6 Best Desserts Ranked: Nostalgia Edition

6 Best Desserts Ranked: Nostalgia Edition

Steak and potatoes might be called the “main course” but we all know who’s the real star of the show – the dessert.

Even if you’re stuffed to the gills and rolling out of the dining room stomach first, no one can resist the cherry on top of the meal. Sometimes literally.

While every dessert dess-erves a seat at the table, not all are created equal. Because the best desserts aren’t only a matter of a sweet tooth, they’re a matter of nostalgia.

Sophisticated soufflés may require the skilled flourish of a pasty chef, but it’s the yellow birthday cake that reminds us of when Dad caught his sleeve on fire from the candles. Good times, good times.

We’d never turn down a caramelized crème brûlée or a velvety panna cotta, but for now, we at Cafe Casino are acknowledging the timeless classics with the best desserts ranked from best to best-est.

Do you agree with our sweet selection? Save room for the end, because you donut want to miss out on number one.

#6 Brownies

Brownies are an American cultural mainstay, making an appearance anywhere there’s a gathering of hungry mouths. A plate of brownies may be spotted next to a bowl of potato salad at a potluck, on a heaping plate at the office party, or behind the plexiglass at your local cafe.

A well-made brownie isn’t shy about its chocolate content. It’s crisp to the touch with layers of warm, dense chocolate melting over your tongue like molten lava.

Make it your own by studding the top with crushed walnuts, sprinkling a few dashes of sea salt to balance the sweetness, topping it with vanilla ice cream, or washing it all down with a cold glass of milk.

The brownie is for everyone, and that’s why it’s first of mind on our best desserts list. 

#5 Ice Cream

‘ICE CREAM’ next to a bowl of ice cream with three scoops and a number five to the right, all over a red background.

It’s a scene you know well: the sun beating down on a scorching summer day, and a happy pedestrian strolls by with drips of cool mint chocolate gliding down the cone. 

Hmm… doesn’t an ice cream sound nice? It’s the ultimate summertime (and let’s be honest, anytime) treat.

Traditionalists flock to tried-and-true vanilla or chocolate. The adventurous types order a matcha or salted caramel. Indecisive dessert lovers haul the entire snack table into one scoop for rocky road.

If it were only about the versatility of flavor, ice cream may have been Best Dessert Ranked #6 instead of #5. But the merits of this creamy treat don’t stop there.

You can eat it from a cone, a bowl, straight from the tub (usually at 3 a.m.), sandwiched between two warm cookies, or the most American way of all, deep fried with a crispy crust. We know what we’re about.

#4 S’mores

Coming in at #4 is a dessert that far exceeds its reputation as a mere item of food. It’s an experience.

Sure, s’mores are a delightful mix of melted chocolate, gooey marshmallows, and crispy graham crackers toasted to perfection. We’d never forget.

But it’s the journey of making s’mores that makes them sweet. These little creations bring to mind endlessly stretching summers, hiking into the woods, and sleeping under the stars.

It’s about gathering around a flickering fire and figuring out the right marshmallow distance to the flame. Then realizing, every time, that no one remembered the roasting sticks. Off to the woods.

With flames engulfing the innocent white marshmallow, the moment of truth arrives: are you a lightly browned marshmallow camper, or a charred black smoky type?

Whichever way your cookie crumbles, there’s always room for s-more.

#3 Churros

A white plate has five churros on top with chocolate sauce and text to the side that says ‘CHURROS’ with a number three below it.

Piping hot from south of the border, practically all of us have memories of chomping down on this deep-fried tube of cinnamon-sugar-topped dough at an amusement park or fair.

These long, golden fingers of dough are crispy on the outside and melt-in-your-mouth fluffy on the inside. Eat them as-is with a dusting of sugar and cinnamon, or dunk them in a cup of melty chocolate, caramel, or vanilla.

The moment you stride within range of a food stall and the smell wafts to your nose, it’s game over for churro lovers. You know what you must do.

Order up a bag with five churros if they’re the small kind and two if they’re the big honkin’ ones. Impatiently take a bite too soon, immediately yelp that they’re too hot, wait approximately 12 seconds, dunk them in the sauce, take a bite again, and say aahhh. That’s the stuff.

We don’t make up the rules, we just follow them.

#2 Cheesecake

Cheesecake. Otherwise known as a light, fluffy cloud of heaven atop a buttery graham cracker crust.

It’s the most unlikely cake made with an ingredient that should, under any other circumstance, not be considered “cake”.

And yet… a package of creamy Philadelphia mixed with sugar is an intoxicating top dessert that defines the state of indulgence. It’s a blank canvas that gives bakers a chance to show off their creativity.

Some are crowned with a tangy berry compote or decadent chocolate drizzle. Some are traditionally elegant with a hint of zest. Others are richer still with peanut butter and caramel.

The possibilities are endless enough to fill a book, as some popular establishments have. 

#1 Apple Pie

On a red Cafe Casino background is a white plate with a slice of apple pie and text that says ‘APPLE PIE’ and the number one on the bottom right.

Come on… you knew apple pie was going to be the best dessert. An age-old saying can’t be wrong: it’s as American as apple pie.

Apple pie is akin to a warm hug on your plate, reminding you of days at Grandma’s house. You inhaled the sweet, sugary aroma of baking apples and dough, and you weren’t allowed to leave until you had at least two slices.

The apple pie experience is folded in a flaky, golden crust that shatters with a satisfying crunch under your teeth. And the inside?

Sweet, tangy apple filling that bubbles and glistens behind your fork.

Plunk a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream on top and switch to a spoon to catch the melty mixture oozing out. Or, order a fresh, steaming slice from your local American diner with a side of drip coffee (by the way we’ve ranked American diner food, too).

Anything else, hon? Yes, I’ll take one to go, please.

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