Mystic Elements Slot Game Review

Mystic Elements Slot Game Review

Take a deep breath and close your eyes. Think for a moment about nature’s most ancient, mystical building blocks: feel the air in your lungs, the earth beneath your feet, imagine the water coursing through every cell of your body… and embrace the fire in your belly.

Because today, we’re not simply taking you back to nature. We’re bringing you a game that reminds us that we are part of nature; and that we hold all the powers of the elements in our own hands. Particularly in the spinning finger. Introducing Mystic Elements slot at Cafe Casino. It might just be our most mesmerizing and hypnotic game yet; certainly it’s one of the most generous!

You’ll be thrilled to spin towards the glimmering progressive jackpot and summon the powers of the mystical realm. And if the wind doesn’t blow the game’s biggest prize your way on this occasion, the 150 free spins and 3X multipliers will keep your feet planted firmly.

Hear that? You can just make out the trills and chimes of winning symbols landing on a payline. The prize-winning forces of the Cafe Casino Mystic Elements slot surround us – and we’re about to harness them.



How do you win the progressive jackpot?
The progressive jackpot is won inside the free spins round when you land five of the light symbols.

Does Mystic Elements have slots free spins?
Sure does. In fact, you can get up to 150 free spins within the slots bonus round, making it one of our top games to earn free spins. 

Is Mystic Elements eligible to play with the referral bonus?
Yes it is! You could earn a referral bonus once you’ve referred a friend to play at Cafe Casino and they’ve successfully made a deposit. That nice wallet top-up is yours to use with any game, including Mystic Elements.


From the moment you enter the world of the Mystic Elements slot at Cafe Casino, you’re transfixed by the gentle tinkering of piano and the hypnotic sound effects each time you land a win.

And if you’re not captivated by the music entirely, you’ll soon lose your sharpest senses to the graphics. The backdrop shows a night sky full of glistening stars. The slots symbols themselves represent the four elements of the universe: fire, water, earth, and air, which are all glowing within an enclosed orb.

MYSTIC ELEMENTS GAME FORMATA mobile phone sits on a white table surface, showing a screenshot from the Cafe Casino slot game, Mystic Elements. To its left is a white coffee mug with an illustrated wind storm, next to another coffee mug filled with granulated coffee.

The glowing symbols glide into place over 5 reels and 3 rows. You have 10 fixed paylines to land winning combinations, which is on the lower side for modern video slots.

That said, winning lines do pay from both directions as well as the three reels in the middle, which more than makes up for it.

You can bet a minimum of $0.20 and a maximum of $100. With an RTP of 96%, you can expect decent payout potential over time. Aside from the progressive jackpot, the maximum win per spin is a whopping 5,000x your bet.

Most players of Mystic Elements fund their account with gaming crypto. Depositing with crypto lets you transfer USD with ease, and you can also withdraw your balance faster than any other method. Given the number of big winners made from this very game, that’s good news!


It won’t take long before your eyes catch the features and start twinkling as much as the stars and the sound effects. Let’s explore the features further in this Mystic Elements online slot review now.


There are endless possibilities to discover in the ether, and it all starts with the mystery symbol. Appearing as a purple vortex, this symbol whips up and transforms into any other symbol. If the powers of the universe grant you three or more, however, they transform into free spins symbols. Then you are transported to the game’s primary feature, which is the slots free spins round.


When you reach the free spins round, the universe shrouds you in its energy and lights up your path forward.

The number of free spins you get in this online slot depends on the number of free spins or mystery symbols you landed in the base game.

  • 3 free spins or mystery symbols = 10 free spins
  • 4 symbols = 15 free spins
  • 5 symbols = 20 free spins

And, these spins can be retriggered! In fact, they can reach a towering 150 slots free spins. Plus, each win you get during free spins triggers a multiplier of 3x.


We still haven’t reached the pinnacle, and the biggest reason that Mystic Elements is such a captivating force.

With a game this popular, this Cafe Casino progressive jackpot naturally grows to soaring heights. Land five light symbols within the free spins round and that prize is yours.

Unlike most other online slots with jackpots, you don’t necessarily have to place the max bet amount to be eligible. But, considering the game is configured to favor higher bets, an increased bet size means increased chances.

If you thrive on the sound of bells and whistles when a slots jackpot is won, and enjoy hourly chances to win, Cafe Casino Hot Drop Jackpots is your next stop.

IS MYSTIC ELEMENTS SLOT GAME WORTH A SPIN?Four illustrated symbols – earth, air, fire, and water – appear within circles on top of a white table surface, surrounding another circle depicting the galaxy. To the right, a white coffee cup is filled with illustrated green leaves, and slightly appearing in the top right corner of the screen is another coffee cup filled with black coffee.

If you’re the sort of player who memorizes the slots features of all your favorite, go-to games, then you’ve got quite the addition in Mystic Elements. It’s oozing features like a hot donut oozes strawberry jam.

There are oodles of potential within the free spins round alone. Not too many games will offer a generous 150 free spins and multipliers of 3x. Each of those free spins is another chance to win the progressive, and you only need five light symbols to do it.

As you can see from this Mystic Elements slot review, this progressive slot is definitely worth a spin!


The elements are floating peacefully throughout the ether as you prepare your wagers. If you have trust in the universe and reverence for major wins, a game like Mystic Elements from our Cafe Casino online slots will set your soul on fire, before water puts it out. While that little tussle takes place in the background, you’ll be collecting up to 150 free spins with tripled wins… or even the vast progressive slots jackpot itself.