Reign of Gnomes Slot Game Review

Reign of Gnomes Slot Game Review

Considered harmless rascals, gnomes were first introduced by authors during the Renaissance as protectors of buried treasures and precious minerals. Today, they exist as ceramic good luck symbols that watch over suburban gardens. Sweet gig.

The Cafe Casino Reign of Gnomes slot is an all-ways-pays 3D game that tells a captivating story in tribute to gnome royalty. It’s like Game of Thrones in miniature but a lot more PG. The graphics include entertaining depictions of kings, princesses, dragon eggs, and whimsical symbols set against a medieval castle background. The movie-like soundtrack adds suspenseful drama as you wait for the spinning reels to do their thing.

The thrills and excitement come from all the opportunities you get to land bonus payouts in this fantasy setting. (Free spins! Multipliers! Bonus Rounds! And much more!)

Read our Reign of Gnomes slot review to discover why this is a must-spin for every player looking for a magical time and a chance to win some epic money.


Does this game have a progressive jackpot?
No, but the Dragon Free Spins and Golden Wheel Bonus (with wilds, multipliers and spin to wins) are the reasons this online slot is so popular.

 What’s the Golden Wheel Bonus?
Every free spin comes with this bonus that awards a random wild, a 3X, 5X, or 6X multiplier, a spin-to-win round, or a diamond bonus. The diamond bonus is a second screen bonus round!

How do the wild symbols work?
Wild symbols appear on reels 2, 3 and 4, and substitute for other symbols (except scatters) to help create winning lines.

 Can I play Reign of Gnomes slot with Bitcoin?
Absolutely! Simply deposit Bitcoin or your choice of cryptocurrency into your account.

REIGN OF GNOMES GAME THEMEAmazing 3D graphics and a cinematic soundtrack make Reign of Gnomes feel like you’re in a movie… or epic TV show!

Welcome to the 1400s. Times were simpler then. The medieval magic and folklore that ruled the land is the backdrop for this fun, fantasy slot, and it blends seamlessly with the modern high-quality graphics and animations. This 3D game is bright and vibrant, providing an eye-pleasing setting for the reels and rows that are framed like priceless artwork.

The gnomes are royalty, who clearly rule the castle and the reels. They are playful, mysterious, rich, and completely enchanting. Gnomes may seem like an unusual slots theme at first, but their story will inspire your imagination and your gameplay.

Heroic music and cinematic audio effects complete the experience and envelop players in another world.


Reign of Gnomes spins five reels with 243 ways to trigger payouts, and offers betting options from 40¢ to $120 per spin. Simply landing matching icons anywhere on three or more consecutive reels is a win. (The Reign of Gnomes and King with Queen symbols win with just two!) With eleven standard symbols and a slots RTP (return-to-player) of 96%, Reign of Gnomes is a great slot game that’s playable for hours.

Wilds pop up to help you land extra payouts as they substitute for other symbols. Scatters can trigger free spins that include a special Golden Wheel Bonus at the start of every free game.

As always at Cafe Casino, the interface is really easy to use and works perfectly on any device from your home desktop to your mobile.

REIGN OF GNOMES GAME FEATURESEasy to play, easy to win, easy to love! That’s Reign of Gnomes slot game at Cafe Casino!

Even without a progressive jackpot, the easy gameplay of this Cafe Casino online slot makes it well worth your time. Plus, the excellent features give Reign of Gnomes its appeal for players looking for adventure with big prizes.

Many slots have wilds on their reels. But when Reign of Gnomes drops a wild symbol on the second, third and fourth reels, you’ve got yourself substitutes for other symbols (not including scatters) that put you on the path to creating winning lines.

Three or more scatter symbols (the colorful Dragon egg) triggers 5 free spins with an added payout. Four gets you 10 free spins and five brings in 20, each with extra payout for the matching icons. No big deal? Read on… Every Dragon free spin comes with a Golden Wheel Bonus to increase your chances of a large win.


At the start of each slots free spin, the Golden Wheel Bonus will initiate. That opens to door to some amazing prizes, such as:

Random wilds
3X multiplier
5X multiplier
6X multiplier
Spin To Win bonus round
Ice Diamonds bonus round


This slots bonus round will issue a special set of free spins that continue until you land any win. For each non-winning spin, the multiplier, which starts at 1x, will increase. When you finally get a win, the win is multiplied by the current multiplier!


In a second screen bonus round, you will be presented 15 colored stones, behind 8 of which are hidden diamonds! You get to select stones until you have collected all 8 diamonds, or selected two stones. There’s up to five levels of awards to uncover!

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On your desktop or mobile, this game’s got game! Try Reign of Gnomes today!

Most definitely. It’s a refreshing spin (if you’ll pardon the pun) over many online slots of this ilk. The basic wins are guaranteed to make your day, but once you make it to the secondary bonus games, the prizes mount to well beyond gnomic proportions.

With its entertaining attitude, fun graphics and oddball characters showing up with every spin, Reign of Gnomes slot at Cafe Casino is a must-play game. You’re going to love the gnomes’ animated celebrations and dancing when you land a win! This is a wholly enjoyable slot online that will keep you invested for hours of fun.


Take a break from the real world and travel back about 600 years to discover the magic of the times. If you like pixies, elves, fairies, leprechauns and winning money, play the Reign of Gnomes slot. It’s refreshing, imaginative, dramatic, generous, and may just become your new favorite game.

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