These Slots Are The Bonus Thing Since Sliced Bread

These Slots  Are The Bonus Thing Since Sliced Bread

At Cafe Casino, our players have an insatiable appetite for gourmet online slots. But without a bonus round to spice things up, your online slot is just matching symbols on the reels. That’s still fun, but it’s kind of like eating a piece of plain toast. However, with a bonus round, your game douses on the butter and syrup, coming alive with mouthwatering flavor and the most satisfying wins you can get.

At Cafe Casino, we would never expect you to have a plain piece of “toast”, if you catch our drift. That’s why we’ve slathered onto your session an array of Cafe Casino online slots with the best bonus rounds. These top games add the biggest flavor explosions to your experience, from spinning on customized reels to crossing the finish line within active go-cart rides.

And when they’re paired with other features… bonus! You get even more flavor to taste.

Why Bonus Rounds Matter in Slot Games

On a blue background are gold coins floating around a slot screen that says ‘Instant Win’.

We can think of a million and one reasons why you’d want to play online slots, including immersive themes and progressive jackpots. But, after all is spin and spun, bonus rounds are always number one. (And apparently, we’re a team of poets). Let’s examine why slot bonus rounds are the best thing since sliced bread.

Enhanced Gameplay

It’s exhilarating to witness symbols aligning on paylines, fading away, and being replaced by new ones amidst the chiming of wins. Yet, nothing matches the adrenaline surge you get when you achieve that special combination that triggers the coveted bonus round.

Reaching the bonus round is like unlocking a treasure chest of opportunities. It’s your golden ticket to potentially massive payouts. Many games save their biggest jackpots for these special moments, and the graphics get an extra layer of sparkle to heighten the thrill.

Increased Winning Potential

Knowing that most jackpots are tucked away inside a bonus round, triggering one sends a jolt of electricity through your spin finger since you know stuff’s about to get real. Bonus rounds are where the magic happens, offering bigger multipliers, more free spins, massive instant wins, and often, the grand jackpot itself.

If you’re chasing a progressive jackpot, there’s a very good chance it’s waiting for you within the bonus round. As for how you win progressive jackpot slots, you have to land a specific combination of symbols or trigger a certain set of reactions and the game erupts in a spectacular display, showering you with the ultimate prize.

Then, there are Hot Drop Jackpots. These titanic treasures don’t necessarily require a bonus round to win. To claim one, you play special Hot Drop Jackpot slots and aim for three special jackpot symbols that appear randomly, then you spin a wheel. These jackpots have colossal winning potential because one must trigger every hour, another every 24 hours, and a third before it balloons to a six-figure sum.

Top Slots with Bonus Rounds at Cafe Casino

A one-armed bandit slot machine spins with five reels and it says ‘Cafe Casino’ in the middle, all over a blue background.

Now that we’ve got you hooked, we’ll serve up the best online slots with bonus rounds – and trust us, these games are the serving.

Gold Rush Gus

The main character in Gold Rush Gus is a cheerful prospector with a bushy grey mustache. His name is… wait for it… Gus. Instead of spinning reels the traditional way, the gem symbols of this game crack open and pop off when Gus swings a pickaxe over the 5×3 underground grid.

There are mounds of novel features to dig up in this game, but the one that always inspires players to suit up and get their hands dirty is the interactive bonus round. Get two key scatter symbols on reels 1 and 3 to trigger one of four rewards: Instant Win, Bonus Game, Mini Jackpot, or Progressive Jackpot.

Hottest 666

Many bonus rounds are sizzling hits because they offer the fiery power of choice, like in the case of Hottest 666. At first spin, you think you’re inside a regular land casino with the murmur of patrons living it up on slots and Craps. But when you land three bonus symbols surrounded by licking flames, the game ignites and takes a wicked turn for the best. 

