This Week: Bitcoin’s Price As the Halving Draws Near

What’s Brewing In Crypto News? This Week: Bitcoin’s Price As the Halving Draws Near

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This Week: Bitcoin’s Price As the Halving Draws Near

April 11, 2024.

Bitcoin climbed back up to $72,212 to start the week, with its price staying largely steadfast since, with a little detour on Tuesday because of the higher-than-expected U.S. CPI announcement.

The original rally on Monday was thanks to a cocktail of anticipation and strategic market plays, all centered around the much-anticipated Bitcoin halving event slated for April 20th, which historically sends Bitcoin’s price on a sharp upward trajectory.

A gold coin is being sliced in half with a knife that says ‘April 20’ all on a red background.

Amidst the excitement, traders are swarming Bitcoin, betting big on its ascent as the crowd warms up to Bitcoin ETFs. Exchange-traded funds (ETFs), by the way, are funds that track the price of Bitcoin, letting people invest without actually owning any coins. These ETFs have been loading up on Bitcoin in the past week, adding over $330 million worth.

Despite the slight setback, experts’ predictions are still holding strong, with some eyeing an $80,000 milestone for Bitcoin in the near future.

And it’s not just talk; there’s real momentum here. The market’s leaning heavily on the buy side with $2.1 billion in buy orders before Monday’s jump, which far exceeds the orders to sell, pointing to a significant leap.

With Bitcoin’s price rally, the excitement isn’t just contained to Bitcoin; it’s sparking interest across the whole crypto market. There’s a palpable sense of optimism, with some predicting the total market cap could soar. As we watch Bitcoin’s price, it’s clear we’re witnessing a pivotal moment that could redefine the essence of digital currency.

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This Week: How You Can Now Monetize Telegram Channels With Crypto

April 4, 2024.

Over the weekend, the messaging app Telegram took a bold step into the future of digital content monetization by unveiling a groundbreaking feature: users can now purchase in-app advertisements using Toncoin, the native cryptocurrency of the TON blockchain.

This innovative move transforms Telegram into a marketplace for creators, similar to giants like YouTube and TikTok, but with a unique twist that weaves in cryptocurrency into the app’s economy.

This is how it works.

With a dark red background, a paper airplane points to the bottom right, with Telegram logos in blue circles trailing behind it.

Content creators use Toncoin to buy advertisements and promote their channels on Telegram. For those with a following of at least 1,000 subscribers, Telegram rolls out the red carpet with a generous 50% revenue share to display these ads on their channels. This windfall can be reinvested into more advertisements or withdrawn as cash, without any fees, via the Telegram-affiliated Fragment Exchange.

The Toncoin blockchain, the powerhouse behind this feature, is known for its low transaction fees and lightning-fast processing speeds. It made headlines last November by achieving a breathtaking 100,000 transactions per second, dwarfing Bitcoin’s seven transactions per second and showcasing its technical prowess.

While a monetized ad platform isn’t brand new for Telegram, up until now, it was a relatively untapped resource, and only a few select channels took advantage of it.

That’s about to change, as on Sunday, a record 156,000 TON wallets were activated after Telegram gave the go-ahead, more than doubling the previous record. That means the rate of content creators leveraging the platform’s latest offer is on the verge of a supersonic boom.

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This Week: London Stock Exchange to Launch Bitcoin and Ether Trading

May 27, 2024.

In a statement released on Monday, the London Stock Exchange (LSE) announced plans to launch a new trading market for Bitcoin and Ether through exchange-traded notes (ETNs) starting May 28, 2024.

These ETNs are like a mix between stocks and cryptocurrencies, allowing people to invest in Bitcoin and Ether without directly buying them.

When someone buys an ETN, they’re getting a “promise” from the company selling it that they will get paid based on how well Bitcoin or Ether does. If Bitcoin goes up by 10% by the time the ETN is supposed to pay out, then the person gets a 10% profit.

A blue background with stacks of gold Bitcoin coins and one standing and facing the front with a ‘B’.

From April 8, 2024, LSE will start accepting applications from companies looking to offer these ETNs. This step is part of a larger effort to make the UK a more appealing place for crypto investments, especially with the recent thumbs-up from regulators.

The timing of the announcement is spot-on, considering Bitcoin’s price has been on the rise, fueled by significant investments and the anticipation of a Bitcoin “halving” event that’s fast approaching.

With Bitcoin’s price hitting impressive strides lately, launching ETNs is a big deal for LSE. It’s a clear sign that cryptocurrencies are becoming more mainstream in the financial world.

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This Week: World’s Largest Pension Fund Looks to Bitcoin

March 21, 2024.

Big news broke this week that Japan’s Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF) – the world’s largest pension fund – is now considering investing in Bitcoin.

While it’s still in the research phase and not a firm decision just yet, the potential shift is a result of Bitcion’s steady bull market trend since the start of the year. It’s now easier than ever to get into the cryptocurrency game, and Japan joins a growing list of countries that are dipping their toes in.

A blue background with an image of Japan’s flag with a Bitcoin logo in the red circle in the middle, one elderly woman with a cane on the left, and one elderly man with a cane on the right.

The GPIF, in simple terms, is a government retirement fund. Most of Japan’s workers chip into this giant pool of money throughout their careers. The pool currently holds over $1.4 trillion in traditional assets like your standard stocks and bonds.

But now, thanks to Bitcoin’s new boom, the GPIF may cast its net wider to include the world’s leading crypto token in the fund.

The news is surprising to some since typically, pension funds are wary of Bitcoin’s price fluctuations. However, the tide is slowly turning as other countries are making similar moves. Here in the US, Houston has a Bitcoin pension fund for its firefighters. 

Whether Bitcoin becomes part of Japan’s retirement plan, or for that matter, the rest of the world’s, remains to be seen. But we know one thing: the future of cryptocurrency and its role in traditional financial institutions is a story that’s turning another page.

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This Week: Gold Grows Alongside Bitcoin

March 14, 2024.

Bitcoin has surged past $73,000, setting a new record! The world’s leading cryptocurrency has seen a staggering 75% jump since January 1 and a 350% increase since its late 2022 dip. Gold has followed suit with its own record high, albeit without the same level of extreme growth.

Gold has increased in value by 17% in the past year, following a similar growth trajectory to Bitcoin. Of course, there are different factors for the rise of gold versus Bitcoin, resulting in the two pretty much moving independently from each other – until now.

Image of gold nuggets with a Bitcoin on a blue background.

Experts are speculating on the growing correlation between gold and Bitcoin. Both are independent of any government-backed currencies, though gold has been a pretty steady and traditional investment during uncertain economic times, while Bitcoin has been viewed as more volatile with the potential for bigger rewards.

Some believe that the spot Bitcoin ETFs have made Bitcoin more accessible and mainstream, and gave it “gold-like qualities”, such as stability and dependable returns. Other experts suggest it’s just a coincidence of the market conditions that’s making these “two of the hottest assets” available right now.

With the enthusiasm around Bitcoin and meme and alt coins in this bull cycle, there’s no telling how high both old-school and digital gold will go in 2024.


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