Savor the Flavor in April with 6 Slots that are a Real Chef’s Kiss

Savor the Flavor in April with 6 Slots that are a Real Chef’s Kiss

You know that April is the month of Easter eggs, Earth Day, baseball season, and rain, but did you know it’s the month of food, too?

Nearly every calendar day in April has a tantalizing treat to recognize, and an entire 24-hour span to embrace it.

Since we have a thing for food (to put it mildly), we’re taking this sweet and savory opportunity to kick up our heels. But like any celebration, food holidays aren’t meant to be eaten alone.

With each drool-worthy treat for your mouth, we’re serving up a real chef’s kiss with piping-hot Cafe Casino slots to play in April. These spring slots are steaming with rewards to satiate not your stomach, but your bank account. Priorities.

For every full-fat RTP, fragrant free spin, spicy scatter, and savory multiplier you sink your teeth into for slots, there’s an associated edible treat that’s just a fork’s pierce away.

Feeling hungry yet? You’re in the right place… for both your stomach and your slot balance. Pull up a chair, grab your wallet, and prepare to get stuffed. 

National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day on April 2 + Fortune Keepers

No two spreads are more compatible than peanut butter and jelly. They’re the Romeo & Juliet of condiments, combining for a sweet and salty embrace between two slices of Wonder Bread on April 2.

If peanut butter and jelly are a match made in lunchtime heaven, then what would be a panda and a monkey? That would be a match made in slots.

The partnership between a wiry kung-fu monkey and his rolly-polly panda counterpart isn’t one you see every day in your sack lunch, but it’s a pairing that keeps Cafe players satisfied.

They’re the cherished Fortune Keepers of spring slots, guarding each other’s backs in addition to Wild multipliers, expanding Wilds, and up to 20 free spins. Much like you might prefer a bit more PB or a bit more J, you can choose your payway to switch the line direction. Play left to right with the monkey, or right to left with the panda.

National Burrito Day on April 4 + Screaming Chillis

‘Screaming Chillis’ text over an uncovered cake tray and tacos and a tequila shot with lime against a purple background.

Tacos may have claimed every Tuesday, but on one festive day of the year, April 4, we push aside the compact shell for another messier Mexican delicacy: the burrito. Welcome to National Burrito Day. ¡Eso!

These tasty flour blankets of succulent meat, fluffy rice, tangy sauce, and deliberately soggy vegetables are the go-to treat for a filling meal, as long as you have time to conk out for a siesta when you’re done.

If you’re planning to make an authentic burrito in true Mexican tradition, you’ll need to add a hearty kick – rules are rules. Hot sauce isn’t hot enough, and neither are habaneros. What you need is a generous helping of the Screaming Chillis slot, accompanied by flaming hot multipliers reaching up to 25,000x your bet. Did someone pull the fire alarm?

Your mouth may be on fire after indulging in this online slot, but we’ve got one more tasty gift to stuff inside your burrito. If you bring a friend to the table at Cafe Casino, we’ll serve you a referral bonus on the side. How about you follow that hot bite with a glass of milk?

National Chinese Almond Cookie Day on April 9 + 8 Golden Dragons

Our next culinary delight hails from Asia when we break open the holiday of National Chinese Almond Cookie Day on April 9.

Almonds are ground into flour, blended with sugar and butter, and baked to a soft, crumbly cookie with a hint of nut. Mmmm.

To savor this cultural mainstay, the 8 Golden Dragons online slot takes its cue to perform. A pale golden dragon presides over the 5 reels and 3 rows, tastily similar to the golden-baked cookie we sink our teeth into on April 9. Only, don’t attempt such a thing with the dragon. He’s not that kind of treat. 

Instead, lure him in with your spins. When eight golden dragon symbols appear at once, you receive the blessings of 2,000x your bet – a treat for your bank account! Plus, there’s up to 30 free spins with a x2 or x3 multiplier waiting alongside the dragon too.

