet. This is where you store Bitcoin for safekeeping. One of the big benefits of cryptocurrency is that you control this wallet – your funds don’t sit at a bank behind a brick wall. Instead, your Bitcoin is stored wherever you choose. That way, you know it’s nice and secure.

Now it’s time to deposit Bitcoin online at Cafe Casino. While logged into your account, click on Deposit. This will bring up our Bitcoin wallet address and a scannable QR code that links to it. Back in your digital wallet, you can click Send and then scan this QR code (or paste our wallet address into the appropriate field). Once you choose your amount and confirm the transaction, you’ll be all set. Your Bitcoin will appear in your Cafe Casino account in minutes. Honestly, anyone can do it. You don’t need to be a mega crypto nerd (although if you are, we welcome you with open arms).

Claim Deposit Bonuses with Bitcoin

Now let’s get some Bitcoin bonuses. The first Bitcoin bonus is the Cafe Casino Welcome Bonus. This bonus pays you a 350% match on deposited Bitcoin, up to $2,500. That’s $2,500 of extra funds to play any game you like! Ever wished you had more money to play around with when gambling at Cafe Casino? The Welcome Bonus is a dream come true. You get real money for doing almost nothing. Sweet deal, right?

Claim Deposit Bonuses with Bitcoin

There’s other bitcoin bonuses to enjoy, too! Our Weekly Mystery Bonus just shows up in your account each week like a friend stopping by to party. These come in various amounts, and make Thursdays a lot more fun. 

Another Bitcoin bonus is the Cafe Casino Referral Bonus. While you normally get paid $100 if you refer a friend and they make a deposit, you get an extra $25 if they do it with Bitcoin. 

What Games Can You Play with Bitcoin?

This is an easy question to answer: all of them!

Bitcoin works just like any other form of currency that you’re used to. It’s real money and you can use it to wager on any kind of game you like. You can play Bitcoin slots, poker, table games… it’s up to you. This choice of game brings up another point, however. Let’s quickly explain rollover aka “playthrough.”

How to Roll Those Bonuses Over

Before a Bitcoin bonus becomes eligible for withdrawal, you’ll need to check off the rollover requirement. This means that the funds must first be wagered in a game before they can be sent off the platform. Some games contribute to rollover progress at a 100% rate, while others have a smaller percentage. You can find the total list here.

The biggest contributor is Bitcoin slots (i.e. any slot at Cafe Casino), which give you 100%. The smallest is craps, which does not count toward rollover. Other games with slower contribution rates are single and double deck blackjack, roulette, and baccarat. That said, you can play any game you like without sweating the rollover requirement. But if you’re looking to race to withdrawal, Bitcoin slots are the fastest way there.

Play, Win, and Withdraw More Bitcoin For Future Crypto Investments

Bitcoin bonuses are the gifts that keep on giving. They pay you when you deposit Bitcoin online. They pay you while you play at Cafe Casino. And then they can become a profitable investment when you decide to withdraw them. Cryptocurrencies have seen massive value increases over the years. In fact, one Bitcoin was worth a few hundred dollars in 2016, and this price has exploded to over $50,000 at certain points! Just imagine what you could do with money like that…
That’s a gain to rival a progressive jackpot win, right there.

Want fast, secure transfers and a shot of huge profits? Start playing with crypto today!

NOW ACCEPTING TETHER!Now accepting Tether for deposits and withdraws!

It’s true that Cafe Casino offers Bitcoin, but did you know about all the other potential crypto options available? Let us tell you about the newest one…

We just launched our most convenient method yet: Tether (USDT). This popular stablecoin is pegged to the US dollar, so you can play with the ease of crypto but with the added benefit of always having the same value as the almighty greenback. No price fluctuations! That’s pretty sweet. Find out more about playing casino games with Tether (USDT) today!