Recapping Our Top 2022 Slots

Recapping Our Top 2022 Slots, And The Slots To See In ‘23

Plink plink plink. If we could have everyone’s attention, please, Cafe Casino would like to make a toast.

2022 has been an incredible year when it comes to Cafe Casino online slots. We’ve watched as new jackpot games have burst forth and made our players swoon, and as certain slots themes instantly endeared themselves to new and current players alike.

With 2023 just around the corner, Cafe Casino would like to slow down for just a moment to acknowledge all the biggest hitters from 2022. These games were a smash hit all year long, and they’re sure to be dishing out just as many wins in the new year to come, too.

Which of these games will you celebrate when the clock strikes midnight and tips us into the new year? Join us for a recap of the best online slots 2022 had to offer, and the ones to carry you over into 2023.


HOT DROP JACKPOTSA large logo featuring Cafe Casino’s Hot Drop Jackpots is positioned in the center of the image, surrounded by floating gold coins, set against a blue-tinged background with bright lights.

2022 was a year to remember at Cafe Casino, and not only because of the record number of big winners we had. This was the year that we introduced the incredible Cafe Casino Hot Drop Jackpots.

Not familiar to you? Quick, catch up! Hot Drop Jackpots are slot games with three must drop jackpots which trigger once an hour, once every 24 hours, and one that can drop at any time and award huge amounts.

Players are going totally cuckoo for these thrilling games because a new winner is announced every single hour, which increases the chances for everyone.

You can play Hot Drop Jackpots in Cafe Casino classics like A Night With Cleo and Golden Buffalo, or you can try your luck with new games like Lady’s Lucky Charms and American Jet Set.

Before you play, be sure to brush up on our must-read facts about Hot Drop Jackpots, then dive right in when the clock strikes midnight for some added New Year thrills.


This year had its share of entertainment for the masses, that’s for sure. With fantasy-themed online slots at Cafe, you got to experience fantasy worlds right alongside your favorite TV shows and movies, not to mention that much-needed break you got from all the hectic holiday action.

In Wynloch Keep, you took some personal time to become a travel-wary warrior who stormed a castle to claim four different jackpot chests paying up to 2,500x your bet. And this game’s for keeps, because those jackpots are still available to conquer in 2023.

Reign of Gnomes put you in the sturdy boots of Daemon Targaryen in the form of a gnome, as you guarded your castle’s Golden Wheel bonus while watching the debut season of House of the Dragon. 2023 is set to keep the story alive with fantasy slots before the second season of George R. R. Martin’s hit GOT prequel comes out in 2024.

CLASSIC SLOTSThe 777 Deluxe logo from the Cafe Casino slot game is featured in the center of the image, surrounded by hovering gold coins, and sitting beside a frosty soda drink.

Of all the types of slot machines out there, some will simply never lose their appeal, thanks to a timeless offering of symbols and reels.

Classic slots with fruits, bells, 7s, and bars have been stealing our hearts since slot machines first burst onto the scene. Perhaps you discovered some of these timeless beauties yourself in 2022.

And because classics never fade from view, 2023 is just one more year to further cement the place of the classics on our permanent list of go-to games.

With a game like 777 Deluxe in town, your new year will kick off feeling just like the good old days as you eat up the fruit symbols and watch in anticipation for whatever reward the mystery symbol reveals.

If the style of classic 7s has you hooked, then Surprising 7 could give you another happy surprise with an old-school swanky feel and 7 free spins with multipliers of 7x your bet.


Speaking of the classics. 2022 was the first time Cafe Casino introduced an arcade game called Thundercrash. We knew it would be popular, but no one could have anticipated just how much!

Thundercrash is an arcade-style game that puts you in the cockpit of a spaceship flying through the galaxy, picking up multipliers along its warp-speed way. But look out – you have to cash out before you crash if you want to win. Its $100,000 max payout will surely help keep this game atop our casino 2023 most popular lists too.

In Reels and Wheels XL, your feet remain solidly on terra firma, but not without twirling around in circles with a slots bonus wheel and a special jackpot wheel that hosts five progressive jackpots. Five!

These old-school, arcade-style games go great with modern crypto gambling. Using crypto for your transactions makes it that much easier to play on a whim, with more convenient deposits and faster withdrawals!


While the months were passing us by one by one, sports fans of all stripes were decking out house parties and filling stadiums for some of the world’s biggest sporting events.

For those who watch the NFL closely, we’ve seen the Philadelphia Eagles dominate all year as the top-winning team in 2022, with Jalen Hurts both running and throwing for touchdowns at the same time you were scoring 15 free spins inside the football-themed Gridiron Glory. The season isn’t over yet, so you’ll definitely revisit the reel-field again in 2023!

Or, maybe you’ve always been more of a soccer fan. While the World Cup won’t be back on your TV screen for another four years, you can relive the drama and action in World Cup Football slot game, with its free spins and re-spins, all throughout 2023.

ADULT-THEMED SLOTSA 3D-animated girl in her twenties is featured in the center of the image, wearing edgy clothing, and bending forward slightly with one hand held up to her eye in a peace gesture. Floating in the air are gold coins, while a champagne glass is seen in the background.

For anyone who didn’t mind getting a little risqué in 2022 with some adult-themed games, Fast & Sexy was always around to trigger your interest with racing sports cars, scantily clad women, and a free spins round with doubled wins.

Casino 2023 games are expected to be just as fast and sexy as the past year, and will be ready to fire you up all over again.

In the same vein, Cleo is always happy to accept another guest into her private chambers for a double-or-nothing guessing game in A Night With Cleo (also with a Hot Drop Jackpot version!), but only if you arrive ready for anything.

You can even take advantage of the Cafe Casino referral bonus to have a friend roam sultry Cleo’s temple grounds with you, and we’ll give you a bonus just to say thanks, before Cleo says it in her unique way.

Our slots online are already fired up for 2023, and the jackpots are poised above us, threatening to drop even as we speak. Whether you’re playing to escape the daily grind or hoping to start the new year with a little me-time and some extra cash, these are the best online slots 2022 offered up, and the greatest games going into 2023, so stop in at Cafe to have the happiest new year you can!