Online Slots For Your Zodiac Sign

Your Next Online Slot, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Astrology used to work as a solid pick-up line in the discos of the 70s (yeah, we’re that old). Asking “what’s your sign?” was usually followed by some sort of deep explanation of the personal connection between two potential lovers based on… let’s call it “alternative science”. While it may be hard to imagine that astrology could be the start of a relationship, the zodiacs have guided humans on all parts of their lives for nearly 2,000 years!

The signs of the horoscope have a rich history based on 2nd century BC “science” (thanks Ptolemy!). Most people don’t know that, back then, scientists divided the earth’s 360-degree orbit around the sun into twelve 30-degree zones. They counted the astrological signs starting at the vernal equinox, the first day of spring, also known as the first point of Aries. Each sign was then named after the constellation the sun moved through over its 365-day journey.

Astrologists claimed that celestial occurrences were linked to human activity based on the “as above, so below” belief, which meant that the signs could explain what was happening or what was coming. “It’s written in the stars,” they would say.

These days, Western astrology is considered entertainment – probably why daily horoscopes were printed on the comics pages of most newspapers (did we mention we are old?). So, let’s have some fun with it and see if we can find what Cafe Casino online slots you should play according to your astrological sign. Who knows? You may find the one game that matches your chi, whatever that is. 


Aries, the audacious ram, is bold, ambitious, passionate, motivated, and confident. People born under this sign live life quick and sexy, which makes Orion the perfect slot game choice.

Take a trip beyond atmosphere and search the universe for untold treasures alongside the god and goddess of hunting, Orion and Artemis. Set in mythic Greece with elegant and classic iconic columns against a starry background, this 4-row, 5-reel, 50-payline slot spins playing card symbols, Orion, Artemis, a couple of hunting dogs, and one giant scorpion. You’re looking for the Triquetra Wilds and Orion logo scatters that could trigger 8 free spins and a 50X payout.

As an Aries, this online slot is where you call up your natural spontaneity and courage to go for the win!


The bull loves indulging in worldly pleasures like excellent food, the finest cocktails, and the most sumptuous of life’s experiences. There’s no question that Year of the Ox is your slot game.

A huge and muscular beast, the ox celebrates the Year of the Ox every day with payouts to match its massive physique. Spin this 3-row, 5-reel, 50-payline slot, and enter a world of extravagant graphics rich in ancient Asian symbols. There are solid prizes that can rise to 2500X your stake.

Plus, there’s Firecracker Double Wilds to double your wins, and Kanji symbols that can trigger 20 free spins with a progressive multiplier that increases your win each time.

Make 2022 your year to go bullish with colossal wins!


Quick witted and quick thinking, Geminis are passionate with zesty, easy-going personalities that make them fun, exciting and kind of magical. We see Bess & Becky in your future gaming.

Bess & Becky like to frolic in a magical forest where limitless miracles are everywhere. The pastoral scene invites you to sit back, relax, and play a Cafe online slot that will instantly put you in a fairy tale.

From free spins and wild symbol multipliers to an overflowing fortune chest bonus game, these butterfly fairies sprinkle clouds of pixie dust that release infinite riches. 

Indulge in the fantasy of a land where dreams come true every single day!


The nurturing crab is a loyal, protective, and spontaneous creature of comfort who lets emotions run wild when necessary. The lovely archer Robyn is your best match for fun!

Robin Hood had his merry men stealing from the rich to give to the poor, but his daughter, Robyn aims her arrows at making you far more than just merry – she could make you downright wealthy! That could make you a target for her dad’s thievery, unless you take the money and run.

With its friendly design, Robyn is an easy slot game, featuring all kinds of charm, lots of action, theatrical music, and mischievous graphics that are pleasurable for the eyes and the ears – and very generous for your wallet.

Robyn is sure to get you all aquiver (sorry).


Loyal, and determined, Leo loves the limelight while spreading joy with extravagant actions giving money to those who deserve it. Looks like Golden Buffalo is your perfect companion.

Ride the plains of the old west in search of the mysterious beast and bring home a fortune in this casino slot with 6 reels and 4 lines, amazing bonuses, and 4,096 ways to win. Even more, wild multipliers can stampede your winnings up to 3,125X, which we discuss in our Golden Buffalo slot review

We honor these magnificent creatures with fantastic graphics that turn the journey into an exciting thrill ride. You could be taking home a heavy fortune in gold playing Golden Buffalo at Cafe Casino, where the winnings, the deer, and the antelope, play.


