This Week: Metaplanet Investment Firm Adds 21.8 BTC to Its Portfolio

WHAT’S BREWING IN CRYPTO NEWS? Metaplanet Investment Firm Adds 21.8 BTC to Its Portfolio

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This Week: Metaplanet Investment Firm Adds 21.8 BTC to Its Portfolio

July 19, 2024.

Four months after considering Bitcoin for its giant pension fund, Japan has swung back into crypto news. This time, Tokyo-based investment firm Metaplanet Inc. announced on July 16 they’ve snapped up an extra 21.88 BTC for a cool 200 million yen. That’s roughly $1.26 million. Metaplanet’s total Bitcoin stash now gleams at an impressive 225.61 BTC, worth a whopping 2.25 billion yen, or $14.2 million.

On a red background, there’s a red planet with the letter ‘M’ inside for Metaplanet and gold Bitcoins are on all sides.

This strategic purchase follows Metaplanet’s earlier buy of over 40 BTC just a week ago. As it stands, neither purchase is a casual fling with cryptocurrency. Metaplanet uses Bitcoin as its “strategic treasury reserve asset” to ride out Japan’s shaky economic situation. With high government debt and a weakening yen, they may see Bitcoin as a way to secure their financial future.

News of this purchase sent Metaplanet’s stock soaring by 25.8% during the morning session, aka the first half of the trading day. Investors seem to love their crypto strategy, and it isn’t the first time it’s been used.

Inspired by MicroStrategy’s pioneering approach in 2020, led by Michael Saylor, Metaplanet has adopted a similar strategy. They’ve revamped their balance sheet by prioritizing Bitcoin as a key treasury reserve asset, believing in crypto’s long-term potential. This has earned them the nickname ‘Asia’s MicroStrategy’.

With Bitcoin nearing $65,000, this bold acquisition aims to boost its holdings significantly, showcasing its leadership in the financial market.

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This Week: Lionel Messi Endorses Charity-focused Crypto WaterCoin

July 10, 2024.

Soccer superstar Lionel Messi is receiving thunderous applause again, but this time, it’s in another field entirely: crypto. Messi recently endorsed the charitable meme coin WaterCoin (WATER) on his Instagram Stories, causing a wave of interest from his 504 million followers.

Soccer star Lionel Messi is seen on a dark red background with his back to us holding his arms up in victory with a cartoon glass of water on his blue and white jersey.

WaterCoin is a charity project based on the Solana blockchain. The team behind it has big plans to make a splash in the real world by tackling global water issues through the help of charities.

Messi’s recent endorsement, like those of many celebrities in similar ventures, acts as a seamless assist for the cause. A simple social media shoutout can draw significant attention and investment that directly boosts the cash available to fund charitable missions. In this case, following the soccer maestro’s Instagram post, WaterCoin’s price surged 356%, pushing its market cap to around $73.6 million with daily trading volumes exceeding $105 million.

While some may find it surprising that Messi is involved in crypto, the truth is that he’s no rookie. In 2021, when Messi transferred to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), part of his salary was paid in PSG fan tokens, making him the first high-profile soccer player to embrace crypto as a payment. He has a partnership with the Bitget exchange, through which he launched Blockchain4Youth to get young people hyped about blockchain. Given Bitget’s involvement in selling WATER, some speculate this connection could be a motivation behind his endorsement. 

Regardless, the hope is that Messi’s influence will drive positive change through crypto, potentially even more impactful than his famous 2022 World Cup-winning goal in the 108th minute – but it’s a close call. 

This Week: USDT Now Accepted for Social Security Payments in the Philippines

July 03, 2024.

As of this week, Filipino citizens can now pay their Social Security System (SSS) contributions using Tether’s stablecoin, USDT, on the TON blockchain. This exciting development comes from a new partnership with Uquid, a leading Web3 shopping and infrastructure firm.

A Philippines flag floats to the left and a light green USDT crypto coin is in the center of a dark red background.

The SSS is a lifeline for many in the Philippines. It’s a state-run insurance program, similar to our own Social Security, that offers essential support to employees during tough times, like providing unemployment benefits and financial assistance in case of illness. With USDT now in the mix, making SSS contributions will be much smoother and more accessible for those who rely on it.

