Slots For Your Fave Ice Cream Flavor

Get the Scoop! Pick Your Fave Ice Cream Flavor, We Tell You Your Next Slot

The weather’s getting hotter, the days are getting longer, and the local parks are quickly filling up with picnics and frisbees… so you know what that means! It’s finally the season for everyone’s favorite treat: ICE CREAM!

Everyone loves a scoop of creamy goodness on a sweltering summer’s day. From vanilla and chocolate in a two-scoop cone, to a generous cup of peanut brittle and mint choc chip covered in liquidy fudge sauce with sprinklings of chunky toppings in a cup, Cafe Casino is ready to place the cherry on top.

Don’t wait another second to dig in. These Cafe Casino online slots are chilled and ready to be served. They’ll be scooping up doubles and triples of Wilds, scatters, free spins, and jackpots. Just scroll through, find your favorite flavor, and we’ll suggest the perfect slot to match.

CHOCOLATE – LUXE 555An ice cream van adorned with an oversized plastic cone prop, topped with a scoop of chocolate ice cream. On the van’s left, the logo for the Cafe Casino slots game, Luxe 555, stands out, crafted in an art-deco style, emblazoned with the word "luxe" and three number fives set against a gold grill. On the right, more slots symbols from the same game. In the distance is a clear blue sky, with wispy clouds.

If you can’t go past chocolate as your top ice cream flavor, then you’re all about the finer things in life… as long as they’re high quality and they feel rich. That sounds a lot like Luxe 555.

You won’t find anything complex here, like expanding Wilds, animated symbols, or interactive bonus rounds – the Rocky Road of features, if you will. Instead, you’ll be sticking to the pure and indulgent classics just the way they were truly meant to be, both in your chocolate ice cream and in your choice of game.

Luxe 555 lets you take cone-trol over the multipliers on your paylines and the type of slots prize you play for in the bonus round. How decadent.


If you love coffee ice cream, then you’ll certainly appreciate a boost of energy from a go-to, reliable treat. It’s this solidly satisfying buzz that you’ll also get from playing the popular 10 Times Vegas slot.

It’s an upbeat trip through a neon-lit Vegas, fueled by the same caffeine and sugar rush from your can-I-have-this-for-breakfast? flavored ice cream. 10 Times Vegas claims only 3 reels, 3 rows, and 3 paylines, but those features are as robust as a freshly-ground brew. You’ll flitter around and get plenty done with three Wild multipliers boosting up your wins, which could possibly lead to a huuuge progressive jackpot.

Since we’re a Bitcoin casino, you can even deposit and withdraw with crypto for a faster transaction time. You’ll still see your account balance in USD so the experience is nice and smooth. Plus, this is one of our most popular slots for Bitcoin players!


Cookies ‘n’ Cream is a flavor of pure fun, reminiscent of your youth. If your eyes always dart to the black chunks of chocolate on a creamy bed of white behind the glass case, then you need a game that’s as playful as you.

Welcome to Panda Pursuit: Royal Edition! Just like cookies, this game brings the kid out in all of us. It’s lively and cheerful, much like the smiling panda sitting beside the reels, and filled with even more happy-go-lucky, high-paying animal symbols. When Panda Pursuit Free Spins are triggered, you can collect up to 25 slots free spins with multipliers up to 64x – and that’s guaranteed to be as fun as your favorite flavor of ice cream.


The chocolate is rich and sweet, and the mint is cool and refreshing. You might’ve furrowed your brow trying to imagine these two flavors going to the dance together, but as it turns out, they’re a wonderful fit. That’s because mint chocolate is all about balance and harmony, which, coincidentally, are at the core of the online slot Amigos Fiesta.

This slot takes place at a hoppin’ outdoor party in Mexico, but the harmony has a source deeper than your group of friends who are twirling away to salsa music. We’re talking about the yin and yang of your own wins and non-winning spins.

Amigos Fiesta has a heat meter that rises with multipliers after each non-winning spin. The next time you land a win, your balance is awarded by the multiplier on the meter. See? Balancing out your play – that’s the minty-chocolate way!

