How to Play Cafe Casino Slots Games

We’ve got lots of slots for you at Cafe Casino

In Vegas, they call them one-armed bandits. At Cafe Casino, we call them easy money – for you!

Casino slots are easily the most popular games in casinos around the world, especially online. With incredibly simple gameplay and betting, slots are accessible to anyone looking for fun and some big wins. Just click, play and collect!

At Cafe Casino, we make slots more fun to play. You can access hundreds of real slots on your phone, tablet or computer. Simply log in, make a deposit and launch your game of choice. Spin the reels knowing that everything you win will be added to your bankroll, which you can withdraw at any time.

Your slot machine knowledge factors into how much fun you can have at the reels. At Cafe Casino, we will introduce you to different types of slots and explain how to play them, along with some pointers about payouts. Then you can hit the reels with confidence and get the best slot experience on the web.

How to play online slots at Café Casino (bet limits, reading pay tables, and winning progressives)

Lights, sound, action! Ready to play casino slots for real money at Cafe Casino? Log-in to your account and deposit money. If you’re a new player, your first deposit can be boosted with our generous Welcome Bonus of up to $1,500. If you use Bitcoin, your Welcome Bonus is up to $2,500. By the way, Bitcoin is the most efficient way to deposit and withdraw.

Once you have your bankroll, simply launch your favorite slot game, and opt for Real Play mode instead of Practice Play. Your balance will appear on the screen and adjust after every round.

The options in our slots section may seem overwhelming at first, but if you use the filters, you can easily navigate through the games that appeal to you the most. You can find the newest slots on the market by using the “Newest Slots” button. Or you can see what everyone else is playing by using the “Most Popular Slots” filter. Other options include Five-Reel Video Slots, Three-Reel Classic Slots, Jackpot Slots and slots that are exclusive to Cafe Casino. Even the choices are winners here!


In three easy steps, you can be playing slots online for real money payouts. These are general directions, so be sure to always read the slot game rules first.

  1. Configure your bets: Select the amount you’re spending per spin. Configure your bet to match. Set the coin value and quantity to bet per line. Some slots don’t use coins, leaving you to set the money amount you want to stake.
  2. Spin the reels: Each spin ends with the icons randomly dispersed across the reels. If you get matching icons lined up on a pay line, you win.
  3. Play bonus features: To help you win more money, most slots feature bonuses like free spins, bonus rounds, multipliers, wilds and more. Read the directions for the bonus and try to milk them for all they’re worth.

Maximum betting is the best way to play the online slots at Cafe Casino – especially when there’s a progressive jackpot in play. Some of our slots allow you to bet a certain number of coins per spin. If you’re playing 5 Times Wins Progressive, for example, you can bet one, two or three coins at a time – but you have to hit the Max Bet button if you want to qualify for the progressive jackpot.

Of course, you don’t always have to be chasing down that progressive if you don’t want to. Most of our slots leave some expected value on the table. We have a Bitcoin Casino slot guide to help you make that choice. We’ll show you how the slots work, how to calculate the probability of winning jackpots, and how to get the most out of your slots experience without hitting the Max Bet button in our best online casino.

Progressive jackpots grow before your eyes (cover the types of progressives we have)

Everyone dreams about winning the lottery. What would you buy? A new home? A boat? A Lamborghini? What color? Lottery odds are astronomical. But we output the odds in your favor with progressive jackpot slot games.

The biggest payouts come from progressive jackpots, so make sure you’ve got them on your radar. They’re an important part of overall casino gameplay strategy, but there’s much to learn about them.

Progressive casino jackpots are most commonly found in slots. Standard casino payouts are a fixed amount – they won’t go any higher or lower than what’s advertised. However, a progressive casino game jackpot at Cafe Casino keeps growing as multiple players put more and more coins into the machine. A small percentage of each coin is added to the jackpot every time the reels spin. The progressive casino jackpot keeps growing until someone finally hits the big payout. The anticipation is wired.

At Cafe Casino, most of the progressive jackpots in our slot games are random. These jackpots are triggered with the use of random number generator technology. At the end of any spin, the jackpot could be triggered, based on a complex set of algorithms, and then added to your bankroll. Unless specified in the game rules, betting minimums are not required with random progressive jackpots, but as a rule of thumb, always read through the rules online before playing for real money.

