Play with Friends at Cafe Casino

5 Ways to Play with Friends at Cafe Casino

There’s definitely days when you just want to kick back with a Cafe Casino slots or table game and have some “me time.” But when doing your own thing gets a little too solitary, there’s actually a bunch of ways to make the online casino experience more social. From chatting with a real person while at the tables to helping your buddies enjoy more time on the slots – we tell you how to play at your online casino with friends.

Below are 5 ways to help you bring in friends and turn a casino game session into a much more social event.


Live dealer games are one of the very best ways to make the online casino experience come to life. Not only do you get a real human dealer to interact with, but you can bring your friends along too! 

There’s nothing extra to install – Cafe Casino no download app games can all be played directly through your browser at Just text or email your friends to login, and you can play the same mobile live dealer game together. You can even sit right at the same table! It’s like a night out at the casino without ever having to leave your living room. 

If you’ve never played live dealer games, you’re in for a treat. Real human dealers are setup at real casino tables in our studio with a camera. We live stream a variety of table games like blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and more. You even get to pick which dealer you want based on their profile pictures. You can then launch the game like any other at Cafe Casino and click an empty spot at the table to take your seat.

After that, you can select your bet amounts and the dealer will know you and your friend are ready to play. The live dealer will then deal real cards at his or her table. If you’re playing blackjack, for example, you’ll then have options to hit, stand, or any other action available. The dealer will see what you choose, and the game unfolds from there!

What makes it social? You can type to your dealer and they will chat with you while the game is going on. Your friends can chat too, making it a complete group experience! 

2. JOIN THE CONVERSATION AT THE CAFE CASINO FORUMJoin the Conversation at the Cafe Casino Forum

As you play along at Cafe Casino slots or table games, you might come up with all kinds of comments and questions. The Cafe Casino forum is the place to join in the conversation and talk about everything related to the playing experience here. It could be sharing a big win, or it could be a thread about winning strategies. Whatever you want to talk about, the forum is the place to do it.

Start your own thread or reply to one that’s already there – the forum is how our community of players and casino experts connects to turn our platform into something more than just a place to score real money prizes.

3. REFER A FRIENDRefer a Friend

Are your friends not registered with at Cafe Casino yet? You can invite them in and enjoy a healthy real money bonus, too. All you need to do is send your Cafe Casino bonus referral code and have them sign up using it. Once they make their first deposit of $20 or more, you earn a $100 bonus! If they make their deposit using Bitcoin, you get an extra $25 on top of that!

It’s easy money, and a great way to bring a friend into the excitement of slots, blackjack, or any other casino game they may like!


Did you know you can send and receive funds from other players? Once you’ve got a buddy to transfer with, it’s one of the smoothest ways to get money into your account or to fund another player (like one of your friends).

Start on our player transfer page in the Help Center, where everything is laid out, step by step, and a lot of helpful tips are provided. There’s also a Player Transfer FAQ to get you fully informed about how everything works.

The main way to coordinate things is the Marketplace section of our Community Forum. Usually buyers and sellers of funds meet there and kick off a transfer. But if you already have a friend to transfer to, this gets a lot simpler. Once your friend is registered with Cafe Casino, just follow the steps to complete a transfer of funds to get the party started.

5. ORGANIZE “ONLINE” GAME NIGHT WITH FRIENDSOrganize "Online" Game Night with Friends

A remote game night with friends online can be the next best thing to actually going out with friends. You can play slots and chase after free spins, bonus rounds, and multipliers together, or simply use practice play to get your game on totally free. 

It can be a great way to experience new games together, share your favorites, and help new players find out what online casino sites are all about. The Cafe Casino mobile app in your browser makes it super easy because even your friends playing through their mobile devices can get in the game. 

Don’t forget to coordinate a video call so you can make online game night come alive.

Casino sessions are totally social at Cafe Casino!