STRAWBERRY: LADY’S MAGIC CHARMS HOT DROP JACKPOTSAn ice cream van, with a large a strawberry ice cream prop cone. To the left, the word "truck" is written in retro lettering. Encircling the ice cream cone are three slots symbols from the Cafe Casino slots game, Lady's Magic Charms Hot Drop Jackpots. These include a gleaming purple gem, a scatter icon that illustrates a pair of hands cradling a glowing crystal ball, and the game's main logo.

The lady who runs the reels of Lady’s Magic Charms Hot Drop Jackpots is sweet, fun, and generous, just like your favorite scoop of strawberry ice cream.

Each mouthful of your strawberry ice cream puts you one step closer to becoming a free spirit, alive and at large, prancing through the reels (much like the lady) as you collect a lucky prize (aka free spins and tripled wins!)

When your tastebuds light up from the iced sweetness of freshly-plucked strawberries, this game with its magic charms will be lighting up your wallet with Hot Drop Jackpots just the same.

The hourly and daily jackpots must trigger by a certain time. And if you rub one of your lucky charms and toss it skyward, you might even get to indulge in the randomly-awarded, hugely-delicious Epic jackpot.


Some might use the word vanilla as a term for being bland and unimaginative, but they’ve forgotten how deliciously complex it can be! Avowed vanilla fans are classy connoisseurs of the classics. Vanilla is the foundation of ice cream, after all. How would it get the top job if it hadn’t beaten off all the other applicants?

And just like that, Surprising 7 represents the original foundation of all modern slots.

As one of our favorite classic slots, Surprising 7 makes like vanilla and keeps the game uncomplicated and pure with 5 reels, 3 rows, and all the classic symbols.

Each win lights up and chimes like a first-generation arcade game. When you make it to the bonus round, your no-frills game screen gets even more vanilla as it transforms into the most classic slot of all: three reels and just one payline.


The flavor of pistachio isn’t the first taste you’ll imagine biting into when you hit the Cyberpunk streets, but it’s certainly edgy enough to represent the supporting cast of ice creams. And you no doubt like it that way.

In which case, you’ll want to hold your ice cream cone extra tight as you brave the reels of Cyberpunk City. This dystopian online slot is teeming with crime on its abandoned streets and alleyways. Everything you find here, from the laser guns to the cyborg gangs, is on the fringes, and just like your unconventional ice cream flavor of choice, a little bit nuts.

High-value symbols turn into Wilds at random. It only takes two scatters to get 10 free spins. And the kicker? The massive progressive jackpot can trigger after any spin, proving that you were right for ditching the norm and going your own pistachio way.


You can only be in one state of mind when you choose the rainbow ice cream, and that’s light-heartedly fun and good-naturedly flirtatious, all swirled together in a bubblegum-scented cone.

A fairy duo like Bess and Becky are never too far from the rainbow, and you can sometimes catch them nearby, licking up their own servings of rainbow ice cream in their magical fairy-dust forest. They spend their days fluttering through their reels with flirty giggles, while you spin for prizes like Wild multipliers up to 10x and a round of 10 free spins with tripled wins.

For another flutter of fun on the reels, make sure you refer a friend to choose their own ice cream and join you with their perfect slot online to go with the scoop. That way you get a referral bonus too.


We haven’t forgotten about the dairy-free folks, either, because there’s definitely more to icy confectionery than frozen cream!

Sorbet-buffs are not afraid to go against the grain, and why would they be? The flavors are bright and optimistic, they’ll quench a good thirst, and it’s all about refreshing yourself with fresh fruit: mango, raspberry, strawberry, and lemon top the list. They could have been plucked straight from the branches of the 777 Deluxe slot tree!

This slots game is as soothing as a berry-lime sorbet – and it’s a new twist on a classic favorite. Just like the chilly treat that so effortlessly slides down the back of the throat, piles of fruits pop and spin over transparent reel lines, and one special bonus round livens up the flavor even more with multiple jackpots, including the big progressive.

These online slots at Cafe Casino are a practice in indulgence and fun. Depending on your own style of decadence, this list is sure to suggest a slot online to fit your flavor. Go ahead and lick up all those wins! So, will you be having your jackpots in a cup or a cone?