Coffee to Sip and Slots to Spin This October

Four hot coffee cups filled with freshly brewed coffee spilling around online slots symbolsHow do you like your coffee? Black in a paper cup on the street Law & Order-style? Extra cream, extra sugar? Pumpkin spice frappuccino? Or how about a small caramel macchiato in a large cup, 1/3 whole milk, 1/3 almond milk, 1/3 soy milk, double vanilla syrup, caramel along the inside cup wall, cinnamon on top, non-fat whipped cream, one extra shot of decaf espresso, with your misspelled name on the side?

Here at Cafe Casino, we welcome all you coffee drinkers, regardless of how you choose to drink it. And since September 29th is National Coffee Day and October 1st is International Coffee Day, we thought we might as well dedicate the entire month to coffee.

To celebrate one of the most popular beverages in the world, here’s a list of our most popular Cafe Casino slots to play in October that our barista just brewed up for you to sip and play.



A cafe Americano is an espresso topped with water. It’s America’s coffee like Wheel of Fortune is America’s game, which reminds us of Reels and Wheels XL.

(Frankly, when you’re spinning the reels on any of our Cafe Casino online slots, a hot and delicious Americano is the perfect accompaniment.)

Players who love arcade-style slots keep Reels and Wheels XL hot and fresh. They love the 5 reels and 20-lines, bonus wheel, jackpot wheel, and generous free spins.

When you land the bonus icon, you spin the wheels for big multipliers or even a gigantic jackpot that will fill your cup with money!

CYBERPUNK CITY ESPRESSOThe Cyberpunk City mohawk character sitting in a coffee cup with two sugar cubes in the serving dish next to them

Espresso is intense. A regular 6-ounce coffee has about 72 mg of caffeine, while your double espresso has about 130 mg! That’s the quick shot you need while playing Cyberpunk City.

This game is also intense, starting with a distress call from a dystopian city infested with cyborg punks. It’s a wet, dark and dangerous hellhole, but there’s a considerable reward if you can free Cyberpunk City.

Five reels, 3 rows, 20 paylines, expanding wilds, free spins, and a random progressive jackpot will shake you. And the woman with a mohawk fires a large weapon whenever you hit a bonus or big win.

The threats never stop in this online slot, so you may need several double espresso shots.

Never played before? All the details are in our Cyberpunk City slot game review.


Speaking of espresso… Affogato is Italian for drowned. A scoop of vanilla gelato melting in espresso creates a bittersweet puddle. Exactly how Cleopatra melted the hearts of emperors and gladiators.

A Night with Cleo is the perfect tribute to how a woman drowned a couple of prominent Italians in bittersweet love. This 5-reel, 20-line slot invites you to Cleopatra’s palace. Her reels are charming, her strength and powers are seductive, and her rewards are Hot Drop Jackpots!

Our Cafe Casino Hot Drop Jackpots go off every hour and every day; plus a super jackpot pays when it maxes out at $250,000! Land three Hot Drop Jackpot crowns anywhere on the reels and you get to spin the wheel to reveal your prize. This celebration calls for an affogato!



Irish coffee recipes vary, but only the classic is served at Larry’s Lucky Tavern: coffee, Irish whiskey, sugar, whipped cream and a delicious shot of luck.

Pull up a stool, fire up your desktop or mobile device and belly up to the reels at Larry’s Lucky Tavern. The beer is warm, the leprechaun fiddler is entertaining and the four-leaf clovers bloom all year round.

The 5 reels, 3 rows, 50 win lines, wilds, bonus rounds and free spins encourage players to hit spin for a new slots adventure. Winning the big prizes at Larry’s is like the cream on top: it’s sweet and smooth, and the next round’s on you!

MYSTIC ELEMENTS FREAKSHAKEToppings like donuts, bananas and syrup dripping over the top of a cold-brew coffee, while the Mystic Logo slots imagery is faded in the background

A freakshake is made with blended cold brew coffee and served with extravagant toppings like cake, sauces, candies, waffles, pretzels… more of a freakshow you’d likely post on Instagram.

Our Mystic Elements slot game is freaky, too. It’s a mashup of unexpected fun with 5 reels, 10 paylines, free spins, magical symbols, and the ultimate progressive jackpot!

Ancient rocks hide riches while mystical graphics and soothing music draw you to the incredible payouts and the possibility of a massive win.

This Cafe Casino progressive slot is for players who love unusual and unanticipated adventures. And the possibility of 150 free spins piles higher than the toppings on your freakshake.


Loved in America and oh-so-creamy, cappuccino’s thick foam layer symbolizes self-indulgence and comfort. Adding a jolt or two of espresso keeps you alert as you go on a shopping spree at the mall.

Shopping Spree slot feels like an expensive high-class boutique with elevator reels whisking you on to your next win. It’s you-time!

The 5-reel, 9-win line slot is a blast to play, and features a scatter bonus and bonus round. Bet the max on the lines and you could be looking at big payouts with a solid chance at the diamond ring progressive jackpot that regularly gets into the millions!

When you request a crypto casino payout for your slots wins, you get paid faster than any other method, too. Even faster than you can order a second cappuccino!



It’s tall, sweet and flavorful with just enough caffeine to deliver a breakfast wake-up shake and provide enough cool exactly when you need to stay alert but calm.

Staying composed and vigilant is what you need to play our truly innovative arcade game: Thundercrash.

Ultra-quick gameplay, dazzling space graphics and a $100,000 max payout make Thundercrash uniquely challenging. You either cash in or crash out.

Lift off from an orbiting space station and fly through asteroids, satellites, moons, and planets that threaten you and your passengers. You’ve got two weapons: smart decisions and good luck. The higher you fly, the bigger the multipliers, so maybe a second iced coffee will help you keep your cool in space!

Get the ultimate briefing for your next flight.

MONSTER MANOR PUMPKIN SPICE LATTEFrankenstein and Witch from Cafe Casino’s Monster Manor are popping out of a pumpkin spice latte mug, just behind the whipped cream

Everything is pumpkin this time of the year. Some say the pumpkin spice latte doesn’t taste like pumpkin, but the scent triggers a feeling of cozy warmth.

That’s the feeling you want when you wake up in the graveyard behind Monster Manor. A creepy organ awakens beasts like a vampire, a mummy, and a werewolf. Your only escape is to spin the 5 reels and watch what the 50 paylines will bring.

Wild black cats morph into expanding wild witches in the free spins round. Find yourself trapped in the underground lab and choose from three ghosts to escape, set your multiplier, and achieve immortality. Then order another pumpkin spice latte.

Happy Halloween!


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