The holidays are right around the corner, and at Cafe Casino, we’ve been developing new slot games in time for the gift-giving season. Our elves have been coding around the clock and the workshop stinks of peppermint sweat. Of course, that’s our problem! But, we share that to show you how hard we work to bring you new excitement and new ways to score big. 

We love this time of year! The good cheer, the peace on earth, the magic of following a star or those flying reindeer. We celebrate it all by offering you Cafe Casino new slots wrapped in the overall merriness of the season (and of course, filled with Santa-sized prizes too!). Like you, we love slots, so we have a lot. But we figure, there can never be too many. 


Tis the season to be jolly, so get happy with the new fun we’ve added to our stable of slot games. Here are five of them.


They say no one gets to be a dragon warrior until they’ve learned the secret to unlimited powers from the legendary scroll. But little is known about the scroll. Until now.

Our mysterious Dragon’s Scroll slot features red carp fish, blue carp fish, golden turtles, jade ornaments, and lotus flowers, along with nines, tens, jacks, queens, kings and aces. They can trigger enormous payouts when you open the scroll.

If you’re feeling lucky, courageous, crazy, or all three, take a few spins on this 4-row, 5-reel, 100-payline slot and discover the Dragon wild that may help your quest as it substitutes for other symbols. When you get at least 3 Crystal Ball in the Dragon’s Claw symbols, you’ll earn 15 free spins with a 3X multiplier, in which wilds can be stacked. 

This Cafe Casino slot will entice a lot of players with its artful graphics and simple rules. The base game is awesome, but when you consider the free spin bonus and its multiplier, this slot breathes cash. 


Five Times Wins was a huge hit, so we thought a sequel that doubles the multiplier should be ten times the fun. We were right. This may be the best of the one-arm-bandit games. You’re playing with 3-reels, 3-paylines and the classic cherry, BAR, and 7 icons, along with three payout levels based on your bet.

Ten Times Wins is old-school in an entirely modern style, with re-imagined animation, sound, and music that creates incredible gameplay! 

This game is the ultimate in simplicity: just land 3 matching symbols in a row. In the old days, polyester-clad gamblers would try to nudge, shake, and sweet-talk their wins from Vegas slot machines. Ten Times Wins uses a different method – you spin the reels and patiently wait for a chance to win a ginormous jackpot of 5,000 coins. 

Set your wager anywhere from 0.01 to 30, but always choose the max bet for your chance at the jackpot. The big deal on the pay table is the 10X multiplier, which can launch your wins into the stratosphere at Cafe Casino.


Sugar Smash may be high-energy but it is definitely calorie-free. The only thing you could fatten is your bankroll. So, dig in to this treat for the senses, chockfull of lollipops, sweet hearts, and all sorts of candy in a mouth-watering 4-row, 5-reel, 50-payline slot.

When you see a wrapper with a question mark, it’s the wild that substitutes for all symbols except the scatter to form winning combinations. The Sugar Smash logo is the scatter symbol. Three or more of those will put you on the road to Licorice Swamp, Icy Pop Grove, Gummy Dessert Desert, or the Sugar Sand Beach, along with 25 free spins, multipliers and stacked wilds.

Sugar Smash will make you feel like a kid with the sweet taste of money flowing like syrup! Now you can satisfy your craving without enriching your dentist!


Greek myth tells the story of the hunter Orion, who’s tragic life came to an end when he stepped on a scorpion. The gods felt so bad about it, they turned him into a constellation called Orion’s Belt. No one talks about Orion’s pants.

Orion invites brave hunters in his legendary search across the universe for countless treasures.

This is 50-payline online slot featuring Orion, Artemis, a couple of hunting dogs and, of course, the infamous scorpion. Triquetra wilds substitute for other symbols and three Orion Logo scatters trigger 8 free spins and double your payout. Get 4 logos for 8 free spins and a 10X payout. Five will earn you 8 free spins and a 50X payout! 

With advanced graphics and a fascinating mix of themes all neatly arranged in a classic format, Orion has a nice feel, excellent music, and delivers a mythically satisfying gameplay experience. 


Currently, it’s the Year of the Ox, ironically believed to bring steadiness and calmness to our world. As if. However, it’s prophesied to be a year of abundant opportunities and economic prosperity. Since that fits our slot game narrative to a tee, we’re running with it.

Year of the Ox is a new game offering payouts that compare to this behemoth’s colossal stature. Spin this 3×5, 50-payline slot and watch for muscular prizes that can grow your stake by 2,500X! Hit three or more matching playing card symbols (like tens, jacks, queens, kings or aces), or 2 or more red letters or gold symbols and you come up a winner. 

Firecracker double wilds substitute for other symbols to double your wins. Kanji symbols can get you 20 free spins, and a progressive multiplier will increase your win every time you land a double wild. Fans of Golden Buffalo slot will want to give this one a spin!

This could be your year after all, if you play your oxen right!

Cafe Casino continues to gift players with superb new online slots to keep you enthralled and pocketing a bunch of money… just in time for to make the holidays happier! Enjoy!