Happy Lunar New Year! 8 Lucky Slots

Happy Lunar New Year! These 8 Lucky Slots Will Help You Celebrate

January 22, 2023 is the Lunar New Year, or Chinese New Year, which means millions of people around the world will be celebrating.

While every city and province throughout China prepares its own celebration, the festivities are ready to start right here as well, at Cafe Casino. We just need your help placing the symbols up, which will make for fabulous decorations: red lanterns, jade pendants, and golden ingots will adorn the reels. The lucky money is waiting to burst out of red envelopes in a flash of jackpot fireworks. Then, kick back and soak up the sights of the vibrant lion and dragon dances right here when you play these online slots.

Are you ready? Celebrate the Lunar New Year and get into the prosperous spirit with these eight Cafe Casino Chinese slots that just might give you a lucky red envelope, too.


2023 is the Year of the Rabbit, and as you’ll soon discover in this new online slot, you’ll be celebrating the New Year with him. Despite the rabbit’s calm nature, it’s a festive party with tasty tangerines, shiny golden pots and even those lucky red envelopes.

Year of the Rabbit Hot Drop Jackpots is an uplifting slot; as uplifting as the prospect of brand new year. Ten free spins may present themselves when three scatters appear, and the bonus round brings four potential prizes – including a jackpot of 1,000x total bet – when the rabbit Wild pops up at random.

As you gather up free spins and multiplier prizes at this party, you’ll discover that you could even ring in the Lunar New Year with one of three Hot Drop Jackpots, including one that must trigger every hour, every day. Wouldn’t that make for a happy new year, indeed!

2.   CAISHEN’S FORTUNE XLThe logo from Cafe Casino’s slot game called Caishen’s Fortune XL hovers above a small red circular stage, flanked by piles of gold coins. Overhead, red lanterns hang, while in the background, a wall showing traditional Chinese patterns is seen.

Asian-themed slots, specifically those starring the exceptionally generous Caishen, are some of the most popular slot themes to play at Cafe Casino, and this is why.

Caishen is the Chinese god of wealth and good fortune. His devotees, it’s believed, are blessed with riches and fortune, which players of Caishen’s Fortune XL can vouch for firsthand.

Considering the significance of Caishen in the Lunar New Year, and hopefully in your own bank account to boot, it’s no surprise that a slot online like this cracks with joyful fireworks that burst forth from your screen as the five reels spin over three rows. It’s the Caishen way!

Red envelopes, jade pendants, and lucky koi fish help you ring in the Chinese New Year with optimism and grace. When Caishen’s Fortune Free Spins give you a selection of five combinations of free spins and multipliers (your choice!), the fate of the bonus round is in your hands, but Caishen will be there to guide you to your fortune, just as he will throughout the upcoming year!


During the Chinese New Year, you may hear good-hearted friends and family wish you “Gongxi Facai” which means “wish you prosperity and wealth”. That’s what this celebratory time is all about, and that’s the very sentiment you embrace inside the Gongxi Facai slot.

Caishen stands smiling above the slots reels, cheering you on as you pick up three or more Chinese character scatter symbols. Then you’ll come face-to-face with your upcoming year of wealth as Caishen presents you with a choice: five different combinations of free spins and multipliers to play. You have a choice to make!

And if you’ve used crypto gaming in all this, your Gongxi Facai winnings can be enjoyed almost without delay once the transaction gets approved (that’s the beauty of depositing with crypto!).


One of the most magical parts of the Chinese New Year is seeing the iconic Lion Dance Festival in the streets. For anyone who watches the beautiful display of dancing art in the elaborate lion costumes, it is believed they will receive wealth, and the dances will drive any evil spirits away.

In this Chinese slot, you experience the power and the magic of the Lion Dance Festival firsthand with symbols and features that dance to the drum beat and create a mini festive explosion of wins when matching symbols land.

Your fate is largely in your own hands with this game, since you must select the type of free spins and multipliers you’ll receive for the free spins round, as well as the type of an additional prize while you’re there.

You can even enjoy the Lion Dance Festival as a free-to-play game by playing in Practice Mode, so you can experience the vibrant and cultural festivities of the Lunar New Year without spending a dime.

5.   MING LEGENDThe logo from Cafe Casino’s slot game called Ming Legend appears above a small red stage riser, while on either side, large piles of oversized coins fill the floor, as lanterns appear overhead. In the background, a traditional Chinese patterned wall is seen.

The Ming Dynasty from 1368 to 1644 A.D. was known for embracing and growing its international trade, developing new and vital cultural and economic ties with the West. As trade flourished, warriors helped to speed up its expansion, all the while searching for riches to bring home to their people, and in turn ensuring the dynasty continued to prosper.

In the online slot Ming Legend, you live up to the legends with your bravery, toughness, and loyalty. You don the armor and the sword, and follow in the courageous footsteps of one warrior from the Ming Dynasty’s army as he slashes down dragon scatters for up to 30 free spins and tosses you randomly awarded multipliers that return up to 10x your stake.


One of the best parts of celebrating the Lunar New Year is the time you get to spend with family and friends. One of the best ways to do that at Cafe Casino is to refer a friend to make a deposit and play games right alongside you, and that way you get a bonus from us to add to the festivities.

Along with your friends, you can relax under the cherry blossoms inside Da Hong Bao with dragons, gold pendants, firecrackers, and the god of wealth himself, Caishen, blessing your game through the reels.

Caishen is certainly busy being generous in our Cafe Casino online slots, including this one. When you land three Da Hong Bao scatters, it triggers a respin. If you land three more Da Hong Bao symbols on that respin, you are then awarded nine free spins where Caishen Wilds can double your wins.


To folks more familiar with Western culture, the panda bear is seen merely as a sweet jungle creature, seemingly purpose-made for snuggling. While that’s likely the panda impression that most of us enjoy, the panda has extra significance in Chinese culture as the symbol of peace and friendship.

Inside Panda Fortune, the meaning of the panda comes to bear (!) when you encounter him in the jungle among his cuddly animal peers. He’ll make you feel safe and warm in his soft fur, and he’ll give you the chance to win up to 20 slots free spins with animating Wilds that can multiply your wins by up to 4x on a spin.

8.   GOLDEN CHILDRENThe logo from Cafe Casino’s slot game called Golden Children is seen hovering over a small, red circular stage riser, flanked by large piles of gold coins on the floor. While overhead, red lanterns hang in front of a wall decorated in traditional Chinese patterns.

At any festival for the Lunar New Year, you’re sure to see crowds of children dancing and singing into the night, totally absorbed in the moment as the new year makes its grand entrance.

In Golden Children, you also embrace the heart of a child as you spin through 5 reels and 4 rows. Two young ones express delight at your wins by laughing and smiling, while you collect scatters that lead to up to 25 free spins where symbols can stack and two reels can entirely transform into Wilds.

The Year of the Rabbit is upon us in 2023, and these Chinese slots are leaping onto your screen to welcome it in. The festivities are just about to begin at Cafe Casino with the fireworks and traditional symbols of luck ready to explode. Start your celebration right here by spinning through these eight lucky online slots to ring in the Chinese New Year. Good fortune awaits.