While Cafe doesn’t have sitcom themed slots at the moment, these online slots would go great with your favorite sitcom. Give them a try! Lucille Ball was funny. She was creative. She was gorgeous. And she was a genius. Lucy and her husband, Desi Arnaz, are credited for launching the television sitcom industry in 1951. Their series, I Love Lucy, broadcast 180 half-hour episodes. Lucy and Desi turned funny into money. Now we can see a connection between watching our favorite sitcoms and playing online slots!  Entertainment value? ✓   Some good laughs?  ✓   Creative storytelling? ✓   Tons of fun? ✓

That got us to wonder which Cafe Casino online slots go well with which modern-day sitcoms. Now we have an excuse to watch TV and play the slots on company time. You know… research.

We may not have sitcom themed slots, but there are several Cafe slot games that would be great to play while you watch your favorite shows. Meet our TV slots below and see if yours are included.


Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe visit Las Vegas. Phoebe battles an old lady who takes over every slot machine Phoebe has just abandoned. The woman then wins the jackpots on them.

As Monica plays craps, she declares that Chandler is the love of her life. He joins her at the table excitedly, and over-enthusiastically calls the numbers she should bet. Chandler finally bets Monica that if she rolls a hard eight, they will get married immediately. She rolls it. At the wedding chapel, they have to wait because it’s in use. When a newly-married couple emerges, it’s a drunk and now legally married Ross and Rachel.


Almost everyone can sing “Smelly Cat,” Phoebe’s original song about a bad-smelling cat treated poorly by society (you’re singing it now, aren’t you?). So, Cat Kingdom is the perfect game to play while watching Friends… and for cat lovers who also love money.

Meet King Cat, the emperor of this feline slot game, and fortunately for you, a tremendously generous smelly cat. Spin the 5 reels of this 3-row, 243-payline slot. Then watch for Cat King’s favorite foods – goldfish, mice, and red birds – that go down easily with Wild Milk Goblets. That’s how you boost your payout chances. Land 3 or more Cat King castles and trigger up to 30 free spins!

Make friends with Cat Kingdom for your chance at 1,882 times your bet!

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THE OFFICEWhat does the secret relationship between Dwight and Angela from The Office have in common with Forbidden slot? Find out for yourself at Cafe!

During a casino charity event at Dunder Mifflin, Dwight wins a game of craps and rashly kisses Angela, despite wanting to keep their relationship secret. She slaps him and walks away, but she enjoyed it. Jim tells Pam that he loves her. Stunned, she says she can’t be with him. Jim is heartbroken, apologizes and tears up before walking away.

Pam tells her mother about Jim’s confession. When he enters the room, she quickly hangs up. She begins to say something but Jim kisses her. Pam hesitates but returns the kiss, ending with the two staring in silence. Their relationship, perhaps a gamble, has begun.


We know what you’re thinking – that we made a Michael Scott-esque blunder with this pick, but hear us out. This passionate and seductive game is all about that forbidden love!

Forbidden Slot centers around an illicit romance featuring a heaven-vs-hell love affair played out on 5 reels and 15 paylines.

This online slot has it all. Gorgeous women, blazing candles, barbed roses, brawny stallions, sparkling amulets, juicy apples, and lots of free spins and wilds. Seductive music sets the stage for the glitzy black and red graphics designed to captivate your fantasies of passion, love and money. This is where forbidden love beats the odds to reward you with winning kisses multiplied by 2, 5 or 10 times your wager.

Defy the odds, proclaim your love, and remember that nothing is forbidden at Cafe Casino.

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Leonard designs a way where Sheldon’s black hole experiment can be modeled. Sheldon asks the university for $500,000,000 to do it. Howard and Raj tell him there’s no way the university will give him half a billion dollars. So, he has to figure out another way.

Sheldon goes to Las Vegas to try to win the money. He claims that ordinary people can’t beat a casino, but “mathematicians and scientists do it all the time.”

In Vegas, he takes notes at the roulette table. Sheldon excitedly tells a suspicious casino official that “the ball is far more likely to land on 32, 17, or 5. So, if you can hold off on replacing this wheel, I’d like to make several large bets.” Before he can wager, he is carried out of the casino by two large security guards just as the croupier shouts, “17 black!”


The science behind this online Vegas slot is in its random number generator. Hit it right (and with luck you will!), and 10 Times Vegas will bathe you in neon glory and money. It’s digital excitement with real rewards!

This slots game is all energy plus madly spinning reels, and wilds that can amplify your wager by 100 times. The wilds can also retrigger extra chances at payouts that can lead to a jackpot spin with progressive jackpot!

If you love old-school slot machines, we’ve taken it up a notch or fifty with an onscreen paytable that will push you to make every spin count. It’s glittery, flashy, and could fatten your bankroll with enough money to fund any experiment you have in mind.

We keep it coming 24/7 with Hot Drop Jackpots. These are jackpots dropping every hour, every day, all the time!


PARKS AND RECREATIONGold Rush Gus is just as generous and kind as Parks and Recs’ Leslie Knope! Discover first-hand in Gold Rush Gus and the City of Riches at Cafe Casino.

Leslie is preparing for the Harvest Festival. The local Wamapoke tribe chief and casino boss Ken Hotate asks them to move it because it’s on a sacred site. Leslie says it’s too late, so Ken warns her that the festival may become cursed.

The local media comes to cover the curse, jeopardizing opening day with bad press. Just as Leslie says there’s no curse, the festival’s power generator blows. The only replacement generator is at the Wamapoke casino. Leslie humbly asks Ken to loan it to her. He agrees, and at the festival opening, he performs a bogus ceremony to remove the fake curse. People swarm the festival and casino. Outside his casino, the native chief proclaims, “We’re slowly taking back our money from white people, one quarter at a time.”


Gold Rush Gus is a legend at Cafe Casino for his generosity (he’s like our Leslie Knope!), and one of the most successful miners on the planet. Since discovering the City of Riches in the jungle, his wealth has grown to epic proportions!

Gold Rush Gus and The City of Riches features playing golden chalices, necklaces, and birds in a jungle setting lulled by the warm tropical beat of marimbas and drums. Golden masks are wild, free spin symbols can dig up 15 free spins with multipliers and, hitting scatter key symbols on the first and third reels opens the possibility for an instant win, a bonus game, or a progressive jackpot! Beware of the monkey though, he’s not to be trusted.

Grab your pick and shovel, and start diggin’ in this popular online slot! Leslie – oops, we mean Gus – is ready to share!


TV show slot machines sound like an exciting idea. We’re always looking for ways to improve your gaming experience. So, if you have ideas for other Cafe Casino slots online that go well with your favorite sitcoms, tell us all about them on Twitter!