Baccarat: Simple Mobile Game

Why Baccarat is a Simple Mobile Game to Play


Online baccarat may scare you off because you’ve never played it, but once you get a feel for it, you’ll see that it’s actually a pretty simple game. For that reason, it’s a great choice when you’re looking for an online casino game to play on mobile, whether you’re out and about or just hanging at home with your phone in hand.


The good news is, there’s nothing to download at Cafe Casino. Our mobile casino baccarat is available entirely within your mobile web browser. Just fire up your browser of choice on your smartphone. Then, log in to your Cafe Casino account, and head to the table games section. You’ll find baccarat for real money listed with the other casino games. All you have to do is tap it and you’re in!

How to Download and Play Baccarat on Mobile


Ok – let’s cover the basics of mobile casino baccarat and we’ll see just how easy it really is.

The goal of the game is to make a winning bet by picking whether the player or bank will win. Neither one is “you.” Instead, you’re betting on which role will have a winning hand.

In baccarat for real money at Cafe Casino, the winning hand is the one that gets the closest to 9 without going over. Tens and face cards count for zero. The other cards all have their face value, except for ace, which counts for a one in online baccarat. If the total is more than ten, the second digit is the score of the hand.

2 + 7 = 9
2 + Jack = 2
Queen + Queen = 0
7 + 7 = 4

In a given hand of mobile casino baccarat, the player and the bank are both dealt two cards to start. Then the scores are evaluated. There is a third card to be dealt out if neither hand has an 8 or 9, which is considered a natural win. The two can also tie if they both have the same score (and betting on this outcome wins you real money at 9:1 odds.

Whether or not the player and dealer are going to stand or take a third card is based on a predetermined set of rules in online baccarat at Cafe Casino. For example, the player draws a third card with any score from 0 to 5. The player stands at 6 or 7, however.

The banker’s action in online baccarat for real money then depends on the player’s score and banker’s score. The banker always draws with a starting score of 0-2. Then, the drawing situations slowly decrease as the banker’s hand score increases. This guiding principle makes sense – the banker’s rules are to help it compete as much as possible. With a low score, the banker needs to draw to increase the chance of winning. With a higher score, the banker in online baccarat doesn’t need a third card as often to get a win, and so doesn’t draw in as many situations.

How to Play Mobile Baccarat

With this guiding principle in mind for mobile casino baccarat, when the banker has a 3, the banker draws a card unless the player’s third card was an 8. If the banker has a 4, the banker in online baccarat for real money at Cafe Casino will draw, unless the player’s third card was a 0, 1, 8, or 9. As you can see, the number of drawing situations is decreasing as the banker’s score increases. If the banker has a 6, the banker only draws if the player’s third card was a 6 or 7. And with a score of 7 or 9, the dealer is standing.

Walking through some online baccarat example hands can really help here:

If the player is dealt 4 and 5, and the banker gets a 7 and a ten, the player has natural win. The score is 9 to 7.

Let’s say the player has 3 and 2 for a total of 5, and the banker has 9 and 7 for a score of 6 (16 becomes 6). The player will draw. The player gets a seven, changing the score to 2 (5 + 7 = 12, which becomes 2). The drawing table then dictates that the banker will draw as well. The banker gets a 5, bringing the banker’s score to 1 (6+5=11, which becomes 1). The player has just managed to pull off a win.

You did bet on the player that time, right?


In mobile casino baccarat, you have the choice of betting on the player or banker. Betting on the player pays you even money if you win, but the player does not win as often in the long run. The odds slightly favor the banker. Thus, you win more when you are correct, but will be correct a bit less often.

If you’re playing online baccarat for real money, this is a key statistic to know:

The player wins 44.62% of the time.
The banker wins 45.86% of the time.
What happens in the remaining 9.52% of hands? A tie!


“So why not always bet on the banker?”

The reason not to always bet on the banker is that these bets carry a small commission to even things out in the long run. At Cafe Casino online baccarat, bets on the banker carry a 5% commission. You’ll win more often, but win a little less than with your player bets in online baccarat for real money.

Betting on the Banker


At the end of the day, you’re pretty much free to bet as you see fit in mobile casino baccarat. However, if you “smell” a tie coming, you could get a nice 9:1 payout! The odds are long, though.

A classic strategy is to bet on the banker, even with the commission. But with the probabilities so close, there isn’t a hard and fast rule about where to place your wagers. In fact, as with roulette, many players who get into online baccarat for real money are focused on betting systems instead of mobile casino baccarat strategies. These include patterns like the Martingale (double your bet if you lose to recover the loss), Paroli (double after wins until you win three in a row, then go back to your initial amount), and Dalembert (increase by 1 when losing, decrease by 1 when winning).

We’ve got a more straightforward recommendation if you’re not in the mood to geek out and go down the rabbit hole of 17th century European betting systems: have fun! That’s what we’re here for, right? Well, maybe that and making some money. Anyhow, the real money online baccarat tables are open at Cafe Casino. Come give it a shot on mobile!