Slots To Match Your Favorite Color

What’s Your Favorite Color? We’ve Got A Slot For That!

As you know, we like to keep things fun around here! That’s why we’ve told you your next:

And many of our recommendations have been spot on, according to our players!

When our players are looking for something new to freshen up their gameplay, they look to us for suggestions, and we love to answer the call! So, today, we’re here to tell you what online slot to play next at Cafe Casinobased on your favorite color!

Most people have a favorite color; some maybe even have two. So, what’s yours? Don’t say “plaid.” Is there a slot that compliments your favorite color? Yeah, there is!

Scroll to discover the best online slots that match every color in the rainbow!

PURPLE: PLAY 777 DELUXE HOT DROP JACKPOTSLove purple? Try 777 Deluxe Hot Drop Jackpots at Cafe Casino!

This mix of blue and red – cool and passion – represents royalty, luxury and creativity. (Prince knew it was a great color and we can safely say, he had all the above!) For everything it symbolizes, it can be uplifting when you see it inside a slots game.

Purple is draped over the iconic 7s featured on the transparent reels of 777 Deluxe Hot Drop Jackpots! This rich shade of eggplant brings to mind this specific online slot, with its classic Las Vegas theme. Fruit, bells and BAR icons also appear with hints of purple, in addition to being an accent background color in a bonus round that can lead a multiplier win.

You might associate all our must drop jackpots with royal blue, but purple’s meanings of wealth and extravagance will bring to mind the crown needed to get to the jackpot wheel in this game and win one of three exciting Cafe Casino Hot Drop Jackpots!


Let’s dispel the pink-is-for-girls notion right off the bat. It may feel delicate, sweet and romantic, but pink is a playful color filled with a charismatic charm. So for that, we say it’s a party color.

Raving Wildz is a pink party in a classic 1970s-themed slot. Its 5 reels and 4 rows sit atop a trippy lava-lamp background (that is, of course, pink!), so you can feel loose and excited with every spin. Lookout for disco ball wilds with random multipliers and colorful, retro free spins icons with stacked wilds to increase your payouts.

From the fuchsia on the ends of the dancer’s blonde hair down to her fluffy rose-colored boots, this slot is filled with good fortune and good times for those who love to get down to all things pink.


Yellow is the color of happiness, warmth and sunshine, stimulating our brains to keep us energized and alert. It’s also called gold, which suits our purposes just fine!

Meet Gold Rush Gus, the most successful, hardest working miner on the planet. His discovery in the rainforest grew his wealth to epic proportions. Now, not-so-poor old Gus is overworked. Help him dig for the rest of the gold and claim your share of the riches.

Gold Rush Gus and The City of Riches is a 3-row, 5-reel, 10-payline slot featuring golden vases, topez necklaces, amber birds, wild masks, lots of free spins, a coin gamble game, instant wins and a Cafe Casino progressive jackpot. Hey, yellow fans, can you dig it?


Orange conjures warmth, enthusiasm and excitement. It’s an attention-getter, which is why you see it on traffic signs and in advertisements. And orange is a predominant color in flames.

When you’re hot, you’re hot, and Instant Inferno is on fire! This is a simple fruit slot that we’ve modernized, with not one but two scatters, and a bonus round of free spins. The cherries, bells, and BAR combinations flash against a flaming orange background that pulses to the music.

With 5 reels, 3 rows and 30 paylines, Instant Inferno brings the heat with its old-school style, easy gameplay and generous rewards. Learn how to play and win from our Instant Inferno slot game review.

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RED: PLAY CAISHEN’S FORTUNE XLIn Caishen’s Fortune XL at Cafe, red symbolizes good fortune and big cash prizes!

Strength, courage, passion and life are what humans perceive in the color red.

Red is the predominant color in Caishen’s Fortune XL. It’s no surprise that shades of ruby, cherry and crimson line these reels – red is the color of celebration and good fortune in Chinese culture. And Caishen is waiting to bestow some of that on you!

Caishen is the god of wealth who awards his followers with massive riches. You may want to become a devotee by playing this scarlet 243-ways-to-win slots online game. Lucky koi fish, supreme jade necklaces, and money-filled red envelopes dance over the 5 reels; and if you meet Caishen himself, he gives you a chance to cash in. In his free spins round, you get to choose your own free spins with multipliers, too.


Blue reflects serenity, loyalty and trust. It’s the sky and the water. It’s the rarest color in nature.

The deep blue evening skies over the mountains are a wonder to see and perhaps inspired the Mythic Wolf to use its power to share their wealth with you. Mythic Wolf, like the color blue, is extraordinary. It’s a 5-reel, 50-line slots game that takes place in front of a bright white moon. It comes with two bonus rounds: the super round triggered by three mystical feathers bringing up to 50 free spins, and when three dice symbols appear, you get whisked to the lunar phase bonus round for even more potential coins.

The wolf’s power doesn’t end there, though. If you see it running across the forest floor, it’s coming to bring you a 5x or 10x multiplier!


Green is more than the color of money (and probably the color most associated with slots online!). It symbolizes nature, renewal and growth – including moving forward and getting the go-ahead.

The Emerald Isle is home to many legends, especially their rascally Leprechaun Legends. Hit spin on this Cafe Casino online slot to enter into a forest that’s alive with delightful graphics, comical sounds, and lively Irish folk songs. Behind the transparent reels is a pastoral setting streaked with sunrays highlighting the ferns and four-leaf clovers.

Better than a pot of gold, these leprechauns serve up a pot of greenery for your bank account over the 50 win lines. The Pot of Gold feature gives you multipliers up to 10x, the Luck O’ The Irish feature supplies re-spins, and then the Legendary Songs feature tops you off with a ton of free spins.


Now that you have your next online slots game lined up, why not share the fun and excitement of Cafe Casino with your friends? Next time you’re chatting with your buddies, ask them what their favorite color is and surprise them with the perfect game recommendation from this list. That and the variety of our 100+ other slot games is just one of the many perks of playing at Cafe – they’ll never get bored! For every friend you tell, you could earn a nice “thank you” from us, too: a sweet casino referral bonus!