Love at First Bite: Crafting the Perfect Red Velvet Lava Cake

Love at First Bite: Crafting the Perfect Red Velvet Lava Cake

January, 30, 2024.

By Nicolas Norena

Meet Nicolas Norena, the culinary visionary behind The Succulent Bite®. He’s blended his passion for food and his love for photography into a vibrant social media presence. His work with global food brands and local eateries, showcased to over 2 million followers on TikTok and Instagram (@SucculentBite), brings a world of delicious experiences to life. Known for his positive and exciting reviews, Nicolas believes in ‘A Story in Every Bite,’ creating a space for food lovers to discover and indulge in the best culinary spots.

As Valentine’s Day approached in 2018, my wife (girlfriend at the time) and I decided to celebrate the occasion with a romantic dinner night out in Miami. We chose a popular restaurant which we had visited in the past for the occasion as they served excellent Japanese food (one of our favorite cuisines!). Little did we know that our evening would be defined by a sweet surprise – a red velvet lava cake that would leave an indelible mark on our hearts.

The night was warm and breezy as we strolled hand in hand along to our reservation.

Seated at a cozy corner table, we checked out the menu, our eyes immediately drawn to the dessert section. Intrigued by the promise of a Red Velvet Lava Cake, we decided to indulge our sweet tooth and ordered it to share after we had finished our meal.

A round, red velvet lava cake, with a dollop of cream on top and a dusting of dark chocolate cocoa powder on a white plate.

As the dessert arrived at our table, it was a sight to behold. A perfectly baked red velvet cake, adorned with a dusting of powdered sugar, sat elegantly on a plate. The anticipation built as we cut into the cake, revealing a molten, gooey center that oozed out like a river of sweetness. The rich aroma of cocoa and the velvety texture of the cake were irresistible.

Taking our first bite was a moment of pure bliss. The combination of the moist red velvet cake and the luscious, flowing center created a symphony of flavors that danced on our taste buds. The sweetness was balanced by a subtle hint of cocoa, and we couldn’t help but be amazed by the beauty of the dessert.

As we savored each bite, Valentine’s Day took on a whole new meaning for us. The shared experience of indulging in the red velvet lava cake became a moment frozen in time that we would cherish forever. It was a reminder that sometimes, it’s the simplest and most unexpected pleasures that create the most lasting memories.

Fast forward to the present, and Valentine’s Day 2024 is on the horizon. Inspired by that magical night in Miami, I’ve decided to recreate the red velvet lava cake. I’ve experimented with ingredients and techniques to capture the essence of that unforgettable dessert.

A round, red velvet lava cake, with a piece cut out of it, so the pink center is melting outwards.

The process has been a labor of love, with each attempt bringing me closer to perfection. I’ve tweaked the recipe and adjusted the baking time to create a red velvet lava cake that not only pays homage to the one we enjoyed in South Beach but also adds a personal touch, by dusting it with dark cocoa powder for that double dark chocolate taste.

This Valentine’s Day, my wife and I will once again find ourselves at a candlelit table, reminiscing about that special night in Miami. Only this time, the red velvet lava cake recipe and result will be a creation from my own hands – a symbol of love, effort, and the joy of sharing sweet moments together.

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Red Velvet Lava Cake Recipe

The ingredients for a red velvet lava cake recipe including bowls filled with flour, eggs and chocolate chips.


•  ½ cup all purpose flour
•  3 eggs
•  ½ cup butter (melted)
•  150g dark chocolate chips (melted)
•  1 tbsp vanilla extract
•  1/2 cup granulated sugar
•  1/2 cup whole milk
•  1 1/2 tbsp red food coloring
•  Cocoa powder for dusting
•  Whipped cream or topping


•  Preheat your oven to 350ºF.
•  Mix all of your ingredients in a large bowl using a hand mixer at medium speed until well combined.

A bowl of pink red velvet lava cake batter, dripping off a whisk, on a wooden counter.

•  Use well greased 150ml ramekins with a square of parchment paper and pour batter 3/4 filled.
•  Bake for 15 minutes or until the top is slightly jiggly in the center.
•  Carefully invert it onto a plate, dust with cocoa powder and top with whipped cream.

The three stages of the red velvet lava cake being plated.



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