Practical and senisble, Virgos are keenly attentive and never miss a chance to help others to improve situations. Maybe Cyberpunk City is the perfect place for their analytical minds.

Load your weapons, get the crew and cruise the rainy streets of Cyberpunk City, where the winning is not only big, it’s everything. Target free spins, expanding wilds and a random progressive jackpot in this motor-revving, first-person slot.

Sci-fi and RPG lovers will love the bizzaro Blade Runner world featuring a mohawked woman with a giant gun shooting for every win and bonus. Be aware though, she’s aiming at you!

Want to know more? Read our Cyberpunk City slot game review!


Ruled by the scales of justice and Venus, the romance planet, Libras search constantly for balance, peace, and harmony. You will get along fine with 10 Times Vegas.

Relax and enjoy the cool synth music and neon lights radiating off your screen in this classic-style slot. 10 Times Vegas is exactly right if you love old-school slot machines mixed with a modern, energetic edge and an onscreen paytable that inspires you to make each spin count.

It features wilds that can lead you all the way to the mega progressive jackpot, too. When a wild appears on reel 3 in a winning line, it retriggers reel 2; if you win again, you’re going to the Jackpot Spin round. Now you’re one step closer to harmonizing with the single fixed payline and that real money jackpot!

It’s a dazzling experience that does an outstanding job of cramming money into your account whenever you get it right.


Mysterious, intense, magnetic, Scorpios never shy away from life’s darker sides as they keep themselves hidden and secretive. We bet A Night with Cleo will reveal your true nature and more!

This 5-reel, 20-line video slot is not for introverts and viewer discretion is advised, which makes everyone want to play. Step into Cleopatra’s boudoir and spin her reels for racy, sexy, risqué, bawdy, naughty fun that comes with a bonus: cash!

In the gamble feature, double your wins and increase your luck with the Queen of the Nile as she begins removing one garment each time you correctly guess. In no time, you’ll understand what caught the eye and libido of Julius Caesar. 

Pull down the shades, turn down the lights, and play.


The Zodiac’s eternal optimist, Sagittarius loves exploring the real world with good vibes that bring lots of excellent favors. Panda Pursuit Royal Edition is ideal for Sagittarians.

Letters, numbers, monkeys, turtles, and fish live in harmony together in our panda’s kingdom, where enjoyment, gentle entertainment, and fat prizes come fast and easy. 

In this 4-row, 5-reel, 1,024 payline slot, you’re looking for Flower wilds and Red and Gold Scroll Map scatters to collect free spins, multipliers, and payouts that make you feel like panda royalty!

Use your infamous Sagittarian enthusiasm to do great things on these reels!


You’re hard-working, motivated, reliable, and ambitious. You don’t care what it takes to get to the top, you will get there. Make your move and become the World Cup Football G.O.A.T.

If you’ve ever buried a soccer ball in the back of the net, World Cup Football brings euphoria and huge prizes. There’s no need to fake your impending death grasping a knee as you lay on the pitch. Just kick-off this online sports slot and spin the tens, jacks, queens, kings, aces, and four of the world’s greatest footballers on 4 rows, 5 reels, and 50 paylines. 

Real-world football is notoriously too low scoring for North American tastes, but World Cup Football puts that to rest once and for all.

Strap on your boots and shoot!


Aquarians dance to the rhythms of their own drummers as innovators and forward-thinkers always looking for the next big thing. In this case, you need to find Reels & Wheels XL.

The instant you launch the slot online, you travel back to the lights, music and sounds of your old arcade hangout. The legendary features from splashy arcade style to multiple chances of winning deliver big time. Hit the progressive Jackpot Wheel and try for five jackpots that drive the excitement into the stratosphere. 

Simply trigger the Bonus Wheel and watch for prizes and multiplier payouts that range from 5X to 500X your wager. Get a wild multiplier for more winning lines and more fun than any real arcade ever offered.

Step into our time machine for your shot at immortality with this online slot at Cafe Casino.


You are intensely mystical, live big dreams, stay in touch with your emotions, and you’re extremely compassionate and generous. Sounds like Chillin’ Penguins is your jam.

The symbol for Pisces is fish. Penguins eat fish. This is your chance to turn the tables with 5 reels, 3 rows, with 10 winning paylines. 

The penguins are on vacation and your job is to unlock all the prizes by finding the Rubber Duck wilds, the Freezin’ Penguins for extra spins, and the Winnin’ Penguins jackpot. Seems simple enough, and it really is easy game play because it’s just sheer fun, sun and action at the beach.

Chillin’ Penguins is a riot to play. The only thing missing is Morgan Freeman’s narration.