Popular Slots To Play With Bitcoin

Play these Popular Online Slots With Your Next Bitcoin Deposit

Here’s a perfectly pleasant, guided meditation. Ready?

You head over to Cafe Casino for some R&R. You open up an incredible new game, and immerse yourself in its slots features within a matter of minutes. There was barely any waiting, the experience was smoother than silk, and you’re left without a care in the world.

Aaaand, you’re back in the room. How relaxing was that?

At Cafe Casino, it can be that easy when you use Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies for your transactions. Bitcoin and crypto is the most efficient and reliable way to fund your account with USD.

But isn’t that a hassle to use?, we hear you ask.

Not at it! (And especially not compared to credit cards!) All you have to do is open up a digital wallet one timeOnce. Then you have an entire host of Cafe Casino Bitcoin slots to play using USD – more conveniently, forever.

You can deposit and withdraw without any fuss whatsoever, and you get instant access to a smorgasbord of extra crypto casino benefits as well (for example: have you seen the bigger bonuses?).

And in contrast to the assumption that plenty of fresh players make – you actually don’t have to become a market speculator or an investor, or even know anything about the latest crypto news to get the benefits from crypto slots. It’s really just an easy way to transfer your USD and start playing slots online.

If you haven’t tried Bitcoin or crypto transactions yet, get ready to see why so many players love it. And when your Bitcoin deposit is loaded to your account, check out these wildly popular online slots to play next.

REELS AND WHEELS XLThe logo from the Cafe Casino slot game, Reels and Wheels XL, is pictured on the left of the image, hovering above an off-white table surface. To its right sits a coffee mug filled with a red liquid, stamped with a large letter B in the style of Bitcoin.

One of the best Bitcoin slots (to play using USD) that our players tend to flock to is Reels and Wheels XL. Has there ever been such winning potential bursting from one online slot?

From the base game alone, you can win 12 free spins with multipliers up to 10x by landing two bonus symbols on reels 1 and 3, and a free spins symbol on reel 5.

The biggest appeal, however, and what puts the ‘XL’ in the game, comes from the two thrilling bonus wheels. If you happen to land a bonus symbol on reels 1 and 3 and a wheel symbol on reel 5, you get to spin the special Multiplier Wheel for a prize of up to 500x your total bet. On that very wheel is one unassuming – yet central – wedge with the word “jackpot” inscribed.

If you land on that wedge, you‘ll suddenly find yourself spinning the Jackpot Wheel. This is the round which awards one of five progressive jackpots in USD. All of which, of course, you can withdraw lightning-fast via Bitcoin.

Everyone loves the distinctly retro design of Reels and Wheels XL, with its flashy pure tones of red, yellow, and purple, and lively ‘80s synth music to bop along to. A theme like this could be a perfect match for your personality if you happen to be lively and fun!


Las Vegas is known for pushing the boundaries of entertainment, but also for its life-changing jackpot wins. Both of those elements are essential for a good slot game, and they’re exactly why this Bitcoin slot machine is such a hit.

Playing 10 Times Vegas is a little like putting on a pair of night-vision glasses at a laser show in the heart of Sin City. Three reels and classic symbols glowing with fluorescent lights spin into a neon blur. The rules are simple. You have 3 rows and 3 paylines. Your job is to land matching symbols on the paylines for a sizzling prize.

There’s one extra-nifty perk, as well. There are three Wild multiplier symbols of 2x, 5x, and 10x, which have their own paytable too. If a Wild multiplier lands on reel 3, reel 2 is triggered again. If that new spin results in a win, you may be randomly awarded a Jackpot Spin for the progressive jackpot. Phew!

To make the Vegas experience even more memorable, you can refer a friend to Cafe to get a bonus to use to play. And because Bitcoin has all the best benefits, the way to get the biggest referral bonus is to have your friend deposit with Bitcoin or crypto.

MYTHIC WOLFA coffee cup filled with a peanut butter latte and a dusted ‘B’ from the bitcoin logo sits atop an off-white table surface. To the right is the main logo from the Cafe Casino slot game, Mythic Wolf, which is depicted by a 3D moon with a howling wolf on top, and the words from the game’s name written across the moon.

Whenever you (make a superfast) deposit with crypto to play a Bitcoin slot, the slot automatically displays your funds in USD. If you happen to be playing the Mythic Wolf slot, the wolf will waste no time in howling its encouragement for you to chase the moon with a skyful of Wild prizes.

The game takes place in the dead of night in colors of inky dark blue and black. A full moon fills out the backdrop, and a lone wolf can be seen – and heard – howling toward the moon’s glowing light.

As wonderfully eerie and sense-provoking the visual theme is, this is one of our most popular online slots for another reason. The gameplay centers around two primary features with Wild multipliers. In the base game, the running wolf Wild appears with a multiplier of 5x. In the Super Round, which is the game’s bonus round, the Wild multiplies your wins by 10x.

To make it to the Super Round, all you need are three or more glowing feather symbols. Here you’ll receive either 7, 15, or a whopping 50 slots free spins, depending on how many feathers you grabbed along the way.


By far the most popular and game-changing additions to Cafe have been our Hot Drop Jackpots.

Cafe Casino Hot Drop Jackpots are slots games that you may have seen before; games like 777 Deluxe and Golden Buffalo. However, now they are infused with three special jackpots that must drop by a certain time or a huge amount at random.

Hourly jackpots must drop once every 60 minutes. Daily jackpots must drop once every 24 hours. And Epic Jackpots can drop at any time and award huge amounts.

There’s no catch or caveat! Those are just the plain facts about Hot Drop Jackpots!

So, imagine you’re playing 777 Deluxe with its familiar mystery symbol and matching 7s. Then, once you hit spin, three crown symbols appear. Suddenly, you’re spinning a special jackpot wheel. That’s the wheel with Hot Drop Jackpots, and you’re about to win one!

With such colossal wins at your fingertips, the only way to see your money as fast as you’d like to is to withdraw your payday via crypto in 10K installments every 15 minutes. Then you can turn it into USD right away using your exchange wallet.

PROGRESSIVE JACKPOTSThe main thematic logo from the Cafe Casino slot game, Lawless Ladies, is seen in the middle, and includes five female characters from the game. To the bottom left of the image is a peanut butter latte with a bitcoin ‘B’ stamped on top, while to the bottom right, is a coffee mug filled with red liquid and a bitcoin ‘B’ also stamped on top.

Hot Drop Jackpots aren’t the only jackpots we have available at Cafe.

The most traditional, tried-and-true jackpots around here are the beloved Cafe Casino progressive jackpots, and those will always be available as Bitcoin slot machines at Cafe.

Knowing how to play progressive jackpot slots is easy – you just deposit via crypto and play like normal with USD. The jackpot grows bigger with each wager in the game. The more people who play, the bigger it gets. Then the way you win the progressive depends on the game.

In some progressive slots, like Lawless Ladies and Caesar’s Victory, the jackpot will trigger at random after any spin. In other games, you have to land a certain pattern of symbols to trigger it.

Either way, when you withdraw your winnings via Bitcoin to convert into USD, you’ll get to enjoy it in as little as 15 minutes.

Remember, Bitcoin or crypto deposits to transfer USD can make your life a little easier to play Cafe Casino online slots. When you’re ready to get paid, you can more easily and efficiently withdraw your wins as Bitcoin, then you’re free to immediately change it back again to USD. If the popular vote of Cafe players is anything to go by, just one round on these Bitcoin slots and you’ll never want to deposit with anything but crypto again!

Still have questions? Check out our Crypto Casino FAQ!