FAQs About Online Casinos

FAQs About Online Casinos

Online casino gambling has become wildly popular over the years thanks to the thrills of winning. Players love to see the symbols line up across the reels, flash brightly before their eyes, and ring out that joyous sound of hitting the jackpot.

Cafe Casino has also helped many players become big winners since opening in 2016. This virtual casino offers the convenience of both browser-based and mobile games, which have state-of-the-art graphics and lucrative features.  Not only that, they regularly offer bonuses and promotional rewards to boost your bankroll.


What is an online casino?

The latest technology has made it possible for people around the world to enjoy their favorite casino games without having to step foot in a brick-and-mortar casino. So long as you have a desktop or mobile, you can access online Vegas casino games, wherever, whenever.

Cafe Casino is an example of a casino that stands out from the rest. It offers a huge collection of online slots, table games, and other casino games to play 24/7, as well as some of the most exciting bonuses and rewards for new and existing players.

These are just some of the games you can find at the Cafe:

  • Slots: These are among the most popular, featuring immersive graphics and captivating storylines to keep you entertained while you spin! Some of the titles you can expect to get include Gold Rush Gus and A Night with Cleo. Plus, Cafe features game categories with both the most popular and newest slots to choose from.
  • Table Games: Combine luck and strategy and you’ve got the classic table games. Some of the games you can find at the Cafe include multi-hand blackjack, European and American roulette, craps, and baccarat. And if you want to get the experience of playing in a real casino, you can choose the live dealer game versions.
  • Video Poker: This has gained loads of popularity over the past couple of years for being like poker, but much faster. Cafe Casino offers different variations of the game with some of the most popular ones including Bonus Poker, Joker Poker, and Deuces Wild.
  • Specialty Games: Choose from the ever-popular Bingo and Keno Draw. The best part is that you can play these games for free before you decide to start putting your money into it.
  • Jackpot Slots: Some of our biggest jackpots are available in our progressive slots and Hot Drop Jackpots! Hot Drop Jackpots include hourly and daily prizes that must be won, as well as a jackpot that must be won before a set prize value is reached.


What is a virtual casino?

A virtual casino is the same thing as an online casino!

What is a crypto casino?

A crypto casino is a casino that offers cryptocurrency transaction methods. The best crypto casinos will have additional benefits or perks for using popular and best-rated currencies too, such as Bitcoin. For example, at Cafe, we offer bigger bonuses, high and lower transaction limits, faster deposits and payouts, and more! It pays to play with crypto!


Can you win real money at online casinos?

Yes! Yes! Yes! You can win real money playing casino games! In fact, many people have become overnight big winners simply by playing slots, table games, or other games. The key is to sign up at a reputable website such as Cafe Casino and start placing bets while you enjoy the different games available.

How can you win real cash at online casinos?How can you win real cash at online casinos?

Below are 5 tips to keep in mind if you want to win when playing online.

  1. Choose the right games: Learn about the different types of games available. As you learn about these games, determine the ones you enjoy the most. Choose at least three of the games you find most interesting and entertaining.
  2. Learn the rules: Once you have identified the games you enjoy best, read their rules and casino game reviews. This will help ensure that you do not miss any key info you’d need to know to win during the game. You should also learn the terms and conditions that pertain to the particular games you have chosen.
  3. Practice first: While you are free to start playing for real money on your first game, it’s usually a good idea for you use Practice Mode to try your hand before you place a bet. 
  4. Start small: Once you are confident that you can win a game or two, start by placing small wagers. This will allow you to enjoy the game and even if you don’t win on each spin or hand. Once you are confident, you can gradually increase the amount you wager. 
  5. Play within your limits: If you lose a wager, don’t place a bigger bet just so you can try to get that amount back. Instead have a definite budget and determine the amount you wish to wager at any given period. 

How can you win playing online slots?

As mentioned, online slots are the most popular game at most casinos, probably because they are quite easy to play! Slots utilize random number generation technology to determine the outcome which is why you don’t have to worry for the most part about in-game decisions. Instead, it’s all about having fun!

If you want to try to improve your winnings, you’ll have to pick the right slot, though. Slots with progressive jackpots offer players a chance at a massive win from a single spin. These are jackpots that continuously grow or progress; a small part of each wager from every spin by all the players who are playing, will contribute or feed that jackpot. They can be randomly triggered or line up on a specific payline to hit. Watch out for any key rules, such as needing to bet on max. 

