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Check out this fun brain teaser we posted on Instagram. Are you sharp enough to find the answer? 

Follow us for more games like this!Check out this fun brain teaser we posted on Instagram. Are you sharp enough to find the answer? 


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Developers have just gotten started scratching the surface of what’s possible with online slots. Digital technology has allowed us to totally break away from traditional one-armed bandit slots and come up with tons of exciting and innovative slot types

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If you love classic slots, we have those for you to enjoy. But if you want to play something fresh, you won’t believe your eyes when you see what we’ve got in store. Forget spinning reels – we’ve got whole BOARDS that spin in Ganesh’s Blessing. Or what about the radiating paylines of Solfire?

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Want an example? Well, once upon a time casinos didn’t even take Bitcoin. Everyone was stuck trying to deal with credit cards and an aging banking system that really didn’t understand the world of global online transactions, especially for casino sites. Then, one special day, an interesting new way to deposit and withdraw winnings was born. The first people to learn about Bitcoin and profit from being early to the party are now sitting pretty with huge multiples on their investment.

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