Match your personality to slot games that can excite your Cafe Casino experience in ways that will feel totally natural to YOU!When it comes to slot games, have you met your perfect match yet? It could be that you’ve been searching for the one and found a pretty good routine go-to that makes your day a little brighter. Maybe you prefer to play the field, switch things up, and always try something new. Or perhaps, you’ve never really thought about it.

We decided to play cupid and try to determine your perfect Cafe Casino online slots match (also known as Slots Tinder – by us, anyways!). We’ve made a list of common personality types, and paired each one with just the right game that could help you play happily ever after!

Simply, find the one below that sounds most like your personality, and then snuggle up with your new perfect slots match. No swiping right needed!

Disclaimer: We aren’t actually cupid – or psychologists, for that matter – and that’s why you can try all our online slots in practice mode before you jump in head over heels!



Psychologists would say you’re type B, the exact opposite of more aggressive type A people. You’re relaxed, even-tempered, patient and easily adaptable to whatever the situation happens to be. You don’t get irritated or angry very easily, and you have a great deal of self-control. Easy-going people are not terribly competitive but when stressed, they tend to get productive.

Sounds like good people who can enjoy a good-time party vibe without any guilt. Your ideal Cafe Casino slot is:You’re easy-going? Raving Wildz is worth a spin at Cafe today!


Spend an epic night dancing to pumping music, sweating to a hot rave, and winning like a supermodel! This is a world filled with beautiful dancers, massive speakers and disco balls, and brilliant neon lights. The music and graphics are like stepping into a time machine and going back to the 1970s, when rules were designed to be broken. Raving Wildz is 4 rows, 5 reels, and 50 paylines of retro nightlife excitement!

While Raving Wildz is a crazy good time, its easy-going style and generous payouts will make you feel right at home, because once you’re in, the gameplay and winning are as easy as can be. For starters, at least 3 free spin scatters will get you up to 15 free spins with stacked wilds. The disco ball wilds stick and stack on top of each other to increase your wins! And that’s not all they do – these wilds also offer random multipliers in the base game, which can multiply together in a payline for up to 81X your stake. Epic!


You love, love, love reaching your goals, big and small, and rarely worry about failure. Everyone fails now and again, but achievers like you don’t get discouraged. You understand and accept that some things are out of your control, so you don’t sweat it. Instead, you push yourself well beyond your comfort zone to eventually succeed at a very high level.

High achievers take time to obtain knowledge without feeling the need to know everything. We’re convinced you will exceed at this online slot:High achievers, look no further than Reels and Wheels XL. TWO Bonus Wheels will make your day!


Arcade-style games are hot right now, and this one in particular is a super popular online slot at Cafe. The bonus wheel and jackpot wheel are huge, bringing extra big fun to your desktop or mobile device. There’s tons of free spins, too, so keep in mind that every free spin could trigger a random multiplier rising as high as 10 times your wager.

Like we said, this game has not only one but two bonus wheels. The key to this slot is to remember that one bonus wheel leads to another, which can then lead to a chance at a sizeable jackpot.

Land two bonus symbols on the first and third reels, plus a wheel symbol on the fifth reel to trigger the bonus wheel feature. Here, you could win up to 500 times your bet, or get a chance at the jackpot wheel – which has five jackpots!  It’s all easy-peasy for a high achiever like you, reaching for your shot at a massive progressive jackpot!


Quiet introspection is absolutely your jam. You would choose a night at home over a crowded bar or party because you enjoy your own company. However, that time alone encourages deep dives into your mind’s imagination. While others may see you as a shy person who maybe lacks some confidence, you know who you are and never act on impulse because you prefer taking time to consider your choices.

Even though you generally don’t look for new thrills and sensations, we think this is your ideal slot game to balance your thoughtful, introspective nature:You’re an introvert? Try 10 Times Vegas – trust us – it’s Vegas without the social interaction!


Wait. An introvert is going to enjoy Las Vegas? The high-voltage look screams extrovert but this Vegas slot’s mechanics suit the shy, thoughtful mind very well. Calmly spin the sevens, hearts, horseshoes, cherries, grapes, BARs, and dollar signs in old-school glory for the 21st century. Occasional wilds trigger multipliers rising to 100 times your wager. You can get added shots at payouts, and a good chance for the jackpot spin, too!

A jackpot spin is randomly awarded when the wild retrigger combination hits any win. There’s one fixed winline that pays left to right and the jackpot symbol has its own paytable. One symbol multiplies your bet by 10, two symbols multiply it by 20, and three symbols put the progressive jackpot in your account!

This Vegas slot dazzles and delivers the realistic sights and sounds of Las Vegas casinos with no need for an introvert like you to socialize or leave the comfort of your couch.


You are a true leader with the ability to inspire others and a passion for overcoming challenges. As a role model, you walk the talk and use your positive energy to motivate and teach people to be their very best at all times. Role models can sometimes be a pain, but only to those who don’t see the value in always demonstrating good character traits with the aim of helping others to do better.

It may sound absurd, but there are a number of slots online to match a role model’s personality, but none better than:


Gus is that hardworking guy who never gives up on striving for his goal: absolutely massive riches. If you haven’t played this new slot game’s inspiration, Gold Rush Gus, you should know that Gus is probably the hardest working miner anywhere across all seven continents.

Like you, Gus is a leader – he’ll lead you right to gold! Gus will teach you all he knows as you spin the reels of the 3-row, 5-reel, and 10-payline slot set in the jungle. The golden mask is wild, symbols can unearth as many as 15 free spins plus multipliers, and landing the scatter key symbols on the first and third reels will open a treasure chest for your chance at an instant win, a bonus game, or a progressive jackpot!

Your personality is perfect for leading this adventure with Gus, armed only with a digital pick and shovel, and some well-sharpened luck.


Just kidding! Sort of.

If you’re a people person (hopefully of the alive-and-well variety), every one of our Cafe Casino slot games – and there are more than 100 of them – will match your desire to slay on the reels and satisfy your uncontrolled lust for living life on the edge. Please play responsibly.