Get Ready: Hot Drop Jackpots Are Coming Soon! (With prize amounts!)

Get ready for the newest exciting feature from Cafe Casino: Hot Drop Jackpots. Read how to play and win our daily jackpot slots.Winning is fun. It’s exhilarating. It’s exciting. And at Cafe Casino, it happens all the time. Which got us wondering, “Can we take this whole winning thing up a notch or two – or a thousand?”

We determined – yes, we can. And the answer is coming very soon: Cafe Casino Hot Drop Jackpots!

Hot Drop Jackpots are hefty prizes guaranteed to be won by a specific time of day or when a prize value amount is reached. In our online casino, these jackpots will be triggered each and every hour, with a bigger jackpot going off once per day, and regularly by a maximum prize amount.

Imagine the thrill of playing and knowing you have a chance to win a jackpot so often! Every hour, every day, all the time!

While our Cafe Casino online slots are probably the most varied and most generous around, we wanted to give our players even more to get excited about. This feature is brand new – a first of its kind in US online casinos! – and we’re sure daily drop jackpots will become instantly popular with our players.

Are you ready to step up to more thrills, more excitement and more prizes? Get ready – Hot Drop Cafe Casino Jackpots are almost here!


Hot Drop Jackpots are slots that feature guaranteed prizes to be won every hour, every day. These Cafe must drop jackpots are like progressive jackpots (which grow bigger with each spin) with an even more lucrative twist. There’s three types you can win:

Hourly Jackpot: Drops every hour, making it the smallest (average pot of over $1K across the three slots per hour) but most frequent

Daily Jackpot: Drops once per day, with a bigger jackpot (average pot of up to $25K across the three slots per day!)

Super Jackpot: Drops regularly by a set prize amount rather than a specific time, and is the biggest jackpot of them all – up to a mega $250,000 per jackpot!

If you’re keeping track, that means we’ll be giving away MILLIONS every month!

It’s true – our slot games are fantastically fun to play, and the cash prizes can be surprisingly huge. But we believe these Hot Drop Jackpots will be an instant hit when this feature debuts at Cafe Casino. Pretty soon, you’ll be able to decide for yourself!



HOW CAN I WIN A HOT DROP JACKPOT?Three Jackpot symbols will take you to the Hot Drop Jackpot Wheel where you can win an Hourly, Daily or Super Jackpot at Cafe!

Playing any of the Hot Drop games, you need to land three special Jackpot symbols (they look like crowns) that trigger the Hot Drop Jackpot Wheel. Spin the wheel to see which of the jackpot wedges it lands on to indicate whether you’ve won the Hourly, Daily or Super Jackpot!

Prize values will be shown inside the game but Hourly is smaller, while Super is the biggest – and we’re talking about winning a possible life-changing amount here. The amount of the Cafe Casino Daily Jackpots are not too shabby either!


YES! That’s the thing. Hot Drop Jackpots must be won by a guaranteed time or prize amount, meaning someone, somewhere is going to become a Cafe Casino big winner. You can almost feel it’s about to happen as the excitement grows with every single spin! And with winners every hour, why not have it be you?

Do you want to try Hot Drop Jackpots? Then you’ll want to keep checking back to this page as we’ll announce the moment you can start playing at Cafe! In the meantime, tell your friends it’s coming too, so they can sign up and be ready to play!


WHAT HOT DROP JACKPOT SLOTS CAN YOU PLAY?Hot Drop Jackpots feature is coming soon to Cafe Casino and will be available on some of our most popular slots!

Coming soon, Hot Drop Jackpots will be available on three of the hottest Cafe Casino online slots:

  • A Night With Cleo
  • 777 Deluxe
  • Golden Buffalo

With these slots, landing three Jackpot icons will trigger the Jackpot Wheel. Spinning the Jackpot Wheel is among the most exciting and thrilling parts of the whole Hot Drop Jackpot experience!

The Hourly Jackpots, Daily Jackpots and Super Jackpots will replace the standard progressive jackpot offered in 777 Deluxe and A Night With Cleo. But if you want to play that version, it will still be available separately under Cafe Casino jackpot slots.


Still curious about our Hot Drop Jackpots? While you’re waiting for them to launch at Cafe, read the most common questions about these must drop jackpots.

Are Hot Drop Jackpots new?

Hot Drop Jackpots are an entirely new innovation for any online casino in America, and we’re super proud and excited to be the first to bring it to you.

How do Hot Drop Jackpots work?

Like we said, jackpots are triggered every hour, once per day and by a set prize amount in these slots. They grow like a progressive, with contributions from every spin. Prize amounts will appear inside the game, so you know what you can win and when.

What are the advantages of Hot Drop Jackpots?

These Hot Drop CafeCasino Jackpots go off as frequently as every hour. That means more excitement and more winners. Take a look at your watch – in the span of the next hour someone is walking away a winner. Do you have 60 minutes to see if it could be you?

Can I use crypto to play Hot Drop Jackpots?

Just like any of our online slots, you’ll be able to deposit and play casino games with gaming crypto, including popular types like Bitcoin or Tether (USDT!)