Why Should You Play Hot Drop Jackpots?

Why Should You Play Hot Drop Jackpots? (Hint: Jackpots 24/7!)

It’s crazy to ask if you like winning, so we assume that you do. But the question should actually be, “Do you want to win more, more often?” To which, unless you really are crazy, your answer should be,” Yeah. How do I do that?”

Five words: Cafe Casino Hot Drop Jackpots. They’re new and they’re the first in any US online casino! They’re awarded in three different ways: every hour, every day, and at random.

Winners Every Hour: The hourly jackpot drops every 60 minutes. It may be a smaller prize – usually averaging a pot of over $1,000 – but it’s the most frequently awarded jackpot. You get 24 chances to win every day of the week!

A Bigger Winner Every Day: The daily jackpot drops once every 24 hours and awards a bigger cash prize that averages a prize pot of $25,000!

An Epic Winner Anytime: Instead of a time limit, the Epic Jackpot is a progressive jackpot that can drop at any time and award huge amounts.

Hot Drop Jackpots, also called must drop jackpots, have already become extremely popular with our players. And in case it’s not already obvious why, we are about to share five reasons you should play Hot Drop Jackpots at Cafe Casino today!


Hot Drop Jackpots grow like our Cafe Casino progressive jackpots that are built by contributions from all the spins in each game. But unlike a progressive slot which can be won any day, any time – who knows when! – Hot Drop Jackpots give a more clear indication of when a jackpot might drop.

The hourly and daily jackpots update live in the Hot Drop games and will be won at any point before the limits are reached. When you see the time limit approaching, someone’s about to win a jackpot. That’s when you definitely should hit spin because there’s every reason to think it could be you!

If that wasn’t hint enough, the jackpots displayed inside the game will literally turn red and heat up. That means they are nearly ready to drop, so keep spinning to better your chances.

2.     MORE FREQUENT REAL MONEY WINNERSSomeone is going to walk away with a sack full of money from Cafe Casino... why not you?

Like we said, an advantage of Hot Drop Jackpots are that they’re going off every hour, every day, all the time! We’re setting fire to the excitement levels of our slots with – count ‘em! – 25 jackpots to be won each day.

Check the time right now. In the next hour, a Cafe player could win the hourly jackpot. We’re betting that you could spare a few minutes of your time for a chance at a prize pool of $1,000+! No time right now? That’s okay – come back later and there will be yet another jackpot waiting! We keep them coming 24/7!


We keep repeating ourselves but it’s worth saying: these must drop jackpots are triggered once per hour, once per day and once at random with a huge amount. And those prizes add up! The hourly prize pot is more than $1,000! The daily prize pot can reach an average $25,000, and the Epic Jackpot is a potentially mind-blowing amount. That’s tons given away every month!

Plus, often all three jackpots are available at the same time on a slot! (Talk about more to play for!) Games with Hot Drop Jackpots tell you when someone has won and a jackpot will appear as locked, so you’ll always know which prizes are still up for grabs while you spin.

You’re going to want to tell your friends about our Cafe Casino daily jackpots so they can sign up and play for a chance to win a jackpot of their own!


When you play any of our Hot Drop CafeCasino slot games, you’re looking to land three special jackpot crown symbols anywhere on the reels. That’s how you trigger the Hot Drop Jackpot Wheel to appear on your screen and spin to award you the hourly, daily or Epic Jackpot – that’s it, that’s all!

You can cross your fingers, rub your lucky rabbit’s foot, knock on wood, do whatever you need to squeeze luck from your mojo for all it’s worth. But it all comes down to the luck of the Cafe Casino online slots to land those three symbols.

While you’re waiting to get the coveted crowns, another Hot Drop Jackpot advantage is that you can continue to rack up wins from the regular gameplay, too.


Hot Drop Jackpots have replaced the progressive jackpots featured in our popular slots, A Night with Cleo and 777 Deluxe. Since fan-favorite Golden Buffalo never had a progressive jackpot before, this upgrade is sure to make this game even more thrilling with added excitement and those generous prizes. These new versions are available to play at at all times.

But don’t worry! If Cleo’s progressive jackpot was your go-to, you can still play the original versions of these slots. (Not sure which one to play? This A Night With Cleo Slot Review will tell you everything you need to know about the two versions of the game.)

Watch our site for the addition of more Cafe Casino Jackpots to keep everyone excited and having fun in the future!


When you choose to play Hot Drop Jackpots with a crypto deposit like Bitcoin at Cafe Casino, you enter a world of big fun and even bigger perks! These must drop jackpots give you a chance to take your winning up a notch, and crypto gets you your winnings that much faster. Collect your payday using our fastest method with the highest limits and discover why it’s the preferred option of most Cafe players!