Cafe Casino’s Recent Big Winners Are Feeling Very Merry

Tis the season to be jolly is quite the understatement for the latest Cafe Casino big winners! You could say that our online slot games sometimes turn into secret Santas at this time of year, bringing joy, good cheer, and a sack full of cash for every good boy and girl who happens to hit it right.

No doubt, the newest big winners are too busy getting their last-minute shopping done to brag about their good luck, so we’ll have to do it for them. We’ll tell you about the cash they banked, and take a look at the games that got them there, along with a few details about how they did it. Read, learn and be encouraged. We want to see your name on our list of big winners next month!


Jordan engaged Julius Caesar’s legions and won a place of honor in the Roman Empire. In addition to the bravos and thumbs up from the emperor, his reward was a bounty of coins that amassed a small fortune for the North Carolinian.

Caesar’s Triumph is a true battle of wits, courage and smart wagering on 5 reels and 20 lines. The wild scatters are the soldiers who bestow or deny a multitude of free spins, generous multipliers, and big, big payouts.

The biggest payout, the one that enriched Jordan, comes from landing five Caesar icons on one active payline. For each coin wagered on that line, Caesar awards 3,000 coins, so ten coins can deliver a 30,000 coin win. Not to mention this slot has a Gamble feature where you could try to double a win!

Jordan’s empire now rivals Caesar’s, but we will not change the game’s name to Jordan’s Triumph, even though that is truly what happened. We bow to your prowess, liege.


There’s something special about the classic slot machine experience. And, Kyle found that out to the tune of $100 grand!

The 777 Deluxe slot game features all the bells, fruit, 7s, and BARs from the old days in Las Vegas, but with a modern twist. This slot includes Question Mark symbols, which can turn into other icons. If three or more drop onto the reels, you may be the road to winning a progressive jackpot via the bonus game!

During the bonus game, when the spinning 7s match across the single payline, you score one of eight real money slots prizes! Jordan only needed to get three golden 7s to win the entire jackpot!

Just spinning five reels on ten paylines, along with some good luck resulted in dumping a stack of green into Kyle’s lap. It may be random (which we cover in our 777 Deluxe game review), but it’s unbelievably astounding when you hit it just right.

… and we’re sure Kyle agrees!


The neon lights of Las Vegas are never extinguished because the fun never ceases. Electricity bills be damned! We got winners to celebrate!

We’re pretty sure Victoria didn’t expect what happened to her to happen to her. But it’s 10 Times Vegas, baby! Nobody knows what’s going to happen. When $90,682 pours out of the digital mist, the only one caring is Victoria… and Cafe Casino. We care.

Everyone is attracted to shiny things and this is the shiniest slot online. It glitters in bright nightlife to make you feel like you’re in fantasy Vegas  – and better than that, the rewards are real!

Victoria spun the reels of pink sevens, BARs, red hearts, blue horseshoes, grapes, cherries, and dollar signs hoping to land the wild multipliers. When you get one on reel 3, it retriggers reel 2 and if there’s a win, it launches the jackpot spins Three jackpot symbols during the jackpot spin and you can take home that whole Cafe Casino progressive jackpot, just like Victoria!

Want to know more about this slot? Read our 10 Times Vegas game review!


As the days get colder (well, maybe less so in Arizona…), Jonah turned up the heat on Instant Inferno, our smoking hot online slot game. There’s a joke about firing up the wins here, but we’re better than that.

Come sit by the fire and listen to Jonah spin his sizzling tale of playing five reels and 30 lines looking for 20 free spins with multipliers, plus amazing prizes! Like the cool $75K he snatched from the flames just the other day – or night. It’s all been a blur since the fire.

Landing three or more Inferno scatters pays, while the Pick Me bonus section has 20 tiles concealing an incredible prize. Turn over 3 matching tiles and get as many as 20 free spins with multipliers, which can add up fast!

When you’re ready to follow Jonah to the winner’s circle, this Cafe Casino online slot is perfect for your mobile and desktop devices.


Peter has never denied knowing these infamous ladies of the Wild West. He’s never admitted it either. The only thing he remembers is being taken on a wild, wild ride to a one-horse town with a creaky saloon and a bevy of dangerous gals.

The one thing he is willing to talk about is the $70 grand in his saddlebags.

Yep, he rode out of town after a few spins that led unexpectedly to winning a random progressive jackpot! He’s more popular with ladies than ever before.

The legend of Minnesota’s Peter M. (the “M” stands for money) will grow as more players come to town seeking fame, fortune, and some delightful female company with the Lawless Ladies. It’s 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 paylines of guaranteed rootin’, tootin, cowboy and cowgirl fun.


All the big winners are celebrated on our Community Forum Big Winners page. That’s where you can connect with them for some insights into how they won so big. Luck has been known to find and bestow great riches on surprised and delighted players at Cafe Casino all the time.

It’s a really fun page to visit between games; classic web forum thread style. The big winner is at the top, some with details and screenshots. The replies are underneath. That’s where you can jump in with a question or some words of encouragement. Remember good karma can come your way, too.