Candy Slots to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Candy Slots to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Here’s a sweet surprise: June is National Candy Month. Bet you didn’t taste that one coming. In 1974, the inaugural National Candy Month sweetened calendars, launched by the NCA to raise confectionery industry awareness. Well, it’s safe to say their efforts were a sweet success. At Cafe Casino, awareness is fully baked, and the tradition continues with these Cafe Casino candy-themed slots.

Thanks to the month-long holiday, June is an excuse for you to indulge. We suggest making a bakery’s worth of decadent treats at home and playing with these candy-themed slots. You can take your pick from mouthwatering features like layered-cake Wilds, stacked pasty symbols, and clusters of candy wins.

Grab your baking gear and sugar-rush to the reels to see what’s sweet. 

Sugar Cookies & Sugar Smash

Two cute characters stare lovingly at a stack of sugar cookies and words that say ‘Sugar Smash’ in the middle and it’s all over a light purple background.

With their crisp edges softening into a buttery, tender center, and hopefully smothered in luscious frosting, sugar cookies are as delightful to look at as they are to eat.

If it’s a combination of beauty and sweets you’re craving, look no further than the Sugar Smash slot. This candy adventure unfolds on a pristine, dream-like backdrop where the grid spaces are crispy chocolate cookies covered in gummies, jellies, and lollipops. We’ll take them all, please.

As you roll and knead the dough for your sugar cookies at home, the story inside Sugar Smash takes on a similarly enticing shape. Two candy-adoring hosts take you through four unique bonus lands, each with a new cookie grid and unique features sprinkled in like stacked Wilds, extra Wilds, and 3x multipliers.

With such a rush of smashing features, it’s no surprise this game is one of our most popular slots.

Chocolate-dipped Strawberries & Sweet Fruits

Fruit is nature’s candy, and in the Sweet Fruits slot, you get your fill of both on a tropical island featuring symbols of juicy cherries, ripe bananas, plump plums, succulent grapes, and zesty oranges. The only thing missing from the fruit-ripened reels is a vat of melted chocolate for dipping, but you can fix that right up at home when you whip up a plate of luscious chocolate-dipped strawberries. 

Toss some creamy milk chocolate in the microwave – easy style – and dunk your succulent strawberries into the silky bowl. They’ll take a few minutes to dry, so in the meantime, coat your attention over the beachy slot and collect stacked 7 symbols and refreshing expanding Wild coconut drinks.

While you’re still in the mood, dip your toes into a bit of crypto, too. When you play via Bitcoin gaming, you get sweeter and juicier bonuses plus paydays within 15 minutes or less after we flash the “hang loose” shaka of approval on your request.

Double-dipped Cake Pops & Sugarpop Double-dipped

There are double-dipped cake pops with sprinkles on the left-hand side and on the right is text that says ‘Sugar Pop Double-dipped”, and it’s all on a light purple background

Don’t wash your hands just yet, because we’re doubling back for another dip-worthy dessert with cake pops. Start by baking a cake mix, then crumble it up and mix it with rich, creamy frosting. Roll this delicious dough into bite-sized balls, freeze them, and dip them in silky milk chocolate. Let them set, then dip them again in pearly white chocolate for the ultimate decadence.

Now, grab your gaming device and try the Sugarpop Double-dipped slot to snap yourself out of the sugar coma. Or rather, plummet back in. This decadent creation has 7 reels and 7 rows worth of candy that pay in clusters of four or more, plus explosions of prize-flavored spins when the candy bomb blows up with multipliers.  

Yellow Cupcakes with Sprinkles & Candy Carnival

What happens when you combine fluffy, layered cakes, double-scooped ice cream cones, and sprinkle-studded donuts? We won’t candy-coat it – you get a mouthwatering max win of up to 5,000x your bet, that’s what. All of those delectable treats are found within the 6×4 Candy Carnival slot. As one of our player-favorite candy slots, this game best indulges a homemade, moist yellow cupcake piled high with a generous swirl of rich, velvety chocolate frosting. 

Then it’s a bite for a win as you spin your way through the pastry-filled carnival with expanding and walking Wilds and up to 50 re-triggerable free spins. To get a better taste, check out our Candy Carnival slot review to devour all the details.

Marshmallow Pops & Super Sweets

In the Super Sweets slot, your game screen transforms into a whimsical candy factory, churning out more than just wrapped candies, mints, and chocolates. Re-spins ooze as puddles of sweet n’ sticky pink goop stick on the reels as your Wild, triggering one re-spin for each one that lands. 

If you have a skewer stick handy, dip it into a fluffy marshmallow and then plunge it into a velvety pool of melted chocolate. Roll the whole thing in colored sprinkles, and you’ve got yourself a sweet marshmallow pop to savor while winning free spins and sticky Wilds.

Make sure you grab an extra bag of marshmallows because you’ll need them when you refer a friend to Cafe Casino. We’ll sprinkle in a cash referral bonus for each friend who signs up.

Candy-Coated Chocolates & Candy Factory

On a light purple background we have text that says ‘Candy Factory’ on the left and an assortment of chocolates and candies displayed on the right.

For the best-candy-coated chocolates, you’ll need an assortment of eye-popping colors and tongue-tingling flavors. Instead of jotting down a grocery list, consult with the Candy Factory slot – they’ve got all your candy needs displayed on a vertical grid of 5 reels and 7 rows. 

In your kitchen, select your favorite candies, melt them down into a coating, and dip chunks of chocolate into this colorful candy bath. Lay them out to dry, creating a crunchy outer shell. Meanwhile, spin the reels in the Candy Factory slot to whip up free spins with three unique modes featuring multipliers, extra spins, and a delectable combo of both.

Amidst the gumdrops and gummy bears, don’t forget to save some space in your candy jar for Hot Drop Jackpots. These sweet games offer jackpots that must drop every hour, which is a fantastic way to coat your bank balance in a fresh, hourly win.

Now that June is here, we’re all shouting for seven really good reasons, all listed right here as candy-themed slots. Take your pick of cakes, candies, and sweets from within your kitchen, and always coat your gaming session in the sugar of jackpot prizes.