Online slots with amazing bonus features are also worth playing. These often have loads of free spins, multipliers and other bonus options that can consistently contribute to your bankroll.

Are online casinos legit?

Yes! Online casinos are legit and offer players fun and excitement. There are ways you can easily distinguish between a virtual casino offering legit games and one that is out to scam its users. Below are 3 things that should let you know if a casino is legit.

  • Data Encryption: When registering a transaction on a real online casino website, you often enter some very delicate information including passwords and bank account details. One of the most important things for you to check is the data encryption included on the online site you are using. Legit casinos use 128- or 256-bit encryption. This encryption ensures that any information you input is securely connected to the site.

    Cafe Casino utilizes the SSL certificate encryption which is why you will quickly notice the padlock icon and HTTPS in front of the website name. This is the same security feature that is used in banks and that is why you can enjoy your games knowing that you’re safe.
  • Privacy Policy: When you join, you are presented with a privacy policy document. As you read through it, you will get to find out how that particular casino intends to use your information. Cafe Casino’s privacy policy guarantees the safety of client information thanks to state-of-the-art encryption. It does not re-sell user information for any reason at all. 
  • Terms and Conditions: The terms and conditions of a legit online casino let you know how they run their games. This is where you get all the information you need with regards to playing games on the site, winning bonuses and even scoring the jackpot.

How can I tell a casino is safe?

If the online casino you are interested in does not have the above-mentioned details, it is best for you to leave it and join a reliable casino that can give proof of its legitimacy. 

Another thing you should watch out for is the reputation of the particular casino. A casual browse through different review sites will let you know which offers the best and most reputable online slots for real money

How does an online casino work?

In the past, online casinos used two types of designs: the first one was a download-only, while the second was web-based. Nowadays, online casinos offer both, depending on what users find most convenient and easy-to-use. At Cafe Casino, you can play a wide range of fun games all through your web browser on both your mobile or your desktop – no download necessary! So long as you have internet connection, you’re all set!

Whether you’re a newcomer to the casino world or an experienced player, it’s easy to get started! 

How to get started at a casino for beginners

The first thing to do is find the right casino for you. Below are some of the most important elements of a good online casino.

  • Versatile software: The last thing you want is to join a casino that is only available on a single platform. A legit online casino such as Cafe Casino features versatile software to ensure that you can enjoy your favorite games on a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or even a desktop computer. What’s more, you can enjoy games without having to download any software.
  • Variety of games: A real cash online casino should have plenty of games for you to choose from. Additionally, these games should vary in theme and gameplay. Cafe Casino has hundreds of slots game, plus table games, specialty games and more. 
  • Rewards and wins: A good casino will offer you a generous bonus when you make your first deposit, and regularly send you bonus codes or promotions to take part in.

How can you sign up?

You can join an online casino in just a few easy steps! First, sign up using your email and enter a secure password. You can then enter your personal details including your legal name and age. This information helps the website verify transactions for when you make deposits or withdraws.


Second, you need to deposit funds to get playing. Cafe Casino offers exciting bonuses on your first deposit. It is worth noting that the higher your deposit, the higher the number of bonuses you’ll receive. 

Third, with your account set and funds in place, you can choose your favorite games to start playing right away! No need to download or install any software. 

Can I sign up from my state?

Casinos will tell you if they accept players from specific states. For example, Cafe Casino only accepts players from the United States, with the exception of those residing in Delaware, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey and New York. 

What is a welcome bonus?What is a welcome bonus?

A welcome bonus is the bonus offered to you when you sign up at a casino! All the best online casinos will offer this. For example, Cafe Casino gives you a deposit bonus of 250% up to $1,500! What’s more, if you deposit with Bitcoin, they match it by 350% up to $2,500!


What is a refer a friend bonus?

When you are all signed up at Cafe Casino, you can earn referral bonuses by referring others to our online casino. These unlimited bonuses can add some extra bankroll to your account, and you can discuss all your favorite games with your friends.


How can I deposit and withdraw?

Another thing that makes Cafe Casino one of the best online casinos is the variety of options available for you to deposit funds. You can use Mastercard, Visa, or American Express. You can also use Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash. Withdrawal can be done by bank wire transfer, check by courier, Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC).

Where can you play casino games online?

Play legit online casino games at Cafe Casino online. We offer a wide range of games that you can enjoy on your smartphone, tablet, desktop and laptop computer. Our welcome bonus coupled with unbeatable jackpots gives you a great chance to enjoy the best games and win real money! So what are you waiting for? Sign up today!