Tiki Tower Slot Game Review

Tiki Tower Slot Game Review

For the indigenous peoples of New Zealand, Tiki towers represent the creation of the first man. There are many legends behind the belief; one says, for example, that Tane, the god of forests and birds, created him and named him Tiki. Tiki then formed the first human by mixing his blood with clay.

In the Cafe Casino Tiki Tower slot, we have a different take on the legend, with a lot less blood and a lot more creation. Our version says that the tiki of this game was conceived by the collective power of players, and formed with the clay of many big wins.

After reading this Tiki Tower slot review, you can be part of that legend. You can experience firsthand the rise of paydays from the beginning of time, starting with two extraordinary base game features – one of which can expand the game to 8 rows and 80 paylines! – and ending with a bonus round of free spins.

The legend is about to be written… join us in this online slot to play your key role in human history.


How do the expanding rows work?
The rows expand through the Stage Play feature, which can add up to five rows when you land scatters on the correct reels.

Can you play this game via Bitcoin gambling?
Yes! Bitcoin gambling, aka depositing and withdrawing in crypto, is the most popular way to transfer USD to fund your account, because it’s the fastest and most secure – and offers the biggest benefits and rewards.

What’s the maximum win available?
You can win a maximum of 3,000x your stake.


When it comes to an atmospheric game, the Tiki Tower slot at Cafe Casino is up there (quite literally!) with the best.

This online slot takes place in a jungle bathed in shades of emerald and deep turquoise. A tribal drum beat, accompanied by the hypnotic sound of human chanting, sends shivers down your spine, but you’re not deterred.

Your symbols – turtles, crabs, salamanders, manta rays, starfish, and seashells – flow down like rain into a pond, before they’re sucked out of their spaces and sent sprawling over the reels in a curling wave of water each time you win. You’d have to see its magic to believe it.

TIKI TOWER GAME FORMATAtop a copper table surface is a straw hat with sunglasses sitting on a fern leaf in the left bottom corner, while off to the right is a whole coconut. Scattered are two animated game symbols a gem and a blue starfish, from the cafe Casino slot game - Tiki Tower, and in the middle, reads the text “Game Format”.

When you play Tiki Tower slot, you’ll quickly realize that it has one of the most interesting game setups out there. It’s a video slot that looks something like a tiki itself, reaching high and rectangular. This is unique.

You start out with 5 reels and 3 rows, and multiple more rows which are visible above them but faded out. As you play and unlock features, the rows can expand from 3 to 8, along with the paylines which go from 30 to 80.

To play, you need only a minimum bet of $0.40, and can wager all the way up to the maximum bet of $40.00.

All in all with this slot online, you can win a max of 3,000x your stake!

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The slots features of Tiki Tower are really what make the game unique, from your basic Wild to an interesting Scatter to more elaborate expanding reels and paylines.


A blue spiral represents your Wild. Like in most online slots, it can substitute for any other regular symbol to help you form a win.


The scatter symbols are any of the four tiki towers in play. They can land on reels 2, 3, and 4, which also happens to be the trigger for most of the game’s major features.


With three tiki scatters on reels 2, 3, and 4, any tiki towers that appear will all transform into a random matching symbol, making it easier to form wins across the paylines.


More importantly, when three tiki tower scatters appear on reels 2, 3, and 4, your slots payout potential grows upward.

Such a combination of scatters adds up to 5 more rows to the grid, essentially revealing the upper part of the game screen that was previously faded out. This results in a total of 8 rows. With each new row, you also get 10 more paylines, which can ultimately reach up to 80.


If Tiki has spoken and reached his full potential of 8 rows, then appears again as scatters on reels 2, 3, and 4, the legend of your own wins is written in history with 7 slots free spins. Just one more tiki tower on any of the middle reels will grant you one more free spin.

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IS TIKI TOWER SLOT GAME WORTH A SPIN?On top of a copper table surface sits a bowl, with a milk and ice drink peeking out from the bottom of the image. Featured prominently across the middle are three slot symbols from the Cafe Casino slot game, Tiki Tower, including a red crab, a yellow lizard, and a purple stingray.

Of our many Cafe Casino online slots, Tiki Tower has practically everything you could want in a game. It has an irresistible theme that makes the rest of the world fade away. It’s got the right amount of features in the base game that combine graphics and wins. And it offers an ideal combination of interesting bonuses without being too complex.

So, YES! This is a slot that’s worth every second on the reels!

Plus, since you’re already surrounded by jungle, you could even try making Jungle Jam donuts as a snack before your next game session and tie it all together.


The forest is deep and secluded and the sound of the drums beckons. It’s the sound of creation; of man’s beginning when Tiki was first formed. The courageous of heart, through expanding rows and paylines, will charge forward in time towards the final beat of your biggest win yet. With this newfound knowledge, courtesy of this Tiki Towers online slot review, you can write your own legends as you create a tower of wealth at Cafe Casino.