With the heat of summer slowly fading away, there’s a definite chill in the air. Cozy season (which overlaps with spooky season!) is knocking on your door. Think: Nights inside, warm socks, Irish coffee and slots by candlelight! To help you answer the call, we’ve lined up our favorite Cafe Casino slots to play in October.

Whatever your fall vibe might be, we have a something just for you! From October new releases to Halloween games to bright and happy slots (some of us can’t let go of summer), there’s a wide selection just waiting to join you on the couch. So get cozy, grab that blanket, and read on.


Ganesh’s Blessing is a new arrival for October, and it’s serving up fun with four hands! For those who don’t know, Ganesh is a Hindu deity who is a “remover of obstacles” and a symbol of good luck in general. He’s perfect to be the center of his own slot game.

Three lucky mouse scatter symbols will trigger the free spins bonus round, and there’s a special twist in this game – literally. Each time the reels spin and lock into their final position, the entire board will twist and rotate 90 degrees, giving you a totally new arrangement on the paylines for a chance at more real money wins! This happens through a full set of rotations until the board has come all the way back around.

Four arms, four extra spins. It just makes sense!


In this slot game, a mystical string score plays while the reels spin with witches, wizards and other magical symbols. It’s one of the most thematically perfect October slots to play at Cafe Casino.

It’s not just about the images of brooding spellcasters, though. This one makes magic real thanks to a bonus round with four different “spells” that can be cast on the game board to bring in wilds, multipliers, and more. Your cauldron will be filled with riches before you know it!

This slot also has a progressive jackpot that’s triggered randomly – so you can enjoy the reels and brainstorm costume ideas while you wait to land the big one. That’s a win-win, folks.


The mood of this game is a perfect match for those cozy October nights! The stars are twinkling, the city lights are glowing, and classic Vegas symbols are spinning while you’re winning. 5 Times Vegas looks like an old school Sin City slot stepped into the modern era, with a remodeling that preserves all the best parts. 

There’s just three paylines to keep your eye on: top row, middle row, bottom row. Wild multipliers have a simple design (but a big impact on your bank account). It’s easy fun, which is perfect for when you just want to escape the day on the couch. 


Those bloodthirsty vampires are on the prowl. Will they find your neck, or will you find the random progressive jackpot? Only some spins of the reels will tell.

If you’ve ever been into a vampire movie, book, or show, Reel Blood deserves a few spins! 

Use your magic vampiric powers to “will” the RB scatter symbols to appear in 3 places, triggering the blood bar feature. This brings out 15 bottles of blood, and you can pick ones to drink until you see “collect.” Then, the bonus round is over. All the prizes you uncovered in the bottles you chose will be added to your account. Apply your supernatural vision to try to see through the blood to the money behind, and you could be a very rich creature of the night.

October’s Most Seductive Slot: Forbidden SlotOctober’s Most Seductive Slot: Forbidden Slot

If the logo doesn’t tip you off, this is one of our steamiest slots to play in October. The artwork is actually quite gorgeous, full of dark and seductive eye candy: luscious lips biting apples, roses in full bloom, and powerful horses waiting to carry you away to an illicit affair.


You’ll notice there are big symbols that take up whole reels and little symbols that are of a more traditional size. Lining up big symbols pays the most, and is the most interesting to look at. You can also score 3 or more scatter symbols to unlock the free spins bonus round with a nice multiplier to boost your bankroll.

Just be careful not to fall for the femmes fatale of Forbidden Slot. They’ll only break your heart!

October’s Most Chill Slot: Mystic WolfOctober’s Most Chill Slot: Mystic Wolf

A gentle native flute melody plays, backed by strings. It’s late at night and your grey-furred companion softly howls at the moon. Icy blues and whites give color to every symbol, bringing you into the world of the frosty wilderness in the moonlit darkness. Mystic Wolf certainly the most chill slot to play this month.

Despite the relaxed atmosphere, this slot has two connected and exciting bonus rounds. Three or more feather symbols will trigger the free spins super round, awarding up to 50 free spins. Then, if you’re playing slots on mobile, you’ll need three dice symbols in the first super round to trigger the lunar phase bonus round. Matching lunar phase symbols with the dice will score you a surprisingly big win. But you’ll have to be lucky to get there in the first place.

Follow the pack leader. He knows the way.

October Slot for People Who Miss Summer: Golden ChildrenOctober Slot for People Who Miss Summer: Golden Children

Forget the darkness and horror movies of fall – Golden Children is one of the brightest slots to play when you’re missing the vibes of summer. This one is all about good luck, and with 100 paylines, you’ll be seeing wins left, right, and center.

Head to the free spins bonus round and the golden children will help you win more coins with their random wild scrolls that they drop down. Just get pot of gold scatter symbols to trigger this special feature with up to 25 free spins. 

It’s a totally upbeat slot with a traditional Chinese look and feel. You’ll be miles away from all the sights and sounds of the fall season. To really make the escape work, get yourself some baijiu (one of China’s most popular alcoholic spirits) and have a whole new kind of cocktail!

October’s Hungriest Zombie Slot: Zombie FCOctober’s Hungriest Zombie Slot: Zombie FC

The stadium is utterly desolate. The zombie hordes have run amok. There’s nothing left to do but try to save your brains from being chomped as you spin the reels and enjoy the most zombified of slots to play in October: Zombie FC

This one is really fun – when you get a win, not only does it explode in a bloody mess, but you also get new symbols dropping into place for more win potential. Get three trophy scatter symbols and you’ll be taken to a gruesome locker room for a free spins bonus round. Brain-hungry monsters will keep coming at you, which you’ll love because the more they come, the more chances you have to win!

There’s where these came from! Check out all the Cafe Casino slots you can play in October now.