Quiz: A Wayback Machine To Find Your Perfect Decade or Era (Plus, Matching Slots!)

Two animated characters - a knight holding a sword on the left, and a woman wearing a provocative outfit and bunny ears, stand either side of a Vegas-style neon sign that says “What decade/era are you from?”We may be whirling through the times of self-driving cars, a Metaverse, a slew of cryptocurrencies and Uber Eats, but swooshing along at breakneck pace in the present doesn’t prevent us from frequent pangs of nostalgia, yearnings for yesterday and a fascination with the past.

Take Hollywood, for example, and its mountains of cash spent on period-piece blockbusters as hard proof that the past is ever-popular. Perhaps you’ve even imagined yourself on the other side of the screen, ready to let loose just as soon as you’ve changed your clothes.

But where is that? Wrong question: When is that?

Let’s find out! Reach into your back pocket for that unique lens through which you see the world. You tell us at Cafe Casino what floats your daily boat, and we’ll pin down the bygone era that might be just as comfortable – or more so! – as right here and now.

Hit start to unveil your perfect era or decade, as well as the best Cafe Casino online slots that will get you closer to the real thing.


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More About the Jurassic Era | Genesis Island Slot

The Jurassic Era was a time when lush, untouched flora and an abundance of oversized life covered much of the earth. Anyone who can survive in this time of history was no doubt tough, resourceful, and adventurous. Sound like you?

To embrace the fine-tuned, primal instincts of your nature, you’ll want to leap onto the reels of Genesis Island. You’ll join alongside beasts larger than the trees of the jungle, and Mega Reels that are similarly big and domineering.

You may have to dodge dinosaurs and… what are those things? …but among the dangers, there’s a Jurassic-like online slots prize of up to 3,200x your stake if you can make it out alive!

More About the Jazz Age | Reels of Fortune Hot Drop Jackpots

Folks from the Jazz Age knew how to have a good time, swinging their skirts around to the beat of the trumpet.

It was fun, funky, and classic, kind of like Reels of Fortune Hot Drop Jackpots! You’ll be having a roaring good time like they did in the twenties as you spin on your heels through classic symbols. Wild multipliers dance their way over the reels, and a Bonus Wheel feature may appear to grant you a spin for multipliers ranging from 5X-500X.

Since it’s a game with Cafe Casino Hot Drop Jackpots, there are progressive jackpots that must trigger once per 60 minutes, per 24 hours, or by the time it reaches a certain (very high!) dollar amount.


More About the Old West | Lawless Ladies Progressive Slot

You had to be tough to live in the era of the Old West, and you ought to be brave when standing up against your foes. There were plenty of unsavory characters back in that time, with lawlessness and justice but anyone with a strong gang of pals knew they could get through.

In the Lawless Ladies slot, you join the perfect gang of tough chicks in a Wild West town. These gals know how to stick together, and more importantly, how to handle a pistol and a pocket knife.

You’ll be singing praises to this gang for their no-nonsense attitude as they expand as Wilds over the reels, shoot out free spins 10 at a time, and kick down saloon doors in search of the random progressive jackpot. And you will fit right in!

More About Miami Vice and Dynasty | 10 Times Vegas Progressive Slot

When it comes to being suave, cool, and classy, no one does it better than you! Just like James Crocket and Ricardo Tubbs from the smash-hit Miami Vice series in the 1980s, you are sharp, colorful, and stylish, and you thrive in this indulgent lifestyle.

A razzle and dazzle game like 10 Times Vegas is the Vice for you. It’s not too complicated (nor was the 80s!), and all you need is a flashy smile and some nicely placed Wild multipliers to see the best this game has to offer: big paydays including a progressive jackpot!

Plus, since Cafe Casino is also a trusted online crypto casino, you can be the coolest one at the casino when you deposit and play slots online with crypto for as little as $10 per game.



These are the best online slots for the era where you truly belong, and Cafe Casino is the place to be for enjoying slots that are perfectly suited for your time!