When to Split in Online Blackjack

When to Split in Online Blackjack and What it Means


Most people who play Cafe Casino blackjack variations know that the basic choice in the game is to take a hit and get dealt another card or to stand and hope your total is good enough to beat the dealer. But learning a strong blackjack strategy includes figuring out when to use some of the special options, like splitting your hand.

When to Split in Cafe Casino Blackjack & Optimal Blackjack Strategy

In this article, we’ll cover one of the most popular Cafe Casino Table Games: what a split is in blackjack, when to do it, when NOT to do it, and a few other things to consider. After that, you’ll be splitting (and winning) with the best of them.


When you are dealt a pair in certain Cafe Casino blackjack variations – that is, two cards of the same rank (like two sixes, or two jacks) – you have the option to separate these cards into two separate hands that are then played independently of each other. You place a wager equal to your original bet on the newly created hand, and then you continue as normal, playing each hand out. 

The game of blackjack is one that requires a lot of strategy. You decide when to take hit and stand on each hand, depending on what cards are dealt out. This means that you decide when to take a hit and when to stand on each of the hands, depending on what cards are dealt out. One hand may reach a total you like, the other may bust. Or both could be winners. The basic thing to understand for blackjack strategy is that the hands are played out separately past the point of splitting.

Now you can let go of life’s worries and drift on an ocean of serenity. Unwind with a book, take a nap or get work done without feeling guilty on which blackjack strategy to go with!


What Cards Should Always be Split? 

Aces! Always split and re-split your aces if allowed in your chosen Cafe Casino blackjack variations (this re-split is sometimes permitted once). With a number of ten-value cards left to be dealt, this gives you the best chance to make 21. If instead, your blackjack strategy has you holding both aces in one hand, a ten-value card is going to make 12, which is less favorable for beating the dealer. In Cafe Casino table games, you always want your best chance to beat the dealer, and that comes from separating your aces and chasing that beautiful score of 21.

You should also split your 8s. Sitting on a combined total of 16 in one hand will get you a push (your money is returned) if the dealer can stand on 16. Better to try for 18 in each hand by splitting and looking for a ten-value card to be dealt. It’s all about staying one step ahead of that pesky dealer.


Your blackjack strategy generally shouldn’t include splitting nines or tens, since your starting hand is so strong. Better to keep your 18 or 20 together so that you have a single strong hand that can help you take down a nice real money win. On certain occasions, however, if the dealer doesn’t have a very good upcard, you can consider splitting high pairs.

When you’re playing Cafe Casino table games like Cafe Casino blackjack variations, it’s also a good idea to keep your fours and fives together. Each one provides a favorable starting point for hitting a high total on the next card dealt, if it’s a ten-card, but splitting them up will land you a 14 or a 15 instead. Those are tough hands that you want to avoid. It’s more profitable in the long run to take a hit on your 8 or 10 total than to split in that situation.


We covered 4s and 5s, but what about 2s, 3s, 6s, and 7s? If the dealer has an upcard that isn’t super strong, you want to consider splitting in Cafe Casino blackjack variations that allow it. That is, when the dealer shows 2-6, think about splitting. Your starting hand doesn’t have much drawing power, so it’s better to take your chances and try to get a fresh hand going. 

In particular, the 6s give you chances to hit 16, which is safe when the dealer has an increased chance of going bust. Your best win condition is staying alive there, not chasing a high total. That’s sound blackjack strategy that will help you get better results over time. Winning at Cafe Casino table games is all about finding the decisions that maximize your chance of profiting when repeated over your many play sessions. 


There are a few other rules to consider when crafting your blackjack strategy as it relates to splitting.

First, you can split up to three hands. You can’t go on splitting forever.

When you split aces, you receive only one additional card on each hand. Then you must stand. Aces also cannot be re-split in certain Cafe Casino blackjack variations. Lastly, if you receive a ten-value card after splitting your aces, it’s not a blackjack for purposes of a 3:2 payout. Instead, 

Blackjack Splitting Rules 

it’s counted as a standard 1:1 win.


Cafe Casino table games offer many ways to win for players who learn optimal play. When it comes to blackjack strategy at each of our Cafe Casino blackjack variations, knowing when to split is another tool that will help you stay profitable and help you feel a bit more like a pro.

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