Uquid, the powerhouse behind the scenes, is a robust platform that already supports over 260 million users, so it’s more than ready to handle this new payment method. Importantly, with new opportunities come new regulations and the Philippines is stepping up to the plate. The government, together with blockchain education groups like Bitskwela, are working hard to create a solid framework to guide the use of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, instilling confidence in anyone who jumps on board.

Stablecoins like USDT are skyrocketing in popularity, and it’s easy to see why. When you use stablecoins, you get a more stable crypto with near-instant transactions with minimal fees – great for sending money and buying stuff online. Big players like PayPal and Stripe have already joined the trend, having introduced their own stablecoins to make their transactions faster and cheaper.

As far as the world is concerned, this leap for the Philippines sets a new standard for using digital currencies, particularly stablecoins, in essential government programs. And who knows? The U.S. might be next!

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This Week: New Solana Feature Enables Crypto Transactions Anywhere Online

June 28, 2024.

In a major leap for blockchain technology, cryptocurrency network Solana announced on June 25 that they’ve dropped two new features to its blockchain: Blinks and Actions. These nifty tools are part of Solana’s master plan to make blockchain technology super easy and accessible for everyone by letting you make on-chain transactions from any website or app where you can share a link. Indeed, this feature will make it as easy as ordering lunch for delivery.

Solana crypto coins are falling into an iPhone laid out over a peach background.

Here’s how the exciting new feature duo works.

“Blinks” is a portmanteau of ‘blockchain’ and ‘links’, so you can probably see where this is going. Opening one of Solana’s Blinks from any online platform or messaging app displays an interface that lets you initiate crypto transactions.

So let’s say you open a Blink on X. You can donate, tip, mint NFTs, swap tokens, receive money, make payments, and more, without ever leaving the app. These tractions are possible through the “Actions” part which uses a set of APIs accessible via sharable links, QR codes, and mobile app buttons. While it won’t take long to be a full-blown feature across the web, right out of the gate, Blinks and Actions have already gained support from popular crypto wallets Phantom and Backpack.

As a word of assurance, Solana promises that Blinks and Actions are simple to use and secure. The Solana Foundation has designed a safety roadmap that ensures your transactions are verified, protected through API integration, and only executed on trusted, whitelisted domains.

Don’t blink now – Solana’s revolutionary new features are about to change how you interact with crypto.

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This Week: The Vatican Ushers Into the Future With NFTs

June 20, 2024.

The Vatican Library is ushering into the future with a groundbreaking new initiative called “Web3 Support Project” that beautifully marries ancient tradition with cutting-edge technology. In an exciting collaboration with Japanese tech giant NTT Data, the Vatican Library will soon reward its Italian supporters with exclusive NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

On a peach background are two adorned crosses on either side of an ancient, weathered manuscript with a cross on it.

This trailblazing project, though still experimental, offers “Silver NFTs” to Italians who promote the library’s manuscript collections on social media by July 16. Those who do are granted access to high-resolution images of 15 historical Vatican manuscripts. Meanwhile, Italians who financially back the project by the same deadline will receive “Gold NFTs” which unlock images of 21 manuscripts.

This ambitious project aligns gloriously with the mission of Father Mauro Mantovani, the Library’s Prefect, who passionately underscores the importance of preserving and promoting the Vatican’s ancient cultural heritage. Some manuscripts can be traced as far back as the 4th Century.

So, how is it possible to grant digital NFTs of centuries-old, handwritten documents totaling 1.5 million printed books and 180,000 manuscripts? That’s where NTT Data comes in.

The Japanese tech giant is responsible for digitizing and safeguarding the Library’s vast collection. They do so by utilizing their proprietary technology called AMLAD, which stands for Advanced Museum Library Archives Deposit. This unique system facilitates the digitization of the library’s assets through advanced tools like metadata management and 3D scanning, making them accessible via smartphones and computers.

The exciting project also hints at future possibilities like virtual or augmented reality tours, meaning very soon you may be able to swing open the pearly gates of public access to the Vatican’s historic treasures.


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