Are You Choosing These Top Slots Themes?

Are You Choosing These Top Slots Themes?

We live in a world of choices. And every day we have to make some that affect our lives. Casual or business? Right or left? Bacon or not? (Yes to bacon, always.) And most of the time our choices are the same because even boring habits are hard to break. So we tend to do the same things day in and day out because there’s comfort in the familiar. Even though we live in a world of choices.

If you find yourself playing the same slots online every day, you might want to ask yourself: Why do you play the games you play? Why don’t you play the games you don’t play? Of course, if you are constantly winning, you’re going to stick with those. But what if you’re missing out on some of the greatest slots in the history of the universe?

With more than 120 Cafe Casino online slots, we can help you expand your universe, and choose something new. One of the easiest ways to choose a new game is by its theme (which is defined by the graphics, soundtrack, storylines, jackpots and gameplay). 

Our guide for the top slots themes will help you step outside the box – and then cut it up for recycling. Of course, it’s your choice.

VEGAS THEMED SLOTIf you haven’t played these Vegas themed slots yet, we have to wonder what’s stopping you? 10 Times Vegas is waiting!

Let’s start at the beginning. Las Vegas was built on slot machines. The so-called one-armed bandits are everywhere in Sin City, starting at the airport. Online slot games with a Vegas theme are like McDonald’s – you know what you’re getting and you know you’ll enjoy it (as long as the fries are hot, amiright?). Las Vegas theme slots bring neon lights, flashes, bells, dazzling graphics, show music, and are among our top Cafe games. These are just a couple of our best:


The look is 100% electric. Spin the BARs, pink sevens, red hearts, blue horseshoes, fruit symbols, and dollar signs, and look for wilds that can trigger multipliers by up to 100X. There’s a jackpot spin that could lead you to a progressive jackpot, too! Save yourself a trip in the flying sardine can, avoid the clammy tourists, and visit Vegas on your home computer or mobile device. 10 Times Vegas is everything its name implies and a whole lot more.


Your desktop or mobile device becomes a Las Vegas casino with 777 Deluxe, including all the classic bells, fruit, 7s, and BARs, plus additional mystery symbols that lead to the bonus round. Land three golden 7s and take home a massive progressive jackpot – which regularly reaches 6-figures!

All you need to spin the reels into gold is good timing, good luck and good vibes. Unpredictable and uncommonly thrilling, 777 Deluxe is a high roller anytime, anywhere.

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ACTION THEMED SLOTRoaring paydays are right this way. Try our Cafe Casino action-themed slots now.

If you’re a fan of action movies and gambling, you’ll probably enjoy slot games that deliver a thrilling, chilling, and adrenaline-pumping theme. These Cafe Casino popular slots seem like they’ve been mainlining caffeine. The sights and sounds are big, loud, fast and in your face, captivating your attention for hours of twists, turns and spinning reels. We love our action theme slots because they appeal to the ravenous animal in all who hungers for the big wins. Try these out and satisfy your taste for excitement:


This is not your standard sea, sun and sand vacation. This is the jungle and its beauty is ominous because it’s ruled by the tyrannosaurus rex, Godzilla, King Kong, plus flying monsters hungering for your body and soul. The wild volcano symbols are keys to winning combinations, and the Primal Wild Feature has the secret to stacked wilds. Escape the sharp teeth and claws of the island’s residents and you could multiply your winnings by up to 3,200 times your wager. Worth the risk? Thrill seekers only.


Zeus is furious. He must spend his massive wealth, including random progressive jackpot, on us mere mortals (tax problems?). Now’s your chance to join him on Mount Olympus with the Fury of Zeus slot game – a majestic 5-reel, 3-row, 20-payline tribute to the enormous riches of the ruling immortals.

Set the scene. Slip into your toga sweats. Spin the almighty’s royal Greek-style symbols. The golden wilds can grant rewards worthy of the gods and trigger miraculous free spins! You could grow your stake by up to 2500X, which is when you take your rightful place at Zeus’s side.


Animals play a major role here at Cafe Casino, and we’re talking all kinds of non-human creatures, from dogs to lions and buffalos to pandas… to creatures we just made up. The attraction of working with animals is that they don’t talk back, they’re not unionized, and they’re just so damn cute! (Who’s a good boy?!)

Animals in online slots set an atmosphere that all types of players can love, and our designers enjoy creating fun characters, like magical reindeer and fish who are also mobsters (could happen). Animal theme slot games are all about graphic possibilities and sheer fantasy. See if you can house-train these beasts from this popular slots theme:


The magnificent plains buffalo is an imposing, multi-ton beast hunted to near extinction. Our more eco-friendly Golden Buffalo is a six-reel, four-line slot. Go on a non-lethal hunt from your desktop or mobile device and bring down a bounty that can add up to a massive fortune.

Golden Buffalo gives you more than 4,000 opportunities to win and free games include a shot at wild multipliers that could multiply your wager by up to 3,125X. We call that grazing in the golden grass.


Pandas are adorable even when they smell like wet bamboo! Panda Pursuit: Royal Edition is loveable and smells like cold, hard cash! Spin the 5 reels, 4 rows and 1,024 paylines seeking letter and number symbols, plus monkeys, turtles, fish and, naturally, our giant panda hero with a giant bankroll.

This is a fun game with wild bamboo flowers substituting for other symbols, plus red and gold scroll map scatters delivering free spins, multipliers, and payouts suited for big panda royalty! If ever there was a huggable slot, this is the one.

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ADULT THEMED SLOTSDon’t look now, but Cleo has her eye on you in this adult themed slot at Cafe.

Sex sells. At Cafe Casino, sex also wins! To be honest, the sex theme is kind of a no-brainer for designing online slots. There’s so much material to work with and it’s all very easy on the eyes. From enchanted beauties like Bess & Becky to Manga warrior princesses in Bulletproof Babes, and from the hot-rod gals of Fast & Sexy to the steamy encounters in Forbidden Slot, you can find many adult themes to titillate your naughty side while engorging your account with hard-won cash. Put on some romantic music, open up a bottle of wine, and peel some grapes before putting your hands all over these slots:


Desired by powerful men all across the Roman Empire, counting Julius Caesar and Marc Antony (not the singer) among her lovers, the Queen of the Nile was the most beautiful pharaoh to rule ancient Egypt. An epic love story that ended with Cleopatra’s dangerous gamble is now an erotic Cafe slot game with much happier endings.

A Night with Cleo takes place in Cleopatra’s private chambers on a 5-reel, 20-line slot. The Pick Me Double Up feature can double your winnings and encourage Cleo to begin her seduction by revealing her royal assets and smothering you in cash. Think you got the moves?


If you think you can handle real cowgirl action (settle down), then let’s get it on. Lawless Ladies is constant fun and excitement with free spins, expanding wilds, and a progressive jackpot that prematurely erupts totally at random. The graphics feature amazing caricature artwork in a playful wild west locale starring five pistol-packing mamas with a fondness for crime. Their feminine wiles are all the ammunition they need to conquer this one-saloon town filled with grizzled and randy old cowpokes.

Lawless Ladies is a fun, adult romp with fabulous eye candy to match its bountiful prizes. Immerse yourself in the spaghetti-western-style music and discover a time when men were men and ladies were downright dangerous.

If we haven’t covered your favorite slot machine theme, there are lots more to discover on We’ve got sports slots, Irish slots, classic slots, fruit-machine slots, fantasy slots, wild west slots, gem slots, pirate slots, horror slots, sci-fi slots… and each theme contains many slot choices to suit your style, your desires, your moods, and your own sense of adventure. Our slot world is yours to uncover!

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