Slots Similar to 777 Deluxe

Slots Similar to 777 Deluxe

There’s no doubt about it: 777 Deluxe has been a mega-hit since the day we introduced it at Cafe. It’s a trip back in time to classic Vegas-style slot machines, with the modern-edge design of fabulous 3D icons, plus a wink and a nod to the history of Sin City.

Why do our players love this online slot? Tradition and massive prizes. Beyond the horseshoes, bells, fruit, 7s, and BARs, our Cafe Casino 777 Deluxe slot pumps up the jam with mystery symbols and an amazing bonus round. Landing three or more question marks can launch a bonus round. That’s when you could trigger the progressive jackpot with prizes that have reached six figures!

Here’s the deal. This game is only one of our super-hot, uber-popular slots online. However, like the announcer says, “but wait, there’s more!”

In fact, there are a number of slot games to rival and complement the popularity of 777 Deluxe, and you’ve got to try them now!

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1.     5 TIMES VEGAS

When you’re craving a game that delivers the feel and experience of playing a real slot machine live, 5 Times Vegas awaits your magic touch. It’s nighttime on the Vegas Strip and you’re feeling lucky. The reels, with their classic cherries, bells, BARS, diamonds, and lucky sevens, are a simple 3×3 grid with three paylines. We’ve replaced the traditional look with vibrant neon – a perfect match against the dark, starry sky background.

Among all our Cafe Casino online slots, 5 Times Vegas offers you a huge variety of wagering amounts. Bet extra small to make the fun last. If you’ve got a hankering for real superstar money, put it all out there and bet huge. On a night that you get really lucky, there’s 2x, 3x, and 5x Wilds that not only have their own paytable, but also could multiple your winline up to 25x! With any single spin, you could pocket a Vegas-sized 2,500 times your total bet too!


Of course, both of these slot games pay tribute to the classic Vegas slot machines. The colors, the fruit, the sounds, and the action, all feel like a night in a live casino. But beyond that, the simplicity of the gameplay gives 5 Times Vegas its initial appeal. After that, like in 777 Deluxe, the paylines are easy to see and understand, and the size of the prizes can reach surprising heights.

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It’s ethereal. It’s eerie. It’s a whirlwind of fun. Harness the power of the elements with the Mystic Elements online slot game. With its five reels, ten paylines, tons of free spins, and magical symbols, this slot features the ultimate progressive jackpot!

Ancient rocks are hiding riches among the original elements of earth, water, fire, and air. The mystical graphics and soothing background music draw you in, while the incredible bonus prizes capture your attention to the possibility of winning a massive payout.

If you love a game filled with intrigue and mystery, it’s time to burn some incense and get comfortable. Land at least three mystery symbols to be transported to the free spins bonus round, where up to 150 spins in total are waiting. Plus, discover the mystical fifth element: light. During this round, five light symbols will bring you to nirvana and the progressive jackpot at Cafe Casino.


When it comes to graphic design, sounds, music and gameplay, Mystic Elements and 777 Deluxe are worlds apart. However, with a progressive jackpot accessed via the bonus round through a mystery symbol, these online slot games are as close to blood brothers as you can get. We’re talking about a jackpot that awards a prize that’s larger than you might imagine and could literally shatter the earth’s core. It’s a long way from 777 Deluxe’s classic Vegas-style to the natural world of Mystic Elements, but a quick trip to colossal wealth when your luck holds out.

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3.     FAFAFA XL

This classic slot game is as basic as it gets. Simple but super engaging, FaFaFa XL at Cafe Casino is bang on for players of all levels. It pays homage to the first slots introduced over a century ago. Unpretentious FaFaFa XL has only 3 reels, 4 different symbols, and one payline. Easy, right?

Well, actually it doesn’t mean the payouts are basic. This is one of our XL Cafe Casino slots that we supersized! You get more extravagant multipliers and therefore bigger paydays than with the original. Our first FaFaFa slot offered prizes of 5 to 100 times your bet, but the XL version turns your win potential up to the max. Now you can win 8 to 188 times your wager!

So, with such simple and quick gameplay, you can have lots of good times building a stack of FaFaFa XL cold coins while admiring the unassuming design and enjoying the traditional music as the moolah rolls in.


Simplicity. Both slots online are designed to offer you simple gameplay so you can focus on strategic wagering. We know that luck plays a major role in slot games but managing your bankroll and learning when to bet big or small are important factors. Both FaFaFa XL and 777 Deluxe deliver that in spades. That means all you have to do is play smart and enjoy!

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4.     SURPRISING 7Everyone loves surprises like free spins and multipliers in Surprising 7s that take your bet into the stratosphere!

If our 777 Deluxe slot is Vegas retro, Surprising 7 is that classic Vegas-style casino slot that earns its name on the daily. With 5 reels and 25 lines, this game is one of several descendants of the more traditional slot machines with their cherries, BARs and, obviously, the number 7.

But – and it’s a big but (note there’s only one “t”) – Surprising 7 offers way more, starting with the free spins and multipliers that can lead to some surprisingly large payouts. Land three or more bonus symbols and go back in time to when the game was a classic 3-reel slot with five free spins. Next, you can earn up to 20 times your bet by landing, guess what? Three sevens in a row.

Nostalgia plays a big role in this classic online slot, from vibrant design to playing style and right down to the spinning reels’ mechanical sound effects. The classic simplicity will remind you of the infamous Las Vegas one-armed bandits. Whether you play from your desktop or on your mobile, your experience doesn’t change a bit. It’s the kind of fun that has no age or limits!


Alright, both games feature the number 7. Cool, but that’s not the deal. Surprising 7 and 777 Deluxe are both throwbacks to the Vegas casinos of the 70s and 80s. Classic symbols, retro graphics, nostalgic music… at CafeCasino, we’ve modernized the gameplay without complicating it, and then upped the prizing to lucrative levels.

5. 777 DELUXE HOT DROP JACKPOTSPlay 777 Deluxe Hot Drop Jackpot now at Cafe Casino!

What the original 777 Deluxe brings, the Hot Drop Jackpot version offers in spades! This one doesn’t have the regular progressive jackpot, but it does come with three other types of jackpots!

Amongst the same bells, bars, cherries and 7s are three 777 Deluxe Hot Drop Jackpots waiting to be won. The daily jackpot must drop every 24 hours, while the hourly jackpot is dropping every 60 minutes. That’s new winners every hour, every day, all the time! There’s also an incredible Epic Jackpot that can drop a huge amount at any time. The prizes all update in real-time inside the game. As you can see, while there’s no original progressive jackpot here, there’s still a lot – and we mean, a lot – up for grabs.

Much like the simplicity of the original game, you just need to land three Jackpot symbols (they look like crowns!) anywhere on the reels to win. Then you’ll be whisked off to the Jackpot Wheel, where you’ll collect the hourly, daily or Epic jackpot prize.


You got us – this one is a bit obvious on our part. So, we can skip what makes them alike this time around. We can say, though, that getting to play for three different jackpots (sometimes at once!), that must drop before a set time that you can see counting down or growing in prize value inside the game, makes this version all the more exciting!