The Most Popular Online Slots to Play with Bitcoin

There’s no doubt about it: Bitcoin is the hottest form of money in the modern marketplace! And we’re not just talking about the world of cryptocurrency. Just this week (in October 2021), Bitcoin jumped to an all-time high when a Bitcoin ETF (exchange-traded fund) debuted on the New York Stock Exchange. This move took Bitcoin even more mainstream, making it the 13th largest currency in the world at the time of writing. That’s bigger than the Swiss Franc!

Those holding Bitcoin saw mega returns! It’s true that cryptocurrencies can fluctuate, but for the most part, Bitcoin has been on an upwards trajectory, and has shown no signs of cooling off. It offers built-in compounding value that can continue to accumulate, which is an advantage unto itself, for Cafe Casino slots players who use it to deposit and play!



In the past, online casino deposits were subject to annoying delays of days upon days. Sometimes transfers wouldn’t even go through! Bitcoin is a complete gamechanger. Deposits take place in about 15 minutes. That’s totally unheard of when compared to traditional credit cards.

The same is true of withdrawals. Instead of all the annoying workarounds involving multiple platforms and mailed checks, a Bitcoin withdrawal hits your digital wallet in less than 24 hours. At a modern online casino, there’s no reason for big waits moving your money in or out, and Bitcoin dissolves all that red tape like a packet of sugar in piping hot coffee!

Not only that, we don’t charge any fees at all for Bitcoin transactions, and we offer several Bitcoin Bonuses – including a bigger Welcome Bonus offer than if you deposited with credit card! Your money goes way farther with this cryptocurrency.

But what are players using Bitcoin on at the Cafe? Well, we’ve rounded up the top 5 most popular Cafe Casino Bitcoin slots to share with you. If the crypto crowd is in on it, you probably should be too. You don’t want to feel that FOMO when everyone is raking it in!


Man, this game totally takes you there

The golden herd is on the move, and you’re hot on their trail, winding through the canyons of the southwest. Bugs, rattlers, coyotes, and eagles crying out above you are all the company you need as the background music puts you right into your own Western flick. When it’s time to rest at the end of the day, kick up your boots on your saddlebag and spin the reels while a cozy campfire cooks up a pot of beans for dinner.

The sixth reel gives you more ways to win than almost any other game. There’s 4,096 different paylines in Golden Buffalo! And when you’re in the free spins bonus round, the wilds are multiplying your money even higher, up to 3,125x your win amount.

Yee-haw! That’ll have you up in the morning no matter how chilly the nights are. 

The max win is capped at $500,000, but with the way Bitcoin keeps rising, if you snapped up that max payout, you could very well become a Bitcoin millionaire in no time at all.


Oh, those lucky 7s. They can do so much, can’t they? Everyone picks their own lucky number in life, but there’s just something special about 7. In this game, it’s going to become your favorite, at least when you’re trying to boost your Bitcoin wealth.

777 Deluxe has a very lucrative progressive jackpot that’s stacking up money to the sky until some lucky player scores a big win and takes it all home. The way it works is that a little money is taken from each wager when players are spinning the reels, building up a huge jackpot. And when a player wins the top prize in the bonus round, they get the whole thing.

Winning the jackpot in this game with your Bitcoin wagers takes a bit of luck. First, you need three scattered Mystery Symbols – the pink question marks. When you get these, they morph into Bonus Symbols, triggering the bonus game. There, you will see three glowing neon sevens, which will spin to reveal a special color. Each color combo has a corresponding prize. You’ll know you won the whole progressive jackpot when you see three golden gleaming 7s on your screen. 

Visualize it and make it happen! 


Speaking of jackpot games, here’s another one to spend some Bitcoin on: Reels & Wheels. Any fans of The Price Is Right or any other game built around the fun of prize wheels will love the excitement of this game.

You start with the reels, which have a totally classic look. You’ll feel like you just walked into the Tropicana circa 1980 and plopped down with a bucket of coins when you launch this game. But when you see that Bonus Symbol in the center row, third reel, you’ll know it’s on.

The Bonus Round gets triggered, and you get to spin the Bonus Wheel. Those bonuses look nice, but what you want most of all is that Jackpot section to come up. That launches the big money wheel. You can win some of the progressive jackpot by hitting the colorful sections there. The Vegas section is your ticket to a packed payday that will have your account flush with more Bitcoin than ever.


Oh, mama. This game is sure to make your Bitcoin rise, if you get on Cleo’s good side. 

On a sultry night by the Nile, Cleo’s slot game will give you plenty of excitement. But of course, it’s not what’s on the reels that brings you in – it’s what happens after. When you get a win of any kind, there’s a Gamble button in the lower right that you can click or tap for a double or nothing pick ‘em game. 

Click the button and the real Night With Cleo begins. Pick a flower, and if you guess right, your Bitcoin winnings will double. If not, you go back to zero. But also, if you win, there’s an extra bonus. One article of clothing with disappear, vanishing into the foggy night air. Can you get five guesses in a row correct? If you can, Cleo’s treasures are yours to behold.


5 Times Vegas merges the best of both worlds! It’s the symbols of yesterday all dressed up in modern neon, accented by a background of the Vegas skyline. It’s no wonder Bitcoin players love this one so much. There’s so much color, but underneath it all, it’s very simple – just like depositing with crypto

To fill your wallet, you’ll want to keep an eye out for the x2, x3 and x5 wild multipliers. These can stand in for any symbols on the reels to create a winning payline! And if you land one on Reel 3, it will retrigger Reel 2 for another chance to earn more real money. 

The consistent Bitcoin payday potential is endless with these wilds!

If you want to learn more, check out our Bitcoin FAQ, where everything is laid out in super simple terms (even if you’re just getting started with your first crypto transaction).