You’re thrust into the Pre-Bonus Game, where a single line of three red-hot reels awaits. Each reel determines a factor of the official bonus game: the number of spins, the number of reels, and the number of screens. All can blaze up to six, resulting in 6 free spins, 6 reels, and 6 screens spinning them all at once. 666 – get it?

It’s the hottest bonus game from the Skies to the Underworld, voted one of the top must-play slots of the week.

Cai Fu Dai Panda

Pandas are a noble symbol in Chinese culture that stands for peace, balance, and luck. In the Cai Fu Dai Panda slot, these virtues converge with the promise of prosperity, longevity, and abundance, creating some of the most rewarding bonus rounds in online slots, and we do mean that with a plural “s”.

This Chinese-inspired game features three auspicious bonus rounds. When you trigger them, you invoke the qualities of prosperity, longevity, and jackpots, which are the names of each. You can trigger and play with the features one at a time, two together, or the ultimate trio of all three in harmony.

Another virtue the panda represents is friendship, a bandwagon we’re happy to jump on. When you refer a friend to Cafe Casino, we strengthen your bonds with prosperity by giving you a cash bonus for each friend who joins the gang.

How to Trigger Bonus Rounds in Slot Games

Now that you’re well-acquainted with the perks of bonus rounds and know which ones are the cream of the crop, it’s time to learn the different ways to reach them and how to milk them for all they’re worth, aka win the most dough. 

How to Trigger Bonus Rounds

There’s a blue background and a slot game on a desktop showing a Buy Bonus Game and it’s all surrounded by floating gold coins.

The first step in dominating bonus rounds in online slots is to fully understand the features that get you there. Typically, you gain entry through the bonus symbols in the base game. These symbols can come in any shape or size that fits the theme. Bonus symbols are usually not restricted to paylines and they count from anywhere on the screen. Three is usually the magic number to trigger a bonus round, but it’s not a hard and fast rule. Some classic slots need just one, while others might ask for four.

You can also unlock bonus rounds with scatter symbols. The main difference between scatter and bonus symbols is where they lead. Scatter symbols often trigger free spins, while bonus symbols lead to the bonus game. To be sure, just check the paytable for specifics. Once you collect the right number of bonus symbols, the game transforms into a bonus round, and you can sit back and enjoy the ride.

Maximizing Your Chances

If you’re chomping at the bit to dive into one of these ultra-fun bonus rounds, you don’t have to just sit and wait. There are a few savvy strategies you can use to boost your chances.

Increase Your Bet Size

Many games have a built-in preference for larger bet sizes. It’s a way to award players who risk bigger bets with greater chances of winning. It’s nothing secretive or anything, the game will tell you clearly that a bigger bet will increase your chances.

Chance x2 Feature

For the players who don’t like to mess around, many games offer a special Chance x2 feature. This nifty option boosts your chances of hitting the bonus round. The cost depends on your bet, and the increase in your chances varies by game, but it’s usually a solid 2x or 2.5x.

Buy Bonus Feature

Then again, why wait at all? If you’re a straight shooter, go for games with a Buy Bonus feature. When you activate it, you have to pay a little extra. Then you’re immediately whisked away to the bonus round without waiting for the right symbols to line up. Then, the game goes on like normal, but with a bonus. The Buy Bonus feature usually boosts the game’s RTP, too.

Bitcoin Gambling

By far, the best way to maximize your potential in slots is by playing them via Bitcoin gambling. When you deposit with Bitcoin or any supported crypto, you unlock bigger bonuses and fewer fees. When it’s time to cash out, you’ll have your payday in hand within 15 minutes after approval, which is the easiest way to maximize your gaming experience.

Play Slots with Bonus Rounds at Cafe Casino

Slot games are a blast on their own, but bonus rounds are the real bread and butter. Almost every slot at Cafe Casino comes packed with thrilling bonus rounds, and you can milk them for all they’re worth when you follow these tips and try out these games. The cash potential is through the virtual roof, but that’s not all. The themes are immersive, and the strategies are endless. Is that a bonus? You’d better believe it.