Relax and Refresh with These Slots to Play in January

A cake and its accompanying white cake stand sit on a wooden bench in front of a wall clad in crisp white subway tiles. Either side of the cake stand are stacks of coins, surrounded by oversized hovering coins. A small sign beside the cake reads “Best Slots”.

The holidays are always a whirlwind with decorations, gifts, and parties, so when January finally settles in, it’s a wonderful opportunity to relax a bit and play online slots.

Since we know you’ll be totally beat from all that running around in November and December, this January we’ve decided to make the decision-making easy for you with our list of the best Cafe Casino slots to play in January.

You can collapse right onto your favorite recliner and spin through must drop jackpots, mystical creatures, ancient traditions, and eyebrow-raising adult themes. This precious you-time is so well deserved after such a busy holiday season, so don’t be afraid to kick back and let Cafe Casino serve you up some R&R!


American Jet Set Hot Drop JackpotsCafe Casino Hot Drop Jackpots logo hovers above a kitchen cabinet flanked on either side by coin stacks, surrounded by oversized gold coins floating around it. A white subway-tiled wall is seen in the background.

Everyone, just about, likes to travel, but most people have yet to have the experience to travel in the way of the world’s jet setters; that is, in private, first-class luxury from takeoff to the party that follows.

In American Jet Set Hot Drop Jackpots, the life of the rich, famous, and oh-so-stylish is within arm’s reach. You start your journey on a jet plane which flies you into a dusky, painted sky, to then drop you off at an exclusive slots party.

A glass of champagne, a red sports car, a designer handbag, and a gold watch can be found within the reels. As long as you’re dressed up and look the part, you may be offered a Bonus Wheel with multipliers reaching up to 500x, or 12 free spins with multipliers reaching up to 10x.

As you mingle with the crowd, a butler may pass by with a few crown symbols on his tray. If he does, swipe those up, and fast! A special Hot Drop Jackpot wheel will appear, and you will win one of three must drop jackpots that are required to trigger once every hour, once each day, or by the time it reaches a predetermined dollar amount.

Reels of Fortune Hot Drop Jackpots

Once you’ve experienced the high-life in American Jet Set, you might want to keep that glitz and glamour going with the golden Reels of Fortune Hot Drop Jackpots.

This is a classic slots game, comprising just 3 reels and 1 payline on a retro one-armed bandit, but which boasts modern-day wins that the Vegas of yesteryear likely never saw.

Aside from the sparkling blue diamond Wilds that can multiply your wins by up to 5x, there’s a bonus wheel that lets you spin for multipliers that can reach up to 500x. It’s not hard to get to the wheel, either, since all it takes is one gold-etched Bonus symbol to land on reel 3.

Making this sophisticated classic even better still is the addition of three Cafe Casino Hot Drop Jackpots, one of which triggers as often as every hour.


Mythic Wolf

Surely you’ve heard the legends of the wolf that howls into the moon? The story goes like this: the moon fell in love with the spirit of the wolf, and in a fit of passion, she stole his shadow so she could have him forever. Desperate to get his shadow back, the wolf howls at the moon to beg her to return his shadow!

In Mythic Wolf, you are living inside the legend. You watch with bated breath as the wolf howls into the moon, demanding his shadow be rightfully returned, but instead, you are awarded slots multipliers of 5x when the wolf leaps onto your reels and helps you form a win.

Those multiplied wins are only the beginning, however, since this wolf awards multipliers of 10x when he finds his way into your free spins round, and then maybe the moon will finally listen!

Tiki TowerThe Tiki Tower slot game logo from Cafe Casino hovers above a kitchen cabinet flanked either side by coin stacks, surrounded by hovering oversized gold coins, while a white subway-tiled wall is seen in the background.

Real-life tiki towers come from ancient Polynesian culture, and also made their way to the Hawaiian mainland. The tall, skyscraping structures are meant to symbolize a half-man, half-god character who created the humble human beings that fashioned them.

In the Tiki Tower slot, these ancient statues still symbolize creation as they create major wins for the players who approach them, but it isn’t humans this time – their creation is wealth.

The extravagant game starts off with 5 reels and 3 rows, but with your help, it can expand to up to 8 rows. You can add rows first by landing a Tiki Tower scatter on reels 2, 3, and 4 which can expand the game up to eight rows and 80 paylines, plus enjoy a series of free spins as it grows.

In the spirit of growing grander together, you could also invite a buddy to play on their own PC or mobile, and you can take advantage of the Cafe Casino refer a friend bonus. Easy money, that’s for sure!


Luxe 555

Who wouldn’t appreciate a personal invitation to the VIP room at the local casino? If you’re already shouting “sign me up!”, then you’re in luck: Luxe 555 offers that members-only feeling inside a luxurious online slot.

With this game, you’d better bring your classic attire and sign it off with a bowtie or a bouffant, because this slot online is only reserved for the finest the casino has to offer. That, of course, means you. And the hair looks great already.

You’re given such command on these reels, in fact, that you can personally select the number of multipliers to be awarded on each and every reel. Plus, during free spins, you are offered another choice to select which bonus you’d enjoy during the feature. What luxury!

Fury of Zeus

You may have been one of many players who’ve asked us how to play progressive jackpot slots, and in turn we may have replied with one of our top answers: go straight to Mt. Olympus to experience the Fury of Zeus.

Sure – he might be angry! But he doesn’t shy away from rewarding his human followers with massive rewards, especially if they’ve worked so hard to climb up his mountain and look him in the eye.

According to Greek mythology, Zeus is the god of the sky and the primary ruler of ALL other gods and humans alike. As you might expect, in his own almighty progressive slot at Cafe Casino, he certainly doesn’t take his role as chief deity lightly.

He rules with a lightning fist (which is far less frightening than an iron one) as you explore the dreamy landscape of Mt. Olympus, awarding you re-triggerable free spins and multipliers when he sees you’ve proved your worth. If you are extra gracious when you finally approach his sandaled feet at the Parthenon, he just might release his divinely-awarded progressive jackpot directly into your human bankroll with a crack of thunder.

And if you’re looking for even more ways to pad your bankroll, consider playing with crypto. Bigger bonuses are just one of the many crypto casino benefits.


Pirate’s PickA Cafe Casino slot game logo, titled Pirate’s Pick, hovers above a timber kitchen cabinet, flanked by stacks of coins, surrounded by floating oversized coins. The background is a crisp, white subway-tiled wall.

Isn’t it nice to have choices every now and again?

In the Pirate’s Pick slot, you can have your choice, alright, but you’ll have to give up an eye, a hand, and a leg to get it. That’s a favorite line of pirates everywhere, but rest assured: this game will accept you just as you are, limbs or no limbs. But you do have to give up an ayyyye.

This slot’s ship deck has pirate crewmates stomping all over it. You won’t mind, though, since there are also two kinds of scatters with higher wins, and a free shovel or three that trigger the Pick Me game that likes to award free spins and a multiplier.


We hope you’re taking some time to chill out and refresh this month, and we hope these Cafe Casino online slots will help. Whether you’re exploring a pirate ship, absorbing the wrath of a famous Greek god, climbing to the top of a tiki tower, or finding your fortune among three spinning reels, Cafe Casino is the place to make your month fly by with a most pleasant flutter.