5 Sports Slots To Spin Between Plays This NFL Season

Hit Spin on Popular Sports Slots this Super Bowl

The NFL regular season gets underway on Thursday, September 8 as the defending Super Bowl champions, the LA Rams, take on the Buffalo Bills. Now’s the time to get yourself set up for all the action. Grab your jersey, prepare your snacks, find your good luck charms – whatever you need to do to get pumped for another exciting NFL season.

Don’t forget to grab your mobile phone, too, so you can rack up some wins of your own at Cafe. We have five amazing Cafe Casino sports slots that are perfect for between plays this NFL season. Not only between plays but also commercials, booth reviews, end zone theatrics, injuries – just about any break in the game.

Check out these thrilling sports slots to spin on game day now, and potentially earn some cash while you watch!


Gridiron Glory


The NFL season is massively entertaining, full of amazing plays, and jammed with action. It’s also brutal. You try escaping the clutches of eleven guys who average six-feet and 350 lbs, and are committed to grinding you into a fine powder.

Our Gridiron Glory slot definitely packs the same punch, but from the safety of your couch, thankfully. This five-reel, three-line sports slot offers 243 ways to win as the action (including stacked wilds, free spins and hundreds of rewarding play combinations) happens right in front of you on the field.

Listen to the cheering crowd urging you to score big and score often. Every time you do get that W, the cheerleaders shake their Pom Poms over the reels, revealing new symbols and more action. When you catch the football scatter at least 3 times, you get up to 25 free spins with an increasing multiplier. Rush past the regular symbols for some yardage with your fave player who can grow to fill the full reel as an expanding wild.

You need courage and strength to play real football. This NFL slots game asks only for a desire to play and the fortitude to win. No refs, no helmet, no cleats, no pads… just a mobile device, a desktop or tablet – with perhaps some Gatorade on the side ­– to get you playing for as long as you like.

World Cup Football

The only real rival to NFL football is, the other football, soccer. Europeans will be delighted to go on and on and on about how this is the only game deserving of that name. However, it is true that, in terms of audience and revenues, the UEFA Champions League final viewership always beats the Super Bowl hands down. Tomato, tomahto.

If you have never kicked a real soccer ball past a goal keeper into that gigantic net – how hard can it be? It’s 24 feet wide for crying out loud! World Cup Football will bring euphoria and giant prizes into your sports life. No need to fake an injury here.

The tens, jacks, queens, kings, and aces are joined by four of the world’s greatest footballers to put you on the pitch in front of tens of thousands of screaming soccer fanatics and hooligans to play on 4 rows, 5 reels, and 50 paylines. When you stack one of the player symbols on reel 1, you trigger the Give and Go Re-Spins feature, with locked symbols and more chances to win. Watch for the World Cup logo scatters in this online sports slot that can score you 10 free spins!

Most impressive is the World Cup Football prize pot, which can reach 15,000 times your wager. So, pull on your cleats and shoot for soccer glory!

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Zombie FCZombie FC

What if we added zombies to soccer? Everyone loves zombies.

That’s why we think you’re going to love the bizarre distraction that is Zombie FC, featuring the undead helping you spin five reels of action while eating brains. This online slot has gory graphics and non-stop thrills in a crumbling, putrefying stadium filled with dead people only you and that kid from that movie can see.

Weirdly, you’ll feel alive with all the amazing features. When you win a spin, winning symbols splatter away, replaced by new (through still undead) ones. You can also collect up to 25 free spins with escalating multipliers when you hoist three or more trophy scatters, which are sure to send the deceased off the pitch and back into their graves.

You’re going to need weapons and some sharpened, gore-proof boots to take a zombie down and make he, she, it, or whatever, stay there. It’s definitely your slot to play next, with the perfect amount of added excitement for a slow play on any NFL Sunday!

Streetball Star

Americans love basketball, even if the game was invented by a Canadian PE teacher. Like all good Canucks, he’s apologized over and over since 1891. However, this awesome game on the paint is also amazing here at Cafe Casino: it’s Streetball Star.

Whether you’re baller or not, this sports slot online has everything we all love about hoops. The sneakers, the shorts, the hats, the muscle shirts, the dunks, a little trash talk… It’s a 5-reel, 3-row phenom straight out of Brooklyn with fast-paced action amidst the sounds of the city to give authentically extra swagger.

Play B-ball between plays during the games, or on those days and nights you don’t want to break a sweat or an ankle. It’s crazy how many ways there are to score. Matching icons on consecutive reels does it. And you could scoop up some extra cash in the Spray Reels feature and free spins mode. The best feature is the stacked wilds on the reels that layup lots of added wins.

Think you got the stones to go on a winning streak? The court’s all yours, Champ; show us what you got and make it magical or get dissed.

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Whether they’re dropping the puck or the gloves, hockey is the toughest, meanest, sometimes dirtiest game on ice (second only to figure skating). Hockey Enforcers at Cafe Casino is an exciting way to get into the game in slot form. Instead of scoring goals, with this 5×3 online action slot, you could be scoring cold, hard cash!

Free spins, a progressive multiplier, stacked wilds, random wilds, and 243 ways to win are guaranteed to deliver the hard-hitting experience you love without having to watch your back for cross-checks. Some players even say the thrill of each win is more exciting than a successful Hail Mary pass in football!

So, sharpen your skates, tape your stick and join the Hockey Enforcers team on the ice for the coolest, fastest and winningest game around!


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Have fun multi-tasking with football in the background and Cafe Casino online slots in the foreground. You could win enough money to buy tickets for next year’s Super Bowl LVII!