While technically April 9 is National Chinese Almond Cookie Day, we won’t tell if you eat them on any other day this month!

National Eggs Benedict Day on April 16 + Eggs with Legs

Text that reads ‘Eggs with Legs’ – a Cafe Casino online slot – with a big yellow egg behind it and smaller eggs and chocolate animals against a purple background.

If there’s a superior option for brunch than eggs benedict with gooey poached eggs, a slice of tender ham, and hollandaise sauce gushing over the top, we’ve never heard of it, especially when you wash it all down with spring cocktails. Yeah… we know what happens at brunch.

Before you crack open the first egg to cook your benedict on April 16, you may want to think twice. Some of those are Eggs with Legs, and they’re running buck wild through the village in one of our most popular online slots.

Packed with eggs, chickens, sheep, and bunnies, this eggcellent addition to your meal has you clucking with eggcitement as multipliers, additive symbols, and respins collect on your plate.

To take the game and your brunch to the eggstreme, chase down the 10x multiplier, +1000 additive, scramble 3 golden eggs together, and you’ll hatch the grand prize of 50,000 coins.

Did you know you don’t need to wait for that payday either? You can savor the sweet taste of eggceptionally fast withdrawals – in just 15 minutes – via Bitcoin casino payment methods, making every day a feast when you withdraw your winnings via crypto.

Garlic Day on April 19 + Return to Paris

While we wouldn’t be so smug to claim that garlic is the sole domain of the French, we won’t deny them its significance in their cuisine. French chefs swoon at a dish that’s oozing with the pungent plant.

In that spirit, when April 19 comes around, we throw away our toothbrushes, tell our love interests to take a hike for a day, and delve into a piquant garlic game: Return to Paris.

Plates of garlic are hiding somewhere behind 5 reels and 4 rows, but they’re guarded by a burly policeman and his spike-collared bulldog.

More apparent is a thief lurking through the moonlit night, stealing nearby symbols and increasing the on-screen counter by 1x with each swipe. Don’t worry, the policeman will find the stolen loot and return it to the museum, bestowing you the multiplier prize. In this game of cat and mouse, you could bag up to 1,000 free spins too.

To maximize your casino experience in April, fire up this slot online alongside a toasted slice of garlic bread – but hold the bread.

National Jelly Bean Day on April 22 + Candy Factory

The logo for the Cafe Casino online slot, ‘Candy Factory’, hovering over an empty cake tray surrounded by candy against a purple background

Raise your hand if you have a die-hard sweet tooth. Look at that, every hand in the house.

Jelly beans are the original antidote to a craving for sweets, hailing back to the 1860s with Union soldiers in the Civil War. These sugary niblets have evolved from sweet chewy morsels of orange, cherry, and blueberry to intentionally offensive flavors like vomit and boogers. Gross, yes, but still kind of fun.

On April 22 on National Jelly Bean Day, we acknowledge them all. Every last strawberry, lime, dirt, and earthworm flavor out there. Even grape.

With a hankering for sweets in mind, have you played this slot? It’s called Candy Factory. With 5 reels, 7 rows, and 7 types of candy on the conveyor belt, you should have enough sweets to hold you over until the holiday next year.  

With Wilds, multiplying blocks, free spins, and extra spins, you should have enough cash to hold you over, too!

There’s a food for every day in April, but there’s another daily delicacy we haven’t mentioned yet. Hot Drop Jackpots have a jackpot that triggers every 24 hours. You won’t know the hour or the minute, but you can be sure it’ll drop within the day. Hopefully, while you’re wrist-deep in the candy jar looking for the tutti-frutti. Then it’s sweet on sweet.

What day is it today? Is it the day of a burrito lunch? Eggs Benedict brunch? Or a garlic-bread crunch? There’s always something wacky to whip up in the kitchen in April, and something hearty to concoct in our Cafe Casino online slots. Take your pick from the April menu, give it a stir with your bets, and savor an exquisite win for each holiday.