These Slots Are Guilty Of Thrills

True Crime Fans: These Slots Are Guilty Of Thrills

Kidnappings, scams, serial killers, and heists.
Crime Junkie, My Favorite Murder, Dirty John, and Serial.
Dateline, Making a Murderer, The Staircase, and even Tiger King.

The world’s best crime stories are not from the screens of Hollywood, but from the scenes of real, heart-beating life.

True crime is as popular as it ever was, and the ways to get a glimpse into the darker sides of humanity are ever-expanding. You can shiver with fear at the tales of Ted Bundy on a podcast after work. You can marvel at the escapades of Frank Abagnale Jr. in a docuseries or film, listen to an audiobook of Catch and Kill, or pick up a classic paperback like In Cold Blood. And with Cafe Casino online slots, you can bring the world of true crime into your slot sessions, too.

These true crime games will grip your attention as the slots theme rules the reels. Through reading about the real-life counterparts of their storylines, you may even discover a new true crime story to follow when you’re done.

Let’s get into the nitty gritty with a juicy true crime caper!


Bounty hunters aren’t just characters from The Mandalorian or Stephanie Plum novels. They exist in real life, too, as enforcers of the law.

Take Ralph Thorson. In the 1950s, this bounty hunter relied on somewhat… interesting methods to track down his targets, like astrology. His fee was 20 percent of the bail. Or let’s look at Dog the Bounty Hunter, aka Duane Chapman; a former convicted murderer who turned over to the good side to track his own kind down and drag them to court.

In the Bounty Hunter slot, you get a taste of the dangerous life. But instead of a measly twenty percent of bail (which, to be fair, was a lot for his time), you’ll be walking out of the police precinct with a reward of 10,000 coins.

All you have to do is track down the highest-paying slots symbols of four mean-looking criminals and lock ‘em up inside re-spins. Easy, right? At least, it is when you’ve got the likes of Ralph “Papa” Thorson and “Dog” to teach you the ways of the profession.

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CYBERPUNK CITYThe main characters from the Cafe Casino slots game, Cyberpunk City, hover above a black table, to the right of a partially obscured smoking ashtray.

Leaked docs, cyber looting, and robbing the rich. In this dystopian, futuristic society that you find yourself part of, it’s just another Tuesday. That said, such crimes are certainly not unheard of in the slightly-less dystopian world we occupy now (see: Anonymous, the hacker group and their internet vigilantism.)

So, if you’re looking to cross over to the other side and be part of an elaborate team of highly-skilled misfits, we have just the crime slot for you. Welcome to the wild world of Cyberpunk City. Here, you can experience a little true crime for yourself when you’re part of a cyber-crew who’s causing a little ruckus and collecting a random progressive jackpot as its reward.

Led by a pink-mohawked chick wielding a laser gun, she and a couple of dangerous cyborgs roam the rain-drenched reels, ready to throw down and hold ranks as random and expanding Wilds.

MOB HEISTFive 3D-animated mobster characters from the Cafe Casino slots game, Mob Heist, are pictured standing in front of a pile of gold coins atop a marbled black table.

Have you heard of Patty Hearst? Her name might be familiar because her story was so wild. This young woman was kidnapped in 1974 and coerced to join a gang of activists and bank robbers to commit a real-life bank heist!

Now, with a fast-paced game like Mob Heist, you’ll find yourself in Patty’s world, or the world of true crime. There are 5 reels chalked-full of action and prohibition-era mobsters that allow you to appreciate the finer skills of professional heisters as you all make your moves towards the big bucks.

You might even be able to spot Doris Payne. The clever jewel thief had spent decades trading on her considerable charm to lift diamonds throughout the USA and Europe.

Hot on the tail of this band of thieves, you take on the dangerous role of the Wild cop in the online slot. You’re sent out to track down the whole lot of them bad guys, right into the middle of the Bank Job bonus where a vault occupies reels 1 and 5.

If you invite a friend to join you, either as fellow law enforcement or in the role of smooth criminal, we’ll sweeten the pot with a referral bonus.


The Wild West could be a dangerous place back in the 1800s. Quiet, dusty towns with sleepy sheriffs and unguarded loot were nothing but a payday for hardened outlaws in their heyday.

Vagabonds like Jesse James, Butch Cassidy and Billy the Kid were known to send locals shakin’ in their cowboy boots whenever they caught word that their most fearsome outlaws were riding into town.

In the Lawless Ladies slot, you are part of the clique that this Wild West town locks its saloon doors against. You’ve got a gang of gals at your back, including a tough, smart-talking redhead who expands as a Wild on reel 3.

Ten free spins are hiding just behind the saloon door, if you can kick them open. If you survive that bold venture, a random progressive jackpot could trigger at any time in this slot online. Then just like that, you’ve caught the prize red-handed, just before you’re taken to the slammer for disturbing the peace. But at least you’ll be rich.

When you break out of jail, head over to the section of Hot Drop Jackpots. There, you can spin for three jackpots that must drop by certain times, like every hour. If you aim right, you might even shoot down the Epic Jackpot prize, which can drop at random and award a huge payday.

There’s so much going on inside these true crime slots at Cafe Casino. Progressive jackpots are hiding from cyber-crews and outlaws. Famous thieves are lurking among the reels of a bank. In order for you to get your share, however, you won’t have to break any laws. The only crime here would be not to make a break for it.