Play the Cafe Casino slots that offer random progressive jackpots online: Zombies vs. Cheerleaders II, El Luchador, A Night With Cleo, Aztec’s Treasure, Major Moolah, Birds of Fury… there are way more games to discover at

Get reel, get paid

You gamble for fun and relaxation. We never lose sight of that at Cafe Casino. Here, you can win far bigger payouts from a slot machine than you would playing most table games. To understand the value of a game, check the pay table, which has important information such as:

  • Pay for each line of matching icons: The payout amounts listed for the icons are based on a one coin bet. Wager more than one coin per line and multiply the amount shown on the pay table by the number of coins you’ve bet. So, if you bet 5 coins per line, a 250-coin payout grows to 1,250.
  • Pay lines: You can see the pay lines mapped out on the reels by checking the paytable.
  • Bonus feature information: Details about wilds, scatters, bonus rounds, jackpots and more are on the paytable.
  • Return to player percentage: The newest slot games are beginning to include the RTP (an amount you can theoretically expect to win back in the long run) in the game rules.
  • Direction of pay lines: The standard pay line direction is left to right, but some games have multi-directional pay lines, meaning they also go right to left. Certain games also allow the central three reels to be stand-alone pay lines.

The slot reels are the vertical columns that the game icons spin around. The vast majority of our slot games have five reels but some have three.


With five-reel slots, you typically get more bonus features and pay lines. More pay lines come with a higher cost, but it also leads to a faster pace of play. As always, the choice is yours.


Three-reel slots are the simplest way to play. Fewer reels is easier to follow and keep track of pay lines. Most three-reel slots have one, three or nine pay lines.

Unique bonus rounds (Talk about the unique bonus rounds on games like A Night with Cleo)

At Cafe Casino, we offer you lots of ways to earn guaranteed cash – risk-free. It starts with our generous welcome bonus and quick money referral program. And it really gets really interesting with our unique bonuses at the slots.

Many of our slots at Cafe Casino have bonus features that create extra ways to win cash. Aside from their dazzling graphics and fun animations, every slot machine has something unique to offer, and some have more than others. Watch for slots with wilds, scatters, bonus rounds, progressive jackpots, free spins and payout multipliers.

An exotic, adult-oriented example with awesome payouts is A Night With Cleo. Starring the infamous Queen of the Nile, Julius Caesar’s lover, the symbols in this game follow traditional Egyptian themes, with scarabs and gold sphynxes landing on the reels. Free spins can be won along with random jackpots. Plus, you can play the Double Up game with every winning spin for an opportunity to see Cleopatra’s famed striptease with every accurate guess. Try it!

At Cafe Casino, we have online slots for every taste and desire, especially when your desire is winning. From mystery icons that increase wins to free spins, wild symbols and multipliers that boost your chances for wins, playing our slots online could take your winnings into the stratosphere!

We’ve got the slot that fits your game style (fast wins versus big wins, all the cool themes we offer)

We’ve got more than 200 slot games and each one offers something for every player. How do you choose? Start by considering which type you prefer and use the following three best ways to find exactly the right games for you and your friends.


Most online slot selections have a set amount that you can win as the top prize. Other slots, like Shopping Spree, have a progressive jackpot that grows bigger and bigger until someone wins. In the past, our progressive jackpot for Shopping Spree has reached an amazing $2.7 million! Food Fight once offered a tasty feast of $642,000, and Super Diamond Mine player claimed $433,000. Fixed payouts may be easier to win, but progressives are worth chasing once they get big enough. Are you ready to win big at Cafe Casino?


On top of progressives, some slots offer a massive jackpot for their top prize, while others have relatively small jackpots, choosing instead to pay out big prizes during their Bonus Features. If you play Hole In Won at Café Casino, you can bag up to 37,500 coins with the National Mini Golf Championships Bonus Round, but nailing that modest 750-coin jackpot will be easier. Or you could go for the more difficult (and more rewarding) 5,000-coin jackpot in Mystic Wolf.


It’s amazing the kind of video and animation you can get with slot machines these days. However, if you’re willing to play some of the less flashy games, you often get a better return to player (RTP) for your money. Caesar’s Empire is a classic that’s been around since shortly after the fall of the Roman Empire. The graphics are simple compared to some of today’s slots, but the gameplay is satisfying, the theme is eternal, and there’s even a progressive jackpot waiting to be won.

Slots are the first thing most people play when they visit an online casino. They’re fun, exciting and so easy to play and win. That’s why we offer hundreds of games and dozens of ways to win seriously large jackpots. Plus, at Cafe Casino, we’re always open for action. Check us out at