The Cafe Casino Olympic Team

The Cafe Casino Olympic Team is Ready to Compete

The 2022 Winter Olympics are gearing up and teams of competitors from around the world have been training and pushing their limits to bring home the gold. Just like them, we’ve been tirelessly working on our lineup of Cafe Casino online slots, and it’s safe to say it would make even the fiercest Olympic team jealous. Get ready for our amazing team of gold medal slots!

The Olympics have been gathering the world’s best athletes since the first modern games were held in Athens, Greece, in 1896. More than a sports competition, the Olympics are symbolic of the human spirit and the unrelenting determination to be the best in the world. Simply competing is as big an achievement as winning bronze, silver or gold, because it demonstrates the discipline, courage and skill required to succeed.

At Cafe, we’re not Olympic athletes, but we do embody the spirit of competition and play, and you can see it reflected in our wide range of slot games. The gold you can win here (better suited for your wallet than around your neck) just might land you on our Cafe Casino Big Winners podium, though.

Now, we invite you to get into the Olympic spirit with these amazing online slots, where going for gold is not just a cliché, it’s our motto! Let the games begin!


10 times Vegas slot

 Las Vegas is the Mount Olympus of the gambling world and 10 Times Vegas is the neon god of online slots. This 100% electrifying game gets straight to the point – the winning. It’s not gimmicky, the symbols aren’t mysterious, and there are no cutesy graphics. It’s just uncompromising classic gaming with 3 rows, 3 reels, and 3 paylines.

You can customize your experience according to your style or mood. Take complete control of the sound effects, music, quick spins, paytables… you’re here to play, so get to it.

Like we cover in our 10 Times Vegas slot review, the wilds are crazy generous and set up to multiply your bet by up to 10X when they land on a payline. Hit a wild on the third reel to make the second reel automatically re-spin looking for a match. If you win, you enter the Jackpot Spin round where a single payline can earn you a huge progressive jackpot – pretty simple! It seems like 10 Times Vegas is cheering for you with every spin.

Cafe Casino players say they love that the paytable clearly shows what you can win. That’s why 10 Times Vegas is a winner as one of our gold medal online slots. You could be bringing home the gold without breaking a sweat.


If you love arcade-style slot games with a bit of strategy, fasten your seatbelt. With its ultra-quick game play, killer space graphics and a possible $100,000 payout, Thundercrash deserves the gold medal for most innovative arcade specialty game.

Competitive gamers who love working for big rewards (like the athletes at the Olympics) will find Thundercrash to be a blockbuster that delivers thrilling inter-galactic flights with monetary payoffs. Captain Kirk said space is the final frontier and this game is proof, because you either crash out or cash in.

Your spacecraft blasts off from a floating launchpad and rises ever higher among asteroids, satellites, moons, space walkers, and planets threatening the existence of you and your passengers. You’re armed with two weapons to protect your bet: luck and smart wagering. The multipliers grow as you gain altitude. You’re the captain now, so it’s your choice to either continue flying through the cosmos of deadly threats or cash out with the winnings accumulated in your flight suit.

The higher you fly, the bigger your winnings as booster rockets ignite the multiplier. Prizes can rise to a cosmic $100,000. That’s the kind of money you could use to fly somewhere less dangerous. Or you could stay on terra firma and keep playing Thundercrash at Cafe Casino from the comfort and safety of your desktop or mobile device.


Reels and Wheels XL slot

 It seems like each month, Reels & Wheels XL transforms a regular player into a champion Cafe big winner. This online slot consistently appears in our monthly slots big winners list, and so it’s no surprise then, it earns gold as one of our most popular progressive jackpot slots.

Reels and Wheels XL mixes old-school arcade style with modern features. Over 5-reels and 3 rows, classic symbols like diamonds, cherries, 7s, and more spin through 20 paylines. The music and sound effects bring out that retro feeling, too. You control the sound effects and background music in the game settings, allowing you to play discreetly on your mobile (maybe you’re in church), or turn it up for full immersion in your own home arcade.

The slots features make this game modern, including that thrilling progressive jackpot we mentioned. All you need to do is trigger the Bonus wheel, which is filled with real money multipliers ranging from 5X to 500X your bet. If you land on the Jackpot slice, you’ll head to the Jackpot wheel for not only one but FIVE jackpots. That’s a lot of potential gold for you, too.


Of all the games we have at Cafe Casino, few are actually based on a true Olympic sport. Technically archery is part of the Summer Games, but either way, we’re sure our heroine archer Robyn could’ve gone for gold.

A strong and brave woman with skills that make her a legend, Robyn aims to protect the people, defeat the evil queen, and bring peace back to her forest. Like her father, Robin Hood, she takes from the rich, but pays big money to slots players. We’re confident that you will look after the poor in your neck of the woods.

Spin the reels displaying Prince Charming, a crazed horse, the evil queen, and our archer, Robyn. If you see three Robyn symbols, you’ll launch the Wild Arrow Bonus round. Here, 12 free spins flow while the Target symbol is active; this lets Robyn shoot them out and replace them with money-making wilds!

Robyn is very generous. A 25¢ bet could earn you a prize as big as 1,000 coins, which makes her a champ for our Olympic slots.

The XXIV Winter Olympics begin on February 4, 2022. Since we can’t attend this year, the next best thing is watching the games on television and playing online slots between events. No matter which athletes are picking up gold medals, you can be winning your own Olympic online slots at Cafe. Let the excitement begin!